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Flotex Flocked Flooring

Flotex Colour

Experience the perfect synergy of form and function with the Flotex Colour collections Calgary, Penang and Metro. All Flotex Colour items are available in sheet and tiles, and with matching borders in uni colours, the collection offers endless design possibilities.

  • Flotex Colour
  • Flotex Colour
  • Flotex Colour
  • Flotex Colour Metro_246006_546006 grey
    Flotex Colour

    Flotex Colour

    Experience the perfect synergy of form and function with the Flotex Colour flooring collections Calgary, Penang and Metro.

    Flotex Penang with its hint of wood grain provides a calm and neutral floor design for any modern environment.
    The understated pattern of the Flotex Metro semi-plain floor design conveys texture without a distinct shape, creating an authentic feel.
    Flotex Calgary offers a wide range of colours in a soft, natural design that is a perfect choice for spaces that require a muted ambiance.

    The Colour collection is available in sheet and in 50x50 cm tiles.

  • Flotex borders 211046
    Flotex borders

    Flotex borders

    Our Flotex borders help you to be creative when designing your floorspace by offering the ability to frame an area, separate spaces or provide an edge to your floor with a solid insert.

    Flotex borders are uni-coloured strips available in 11 or 22 cm width, which can be used in combination with Flotex Colour or Advance sheet flooring.

Flotex Colour

A world of colour

Choice is about possibilities and choice in design starts with colour. Colour can convey a message without words; it evokes emotions, creates associations and has the power to influence the whole mood and feel of an environment. This is why our designers have created a Flotex flocked flooring collection based entirely on the endless possibilities of colours.

The Flotex Colour collection contains 3 semi-plain design ranges, all of which have a different all-over style and subtle print nuance: Calgary, Metro and Penang.

The Flotex Colour collection is available in sheet and in 50x50 cm tiles.

• The premium quality nylon 6.6. fibres provide superior stain resistance and cleanability.
• The unique construction with densely flocked straight piles ensures effortless stain removal.

• The waterproof backing prevents spilled liquids from penetrating the sub-floor, thus preventing the growth of bacteria, mould and odours.
• The 80 million straight fibres per m2 capture fine dust and allergens, retain them and release them when the floor is vacuumed.
• Flotex contributes to better indoor air quality and is the only textile floor covering with the British Allergy Foundation's seal of approval.

• Thanks to both its impact sound reduction and sound absorption performance, Flotex creates a quiet atmosphere, reduces stress and boosts concentration.
• Flotex offers good slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Flotex Colour Metro_s246011 pebble_s246017 berry

Allergy approved

Creating better indoor environments

Forbo's Flotex flocked flooring is the only textile floor covering to be awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™.

With a recent report by Allergy UK estimating that there are millions of people “allergic to their own home”, the importance of floor coverings in creating better indoor environments should not be overlooked. Due to its highly dense pile, twice as many allergens are trapped in Flotex's nylon fibres and released upon vacuuming in comparison to conventional carpet. Flotex flocked flooring has been proven to have a positive impact on the lives of allergy sufferers due to its unique properties.

Offering the warmth and comfort of a carpet but with the durability and cleanability of a resilient floor covering, Flotex opens up a world of colour and design to allergy sufferers who previously had to steer clear of textile floor coverings.

The Allergy UK Seal of Approval™ is a globally recognised product endorsement to assure consumers that a product has been independently scientifically tested and proven to be effective in reducing allergens and is approved by a trusted organisation which is committed to helping people affected by allergy.

See the Flotex Allergy UK certificate

Flotex Colour Calgary_s290021 aqua_s290011 quartz


Eco friendly steps

Our Forbo Flooring Systems tagline - creating better environments - expresses our awareness, commitment and efforts towards sustainability. For our Flotex floors, we have taken concrete steps to be as durable as possible.

Durable production
• Controlled supply chain certification – ISO 140001 and 9001 standards and SA8000 for ethical supply chain.
• All Flotex products are manufactured with 100% green electricity and have very low product emissions.
• 86% of the factory waste is recycled.
• Flotex sheet contains up to 20% and Flotex tiles and planks up to 59% recycled content.
• Water-based inks and dyes are used for production.
• No additional chemical processes take place other than high temperature steam treatment to secure the colours.

Long lasting & healthy floor
• Flotex has a product lifetime that surpasses that of ordinary textiles.
• Flotex is 100% phthalate free.
• Only 100% safe and traceable REACH compliant materials are used.
• Flotex is the only textile floor covering approved by the British Allergy Foundation.
• The highly dense structure of Flotex prevents dirt penetration and its vertical fibres easily release dust and dirt, making it easy to clean the floor.

Third party verified Environmental Product Declarations are available:
Download the Flotex sheet EPD
Download the Flotex tile EPD

Read more about Forbo Flooring Systems' sustainability program

Flotex & sustainability


Flotex Colour images

Create a contemporary feel within any space with the Flotex Colour collection. The large colour palette in semi-plain designs Calgary, Penang and Metro offers you all design freedom. Let our images inspire you to create practical and colourful spaces!


Flotex Colour sample book & brochure

See the Flotex Colour sample book for an overview of all collection items:

For more information on Flotex Colour, you can read our brochure:

Installation & floorcare

The installation, cleaning and maintenance of a Flotex floor

Download here the Flotex installation instructions
Or watch the Flotex installation video

The dense surface pile make Flotex extremely durable, while its upright polyamide filaments and impermeable PVC backing ensure that the floor can be cleaned right down to the base. The polyamide pile captures airborne allergens and fine dust, which is easily released through vacuuming, contributing to better indoor air quality.
Download here the complete Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions
Or watch the Flotex stain removal video
Or watch the Flotex soil removal video

Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions


Flotex Colour Metro_s246018 mineral