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Our Flotex borders help you to be creative when designing your floorspace by offering the ability to frame an area, separate spaces or provide an edge to your floor with a solid insert.

Flotex borders are uni-coloured strips available in 11 or 22 cm width, which can be used in combination with Flotex Colour or Advance sheet flooring.


Flotex borders

    Flotex Colour

    A world of colour

    Choice is about possibilities and choice in design starts with colour. Colour can convey a message without words; it evokes emotions, creates associations and has the power to influence the whole mood and feel of an environment. This is why our designers have created a Flotex flocked flooring collection based entirely on the endless possibilities of colours.

    The Flotex Colour collection contains 3 semi-plain design ranges, all of which have a different all-over style and subtle print nuance: Calgary, Metro and Penang.

    The Flotex Colour collection is available in sheet and in 50x50 cm tiles.

    • The premium quality nylon 6.6. fibres provide superior stain resistance and cleanability.
    • The unique construction with densely flocked straight piles ensures effortless stain removal.

    • The waterproof backing prevents spilled liquids from penetrating the sub-floor, thus preventing the growth of bacteria, mould and odours.
    • The 80 million straight fibres per m2 capture fine dust and allergens, retain them and release them when the floor is vacuumed.
    • Flotex contributes to better indoor air quality and is the only textile floor covering with the British Allergy Foundation's seal of approval.

    • Thanks to both its impact sound reduction and sound absorption performance, Flotex creates a quiet atmosphere, reduces stress and boosts concentration.
    • Flotex offers good slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

    Flotex Colour Metro_s246011 pebble_s246017 berry

    Installation & floorcare

    The installation, cleaning and maintenance of a Flotex floor

    Download here the Flotex installation instructions
    Or watch the Flotex installation video

    The dense surface pile make Flotex extremely durable, while its upright polyamide filaments and impermeable PVC backing ensure that the floor can be cleaned right down to the base. The polyamide pile captures airborne allergens and fine dust, which is easily released through vacuuming, contributing to better indoor air quality.
    Download here the complete Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions
    Or watch the Flotex stain removal video
    Or watch the Flotex soil removal video

    Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions


    Flotex Colour Metro_s246018 mineral

    Flotex borders

    Uni-coloured strips

    Flotex borders are flocked flooring strips available in a width of 11 or 22 cm, which can be used in combination with Flotex sheet flocked flooring. We offer a wide range of colours to give you the opportunity to mix and match as much as you like.

    You can use Flotex borders for example to separate 2 different sheet colours or to finish the side of your room with a different colour than the main floor.

    Flotex borders have a roll length of 15 metres and can be ordered in two width sizes. The first 3 digits of the colour number indicate the width:
    • 211xxx border 11 cm
    • 232xxx border 22 cm

    Flotex borders_211100 lilac


    Connect with us

    Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information about our Flotex collections.

    Forbo Flooring has sales organisations all over the world.
    Find your local Forbo office and contact details here.

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