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Carpet tiles

Tessera tiles

Tessera's tufted carpet tiles are famed for their exceptional performance and superb styling - even in the most challenging traffic-heavy environments. The wide-ranging Tessera collection includes contemporary and classic styles, patterns, plains, and solid colourways that will enrich a variety of public sector and commercial interiors.

  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera tiles
  • Tessera Accord 4709
    Tessera Accord

    Tessera Accord

    A harmonious, contemporary geometric, Tessera Accord comprises of naturally intersecting lines which collaborate to create one, universally appealing design, suitable for any interior scheme.

    A natural intersecting striated floor design, Accord is available in 12 colourways, each designed to blend tonally with each other and closely match other Tessera carpet tile ranges.
    Accord carpet tiles join Infused and Harmony as part of the Union collection.

  • 307 colour line - Tessera Barcode
    Tessera Barcode

    Tessera Barcode

    Tessera Barcode challenges the uniformity and rigidity of conventional linear low level loop pile tiles and, with its confident bands of contrasting colours in varying widths, delivers a more eclectic and exuberant look that is right on trend for today’s commercial environments.

  • Tessera Basis 4204
    Tessera Basis Pro

    Tessera Basis Pro

    Tessera Basis Pro is the universally selected flooring for a wide range of commercial applications where a reliable, hardwearing textile floor covering is required. Selected for its practical colour choice, availability and durability, Basis Pro is the trusted choice for installations in education, office and other commercial sectors.

    The Tessera Basis Pro collection offers 32 colourways in classic, contemporary and vivid tones that co-ordinate seamlessly with any interior scheme. The 50 x 50 cm low level loop pile carpet tiles can be laid monolithic, quarter turn or tessellated.

  • Tessera Chroma 3603 Asphalt
    Tessera Chroma

    Tessera Chroma

    "Chroma is the quality by which we communicate color. It is how we define a color's purity, its intensity or saturation. In this way it provides a measure by which we can create a relationship between colors, allowing them to bring balance and harmony to a space."

    This semi-plain textured loop pile carpet tile features 27 sophisticated and trend led colors representing contemporary aesthetics. Each design is a mix of 3 colors, carefully composed to be softer and ‘chalky’ for a pleasing color balance.

    Beautiful on it's own, yet great to combine with other carpet tiles or Allura Flex vinyl tiles using the same adhesive.

    Tessera Chroma offers:
    ● 750gsm pile weight for opulent texture and underfoot comfort
    ● 100% Aquafil soloution dyed polyamide 6 yarn, for durability and
    color fastness
    ● 61% recycled content by weight
    ● Ska criteria for M12 soft floor coverings

  • 3401 Tessera Cloudscape
    Tessera Cloudscape

    Tessera Cloudscape

    Tessera Cloudscape loop pile carpet tiles offer a tonal progression of colors ranging from dark to very pale, inspired by the constantly changing cloud formation of the sky above us. Ideal for a wide range of applications and LRV requirements.
    ● The 16 naturally inspired colors allow the creation of light, airy and
    relaxed working spaces in any commercial office
    ● 665 gsm pile weight for texture and underfoot comfort
    ● 100% solution dyed polyamide 6 for class 33 durability and color
    ● 61% recycled content by weight
    ● high acoustic value of 26dB for minimal noise transmission
    ● Cloudscape can be fitted non-directional or monolithic.
    ● the 50x50 cm tile format combines well with Tessera Layout tiles
    ● as well as with Allura Flex vinyl tiles using the same adhesive,
       without the need for transition strips, additional profiles, or
       inconvenient build-up of the subfloor

  • Tessera Contour 1905
    Tessera Contour

    Tessera Contour

    Our renewed Tessera Contour carpet tile range presents 13 naturally inspired colourways merging a geometric, architectural frame work with softer striated forms.

  • 1801 feldspar - Create Space 1
    Tessera Create Space 1

    Tessera Create Space 1

    Tessera Create Space 1 is an exceptionally flexible range of 18 semi-plain colourways. This loop pile carpet tile is suitable for any commercial interior, large or small. Styled for today’s interiors, Create Space 1 lends itself to single colourway installations, feature area designs and bespoke creative schemes.

    Designed for heavy contract installations and constructed using regenerated solution dyed ECONYL® polyamide, Create Space 1 carpet tiles are not only tough and durable but also respond to globally increasing environmental concerns.

    Tessera Create Space 1 offers
    • 18 semi-plain loop pile colourways
    • Can be laid monolithic, quarter turn or tessellated
    • 100% regenerated ECONYL® polyamide in each colourway
    • Suitable for multiple installation options
    • suitable for heavy contract use
    • Meets Ska rating criteria for M12 soft floor coverings
    • 10 year guarantee
    • Also available with SOFTbac® secondary backing
    • Contains 75% recycled content

  • 2002 paradigm shift - Tessera Diffusion
    Tessera Diffusion

    Tessera Diffusion

    Tessera Diffusion carpet tiles reflect an evolution towards softer, more organic geometry observed in nature. Its crystalline structures soften hard edges adding highlights and texture, whilst its multi-faceted pattern is in harmony with the many aspects of our working lives.

  • Tessera Harmony 4609
    Tessera Harmony

    Tessera Harmony

    A soft and balanced design, giving a sense of agreement and control, Tessera Harmony promotes a calming, more productive environment, increasing the sense of wellbeing in any interior scheme.

    A calming, organic design, Tessera Harmony is available in 12 warm colourways, each designed to blend tonally with each other and closely match other Tessera carpet tile ranges.
    Harmony carpet tiles join Infused and Accord as part of the Union collection.

  • Tessera Infused 4509
    Tessera Infused

    Tessera Infused

    An unique fusion of naturally inspired elements, Tessera Infused combines soft organic patterning with natural structures, designed to encourage collaboration and well-being in any scheme.

    The Tessera Infused loop pile carpet tile collection meets the need for flexible, practical and adaptable solutions for the design of workspaces. The colours of the patterned multi pile height tiles create a usable large-scale organic design that encourages collaboration and well-being in the workplace and creates innovative and productive environments.
    Infused carpet tiles join Harmony and Accord as part of the Union collection.

  • 872 onyx - Tessera Inline
    Tessera Inline

    Tessera Inline

    Our Tessera Inline collection has a rich differential linear texture and can very well be combined with other Tessera ranges, especially with our Layout & Outline carpet tiles.

  • 2108 Tessera Layout
    Tessera Layout & Outline

    Tessera Layout & Outline

    Featuring a contemporary palette of 32 colours with 8 co-ordinated stripes, our Tessera Layout and Outline carpet tiles offer numerous possibilities for creative inspiration in any flooring scheme.

    The dynamic colour palette of Layout is hugely versatile featuring a comprehensive choice of modern neutrals in combination with diverse and directional brighter shades. Colours can be used independently or in combination to achieve a myriad of interior styles.

    Outline is a subtly textured striped loop pile carpet tile with each colourway perfectly matched to 2 Layout colours. Combinations of Outline and Layout allow complete freedom of expression creating connections, highlights and transitions enhancing any style of scheme.

  • 3900 sensory Tessera Perspective
    Tessera Perspective

    Tessera Perspective

    Our patterned cut & loop pile Perspective carpet tile creates a luxuriously opulent surface texture. The timeless surface visual of the 50 x 50 cm tiles adds warmth and subtle interest to any interior space. The Tessera Perspective collection consists of 8 neutral tones complemented by 6 rich, decadent accent colours. Each colour tone combines two yarn colours, creating a modern, softly striated design.

  • 3701-Sten-Tessera-Struktur-1
    Tessera Struktur 1

    Tessera Struktur 1

    Every so often we need to pause, reflect, take a moment to focus on the important things. We need to find time to re-establish our balance and appreciate the value and integrity of a simpler, less cluttered existence. In Tessera Struktur 1, we find a familiar sense of wellbeing and equilibrium.

    The Tessera Struktur 1 colours can be used on their own or in combination with the 6 tonal stripe options in the same beautiful neutral tones from the Tessera Struktur 2 Linear collection.

  • Tessera Struktur 2 4400
    Tessera Struktur 2 linear

    Tessera Struktur 2 linear

    Constructed in a microtuft construction, creating a very low profile flatwoven like appearance, Tessera Struktur 2 Linear is a tonal stripe carpet tile which can be used individually or in combination with Tessera Struktur 1 to create subtle design highlights and understated elegance.

    Each Struktur 2 Linear item combines two colours from the Struktur 1 range to create a subtle tonal stripe design. The shared yarn elements ensure that the two Struktur collections complement each other perfectly.

About Tessera carpet tiles

Tessera carpet tiles

Tessera tufted carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. Tessera carpet tiles are comfortable, durable and noise reducing.

Forbo offers Tessera carpet tiles in various constructions; loop pile, microtuft pile, cut pile, cut & loop pile and random lay.batchless. For each construction we offer various designs. Great design possibilities for every area of your building!

Modularity with carpet tiles
Today’s modern office environments with open office systems are designed for flexibility to accommodate frequent layout changes. A modular floor can be quickly adapted to new requirements thereby reducing the cost of reorganization.

Discover the advantages of modular carpet ties:
• Where carpet tiles are installed, telephone, electrical and other underfloor systems remain easily accessible for changes to be made.
• The designs are color co-ordinated for maximum design flexibility
• Increased speed of installation
• Installation wastage is reduced
• Damaged or soiled tiles can be replaced
• Wear rotation to extend flooring lifespan
• Renovation with minimal disruption
• Compatibility with access systems

With all this flexibility, we’re sure that whatever the specification, whatever the budget, you’ll find exactly what you need in our carpet tile portfolio.

Tessera Cloudscape 3401 - layout 2112 - outline 3102


Tessera construction

Our Tessera carpet tiles are designed and manufactured with different pile constructions to give specific aesthetic and performance benefits.

Loop pile
Carpet tiles with a standard loop pile construction are designed to maintain their good looks in the most demanding heavy traffic areas of buildings, such as corridors and reception areas. Textured loop pile tiles offer distinctive in-built texture and contemporary styling coupled with a robust and durable construction.

Our Loop pile tile collections are Tessera Accord, Basis Pro, Barcode, Chroma, Cloudscape, Create Space 1, Diffusion, Harmony, Infused, Inline, Layout & Outline and Nexus.

Tessera Strukur 1 and Tessera Struktur 2 have a microtuft pile construction, which is a loop pile with a very tight low level construction, creating a durable authentic flatweave appearance.

Cut & loop pile
Cut and loop pile tiles feature a clever hybrid construction that offers all the robustness of a conventional loop pile product but with the superior aesthetics and more luxurious feel of a cut pile carpet tile.

Our Tessera Cut & loop pile collections are Tessera Contour and Tessera Perspective.

Construction loop pile and cut & loop pile

EPD & Labels

100% transparency in the EPD

To prove the eco-friendliness of our carpet tile products, Forbo uses several assessments. The first is the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technique resulting in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This declaration, which is transparent and third-party verified, is based on a technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life from raw material extraction through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair and maintenance, to ultimate disposal or recycling.

This technique takes all the following aspects into account: environmental impact of raw material acquisition, energy use and efficiency, content of materials and chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water and waste generation.

View the EPDs of our Carpet Tile products

GUT Label
Forbo Flooring carpet tiles have received the GUT label. This means all Tessera ranges have passed the latest and severe testing on chemicals and emissions to ensure consumers safety.

Download more information about the GUT label

View the GUT certificates of our Carpet Tile products

Environmental Product Declaration


Closing the loop

Our Tessera carpet tiles are not only synonymous with quality, we are always looking for ways to improve our production processes and product constructions to make our tiles more sustainable.

50% Recycled content
By challenging the way tufted carpet tiles are made, our UK-produced Tessera tiles now boast over 50% recycled content.

Reduced tile waste by 80%
We use innovative ultrasonic blades to cut our carpet tiles, which reduces tile waste by 80% compared to the standard technique. And our new extruder creates a closed loop process, ensuring that the little waste we generate is recycled back into the product.

Reduced amount of virgin materials
We are reducing the amount of virgin materials we use. For example, instead of throwing away yarn ends, we rewind them and tuft them into our Tessera range. We even have several ranges made with up to 100% ECONYL® regenerated yarn.

Quick and easy to clean
Our carpet tiles are quick and easy to clean using a system called Dry Fusion, which uses heat, a little water and natural, organic cleaners. So you can use less water and fewer chemicals without compromising appearance.

Reduced fitting waste
Following Green Design principles, our innovative random-lay carpet tiles reduce fitting waste to less than 2%. And any Tessera fitting waste can be collected for recycling at our plant near Preston, Lancashire, where it is processed back into new carpet tiles.

Carpet recycling UK
As a founder member of Carpet recycling UK, we are also working to ensure that at the end of life our carpet tiles can be recycled or reused.

Tessera Infused

BIM models

BIM models

Forbo supports professionals who work with BIM by offering free high quality BIM objects for most flooring products in our portfolio.
You can download the BIM objects from the Forbo page on the BIM Object platform or by clicking on the collection of your choice below.

Tessera Harmony