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Not only is our Marmoleum brand natural flooring sustainable, it is also durable, high quality and innovative. That’s why our flooring is a natural winner! Since it’s made with natural raw materials, linoleum is the most sustainable flooring choice. With linoleum you get a huge variety of flooring options with over 300 colour options and 12 different design structures that are available in both sheet and tile formats.

  • Linoleum
  • Linoleum
  • Linoleum
  • Linoleum
  • Linoleum
  • Marmoleum Slate
    Marmoleum Solid

    Marmoleum Solid sheet

    The pure nature of linoleum flooring. Explore our new Marmoleum Solid flooring that combines attractive contemporary floor designs with unrivaled versatility & innovation. Discover Marmoleum Cocoa where we've added cocoa shells creating a unique granular look. Or take a look at the embossed Slate design that combines the aesthetics of stone with the warmth & purity of Marmoleum flooring. Watch our video and explore how distinctive Marmoleum can be with our Solid ranges Cocoa, Concrete, Piano, Slate & Walton.

  • Furniture Linoleum 4164
    Furniture Linoleum

    Furniture Linoleum

    The finishing touch for high end furniture designs such as chairs, stools, desks, cabinets, doors, and displays is Forbo’s Furniture Linoleum, a natural surfacing material. Renowned for its elegance and durability, the warm, soft texture is a unique furniture surfacing solution.
    Visit our special site just on Forbo Furniture Linoleum Site
    Watch our video to learn more.

  • Marmoleum fresco
    Marmoleum Marbled Sheet Marmoleum Marbled Sheet

    Marmoleum Marbled Sheet

    Natural, strong, colorful. Surprising! Our Marmoleum flooring, made of 97% natural raw materials, is the most sustainable flooring choice. The unique, colorful designs range from subtle marble and modern concrete to interesting patterns. Marmoleum is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and is perfectly adapted for all sorts of applications.

  • Marmoleum_fresco_3883_HD
    Marmoleum Marbled

    Marmoleum Marbled

    Around the world in 90 colors. With a vast array of colors and subtle marbled patterns in Forbo’s Marmoleum Marbled flooring you can create bold floor designs. We have 3 to 8 colors that vary in intensity and contrast from designs resembling real marble to subtler designs like fresco murals. Click on the images below to view our Marbled ranges Real, Fresco & Vivace.

  • US MCS small
    MCS 2.0mm sheet

    MCS 2.0mm sheet

    durable. cost-effective. sustainable.

  • Designing with Marmoleum
    Concevoir avec le Marmoleum

    Concevoir avec le marmoleum

    Vous voulez un revêtement de sol unique, durable et durable? Notre conception avec la sélection de Marmoleum vous offre juste cela en créant les conceptions de plancher les plus détaillées et les plus précises avec notre technique d'Aquajet. Nous avons tout, des dessins passionnants créés par des dessins internationaux aux carreaux de Marmoleum gravés au laser. Explorez vos options ci-dessous!

  • Marmoleum Click
    Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc

    Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc

    Fun to design, easy to install With sound absorbing cork backing and easy to install Marmoleum panels made of HDF board with 2.5 Marmoleum on top, it’s easy to see why the Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc collection is not only tactile but comfortable too. The panels are easy to maintain and durable while providing endless possibilities.

    MCT 2.0mm tile durable. cost-effective. sustainable.

    MCT 2.0mm tile

    guaranteed installed cost* of $2.95 - $3.85 ft2 ($3.50 - $3.95 ft2 CAN) download guarantee

  • aquajet_machine_HD
    Waterjet custom design


  • Marmoleum Linear
    Marmoleum Linear sheet

    Marmoleum Linear sheet

    Defining spaces. Our renewed Marmoleum Striato collection presents exciting linear floor designs in both warm neutrals and outspoken bright colors. The organic linear pattern gives your floor a natural, homely feel. Striato Textura adds a tactile dimension to our Striato floors with its natural embossing creating a vibrant floor that plays with the subtle shadows of floodlight. Click on the images below to discover the 3 ranges of Marmoleum Striato.

  • Marmoleum Modular Textura / Shade te5217 te5235 t3717 t3718
    Marmoleum Modular tiles

    Marmoleum Modular tiles

    Create your floor! Our new Marmoleum Modular collection presents sustainable linoleum tiles in various sizes & designs that allows you to create stunning floor designs. The planks and tiles are created around visuals of wood, concrete, stone and marble and can be used to mix and match or on their own, both delivering a beautiful sustainable floor. Explore the Marmoleum Modular designs.

Sustainable linoleum

We take the green road

Marmoleum, Forbo's brand of linoleum, is a natural floor made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 43% recycled content. This makes Marmoleum the sustainable flooring choice.

Natural raw materials
The key raw materials used in the linoleum production include linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds, wood flour as production waste from controlled forestry plantations and jute, a crop whose fibres provide the material for the membrane onto which the linoleum is calendared.

What makes Marmoleum flooring special is that it is created entirely from raw materials obtained from their natural habitat right where they grow and renew, often in just 12 months time. Jute and flax are annual crops that can be harvested just like wheat or corn. Extracting rosin is a continuous process, while wood flour, a waste material from the timber industry, is derived from European production forests. Limestone is available in abundance.

CO2 neutral floor covering
Because of its unique properties, its natural ingredients and its modern manufacturing process, Marmoleum is a CO2 neutral product. Find out more about the sustainable character of Marmoleum on our CO2 neutral flooring section.

Marmoleum flooring takes the green road

Topshield2 finish

Topshield2 linoleum finish

Floor performance in the real world
Topshield2 is a floor finish that we developed specially for our linoleum floor coverings. Topshield2 has been designed as a highly performing finish to create a ‘ready to use’ Marmoleum floor. A floor that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application and is even more resistant to dirt pick-up, less prone to wear and has improved resistance to scratches and stains.

The reality of the day-to-day life of a floor is that it encounters both ‘use and abuse’ without being able to balance its performance with a prescribed cleaning and maintenance regime, as in reality, this is not always carried out exactly on time.

The floor needs to withstand the traces of every day use; the weather of the season, the footprints and dirt carried into the building, the scratches and stains occurring by accident as well as the overall retention of the appearance of the floor over time.

Even where every floor starts out as a new floor just after installation, it will need to keep up is performance over a lifetime of many years. Marmoleum has a proven track record and is also now the modern floor for lasting performance: today, tomorrow, forever.

Topshield2 floor finish

Making Marmoleum

We take pride in creating Marmoleum

The craft of manufacturing linoleum has evolved over the last 150 years. Forbo has been driving this development through its Marmoleum brand. Making Marmoleum flooring is an art, which is not learned at any trade - or craft school. In fact, only a handful of people know how to make Marmoleum.

Determining the correct mixture of ingredients, allowing the right time for raw materials to settle, applying the correct temperature & pressure are skills a Marmoleum Experts must master. We are proud of our experts, as they take pride in creating our Marmoleum floors.

Watch the video how Marmoleum is made:

Our proud linoleum craftsmen

150 years Linoleum

Celebrating 150 years of Linoleum

Frederick Walton
Frederick Walton discovered linoleum and patented its manufacturing process in 1863. It is quite remarkable that a product, discovered in the days of gas lights and horse-drawn carriages, is still used in applications for which it was originally designed, such as flooring in health care and educational facilities.

Impressive references
Over 100 years and more, linoleum flooring has found its way in an incredible number of buildings all over the world; the dining hall in the famous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, the elegant White House in Washington, Buckingham palace in London, the Kremlin in Moscow, the German Reichstag, the Sorbonne University in Paris and even Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam (1938) all featured a linoleum floor covering.

Also today many of the new public buildings world wide are installed with Marmoleum flooring, from the new opera house in Olso or the latest tribal art museum from Jean Nouvelle in Paris. Marmoleum remains a classic floor covering that is loved by architects because of its authenticity, versatility and natural character.

Marmoleum Cocoa 3584-3581-3370


Life Cycle Assessment & EPD's

At Forbo we believe an open, honest and transparent approach to demonstrating a sustainable attitude is the only way to show the credits we attribute to our products and processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a recognised methodology we use to determine and measure the impact on the environment of any product during its creation, use and what remains when a product reaches its end of life by measuring a set number of impact categories.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is the outcome of the LCA, which is published in a 3rd party verified report on a particular product. The EPD for Marmoleum verifies our claims and gives transparent insights into our test results and measurements.

Environmental Stewardship
Marmoleum is manufactured in a state-of-the-art environment where the traditional manufacturing process has been automated in efficient production lines that are run entirely on green electricity. At Forbo, we actively steer our processes toward continuous improvement, maximizing the use of recycled content in our Marmoleum and working with green design principles whenever new designs or structures are developed.

Marmoleum installation waste take-back schemes
In many of our markets we have now introduced a network to take make material from previous installations. The cuts and scraps are collected and returned to our factory. On a smaller scale, in our sampling, we take the same approach. This way, we can do our best to assure full-circle recycling even at points where our product reaches its end of life state.

Labels and Certification, recognition that goes a long way
Marmoleum is among the most rewarded and environmentally sound floor covering. We value all our labels, whether it’s the internationally recognised Swan label, the blue Angel certification, the North American Sequoia Seal or more specific labels like Nature Plus or the Austrian environmental label. Next to labels and certification, Marmoleum brings real benefits when measured against BRE or LEED certifications. Here, using a Marmoleum floor helps you in the overall rating of your building.


LRV & NCS codes

LRV & NCS codes

Find all LRV and NCS values on the linoleum download page

In architecture, Light Reflectance Value (LRV), is a measure of the percentage of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source. The LRV can be linked to a number of decisions on which colour can be chosen. The approximate LRV of a colour indicates the amount of visible light that a colour will reflect. Black has a light reflectance value of 0% and absorbs all light. White has a light reflectance value of 100% and keeps a building light and cool. It also links to the use of electricity where lighter colours need less lighting which is a direct saving for the environment. All Forbo products carry a light reflection value, which can be found on the collection pages with the description of each item.

NCS colour coding describes the colour of any material. With numeric colour codes, so called NCS Notations, such as NCS S 1080-Y70R, any colour can be described precisely. NCS has defined 1950 standardised colours at every 10th step of the colour space to represent the entire colour space. Each notation's colour sample is visually identical to any other colour sample of the same notation, whether it is a standardised colour or a colour in between the 1950 standard colours. This way you can find matching flooring colours with other coloured items in a room.



Linoleum videos

We have several informative videos about our linoleum floor coverings that can be found on our Linoleum video page.

Marmoleum Concrete 3369-3733-3741