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Heterogeneous vinyl

Sarlon 19 dB acoustic vinyl

Our renewed Sarlon 19 dB range is the perfect flooring solution for sound reduction. with an acoustic sound reduction of 19 dB and leading residual indentation resistance for a 19 dB acoustic product. Sarlon has a long history of performance in demanding acoustic environments, whether it be a multi-level apartment building or a multi-level commercial space.

  • Sarlon 19 dB acoustic vinyl
  • Sarlon 19 dB acoustic vinyl
  • Sarlon 19 dB acoustic vinyl
  • Sarlon | Modul'up 8514 pure chill oak
    Sarlon 19 dB Wood

    Sarlon 19 dB Wood

    The Sarlon Wood range creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It seamlessly blends the natural and authentic look of a wooden floor with the superior qualities of high-quality vinyl floor covering.

    The range offers a delightful variety of on-trend wood designs and colours, including:

    • Chill Oak design, featuring a realistic colour variation within the 100 x 16.7 cm size planks.
    • Hybrid Wood Concrete design is a statement in itself.
    • Herringbone wood with concrete planks in a repeat pattern of 300 x 200 cm. This design seamlessly blends with both wood and concrete visuals, creating a harmonious and visually appealing result.

  • Sarlon | Modul'up 904 graphite stromboli
    Sarlon 19 db Material

    Sarlon 19 dB Material

    The Sarlon Material collection presents a range of modern designs based on popular flooring materials like cement, concrete, stones and textiles.

    Cement and concrete designs are widely appreciated and used, the range now also includes subtle metallic Slabstone, natural lively stone Stromboli and hybrid Dissolved Stone concrete/stone effects.

    Nairobi and Canvas are textile weave effects with different scale and sophistication levels, both very suitable for shading combinations where low contrast is required.

  • Sarlon | Modul' up 4827 deep blue stardust
    Sarlon 19 dB Colour

    Sarlon 19 dB Colour

    Sarlon Colour presents a colourful range of uni and fine textured allover designs.

    The designs Uni and Stardust have a coloured wearlayer. This gives an intense deep colour effect. The range reflects the latest developments in colour trends and is easy to combine with almost all designs in the total range. Colourful statement of positivity is the playful Color Splash design. This organic, daring, colourful design consists of 24 colours and has a repeat of 600x200 cm!

  • 9307 pastel Kubik
    Sarlon 19 dB Graphic

    Sarlon 19 dB Graphic

    The Sarlon Graphic range consists of stunning graphical and organic patterns that really make a statement on your floor. Hand drawn textures of Topography and the new Doodle design transfer in to the graphical interpretation of a terrazzo in the Graphito.

    The Terrazzo is based on real stones. The most daring design, incorporating the Doodle and Graphito design, is the statement design Kubik.

    All items in the Graphic range give inspiration for combination with other parts of the range.

About Sarlon 19dB

About Sarlon 19 dB

Where sound reduction is the key priority. Acoustic floors have an important contribution when it comes to reducing noise in buildings. Sarlon has a long history of being the best acoustic floor covering on the market.

The 19 dB offers the ultimate acoustic high-traffic product with an acoustic sound reduction of 19 dB and leading residual indentation resistance for a 19 dB acoustic product. The performance of Sarlon 19 dB is further enhanced through the introduction of XtremPUR™ which ensures that the over 90 options in colour & design will remain beautiful over years of usage.

Sarlon 19 dB offers you:

  • 19 dB impact sound reduction 
  • excellent indentation performance
  • XtremPUR™ innovative lacquering ensuring lasting performance
  • R10, P3 slip resistance
  • best in class chemical resistance
  • certified antibacterial activity
  • very low TVOC (<0.01 mg/m²)
  • matt finish
  • improved scratch resistance
  • phthalate free flooring
  • GreenTag GreenRate Level A and Best Practice PVC certified

Sarlon | Modul'up 409 black & white doodle acoustic flooring

Technical & Environmental


XtremPUR™ - Ultimate protection

XtremPUR™ is on every single item in the Sarlon collection and is an extremely high-performance surface protection which provides the best possible resistance against stains, scuffs and scratches and provides a matt aesthetic.

Stain resistant
The XtremPUR™ protection offers the best possible resistance against stains. This collection is ideal for the healthcare segment where potential chemical spillages may cause stains.

Easy to clean in minimal time at reduced costs
XtremPUR™ creates a 3D surface protection acting as a true shield against soiling. The floor is easy to clean and does not require any wax or polish. This also saves time and money when cleaning the floors.

Durable and long-lasting
Tested in the most intensive and aggressive conditions, the XtremPUR™ surface shows excellent performance against scuffs and scratches. It remains beautiful over time even in high traffic or demanding areas.

Matt surface
The natural matt appearance enhances the design providing a more realistic appearance.

Xtreme PUR protection

Images & video

Sarlon | Modul'up Images & video

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Sound reduction

About sound reduction

Forbo Flooring is an expert when it comes to sound reduction. There are 2 different types of sound that can impact your working or living environment: impact sound reduction and in-room impact sound reduction.

In-room impact sound
Relates to impact sound in the room itself. You want to reduce this to create a more calm and pleasant environment. All products in the Sarlon range offer a lot of sound reduction and are rated class A, the best possible class.

Impact sound
Relates to the sound that is transmitted through the floor from one level to the level below. Reducing this impact sound is a critical characteristic in more and more environments and with our Sarlon 19dB flooring we offer the best possible improvement on impact sound from rooms above in high traffic locations, measured in EN ISO 717-2.

The challenge for acoustic floor coverings is to associate the highest sound reduction level with the best possible performance in terms of indentation resistance. Sarlon and Modul'up floors always present the best-in-class combination of these two performances.

Part I: Acoustics and why it matters


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