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Entrance matting

Entrance matting

Stop dirt in its track

Entrance matting is fundamental to modern building design. A well-designed entrance flooring system will prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and thereby prolongs the life of interior flooring, reducing cleaning & maintenance costs and the potential for slip injuries.

  • Entrance matting
  • Entrance matting
  • Entrance matting
  • Coral 4764 Entrance Flooring


    The first steps in protecting your building. By stopping up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture, our Coral entrance floors can prolong the life of your floor as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs and the risk for slipping. With almost 50 years of experience, Coral offers you the best entrance flooring solution for your entrance area.

About entrance flooring

Why entrance flooring?

A lot of time and money is spent on the visual appearance of a building. It is often forgotten that the visual appearance can only be retained when the floor stays clean and undamaged.

Keeping your building floors clean and keeping your visitors safe is key to prolong the life of interior flooring, reduces cleaning & maintenance costs and the potential for slip injuries.

A well-designed entrance flooring system will:
■ Reduce the risk of slip injuries
■ Prolong the life of the interior floor finish
■ Reduce cleaning & maintenance costs

Coral entrance matt flooring keeping interior floors cleaner for longer

Where to use entrance matting?

Where should I use Coral entrance matting?

If you really want to keep your building clean and safe, it’s not enough to throw down a mat at the door. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive advises against the use of loose lay mats which they state "can introduce a range of hazards and are not always very effective".

Creating a good entrance flooring involves thinking about footfall – the number of people walking in and out in a given period – and walking routes(the directions they take once inside) and applying that information in the design of the entrance area.

We have defined 3 entrance zones to plan in your entrance flooring solution:

Application 1: Outside use Coral grip
Any matting placed outside the building entrance is the first line of defence against foot-borne soil by scraping the coarsest dirt from the soles of shoes before they cross the threshold.

Application 2: Inside use Coral classic, Coral duo, Coral brush, Coral interior
Moving inside, the next line of defence is used to remove moisture and finer dirt particles from all feet entering the building.

Application 3: Other circulation areas Coral classic
Other areas in the building also suffer from soil and moisture; reception areas, corridors, walkways, elevators, staircase exits, etc. All these areas are prone to residual soiling and will benefit highly from a purposely designed Coral entrance floor to absorb this soiling.

EFS application areas - matting system


Keeping the outside, outside

Did you know that installing an effective entrance system can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture entering a building? As a result, this may save up to 65% of the lifetime cleaning costs of the floors and reduce the use of cleaning chemicals.

How it's made
● From old carpet fluff to abandoned fishing nets, many of our Coral collections are made from Econyl® a high quality yarn made from 100% regenerated polyamide.
● 100% of the electricity consumed in the manufacture of Coral comes from renewable sources
● Our Entrance flooring systems are manufactured in production facilities that are certified to ISO 14001 - environmental management standard

How it performs
● Coral can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture entering a building, protecting interior floor finishes and helping to prevent slips.
● Installing an effective entrance system can reduce the lifetime cleaning costs of the interior floors by up to 65%

Green certification
● Forbo Flooring Systems Australia is a proud member of Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)
● We provide 3rd party verified EPD. An EPD is based on the outcome of the Life Cycle Assessment, EPD can contribute to achieving innovation points in Green Star projects.

Social accountability
We care for the people that touch our business, from employees to suppliers. That’s most of our manufacturing sites in Europe are certified to SA8000®. The SA8000 Standard is one of the world’s preeminent social standards, which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain.

For more details, visit our Create Better Environments webpage

Coral Duo Entrance Flooring in a School

Collection overview

Coral textile entrance flooring

The international market leading textile entrance flooring brand for more than 50 years, Coral offers more choice than ever before with attractive and sustainable clean-off systems in styles and constructions to suit all applications, budgets and aesthetic requirements.

Coral Duo - The ultimate dirt and moisture remover
Coral Brush - The great all-rounder
Coral Brush Tiles - Combines all the moisture absorbing properties of Coral Brush with the flexibility of a 50x50cm tile format
Coral Classic - The ultimate moisture absorber
Coral Interior - An innovative new modular format
Coral Grip - The perfect solution for sporting environments

Coral Brush entrance flooring

Entrance zones

Choose the right entrance matting system

When choosing the correct entrance flooring system for your building, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. First of all, the location of the building determines the type of dirt and moisture the EFS needs to combat, secondly there is the expected footfall, followed by the type of traffic (e.g. business people, school children) and finally, the size of the entrance area.

The good news is that for every factor or consideration, there is a Coral product that’s perfect for the job.

We have defined 3 entrance zones.
For each zone we offer a selection of products that best fit the entrance area.
Zone 1: External primary matting
Zone 2: Internal primary matting
Zone 3: Circulation zone matting

Please click on the zones in the image below for more information.

Coral Duo Entrance Flooring in a School