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Forbo News overview

Download press releases about the latest news items of Forbo Flooring Systems.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update - We are still operating and delivering.

At Forbo Flooring Systems we recognize the concerns and complexities that now exist as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which have become part of everyone’s daily life.

We take our responsibility in all geographies by limiting the spread of the virus and protecting the health and safety of our customers, business partners, and employees as much as possible. Our company strictly adheres to the rules issued by governments and local health authorities in all countries where we do business.

Our Sydney office and warehouse location has a COVID-19 Safety plan in place and is operational.

All our production sites are running and we are able to receive and deliver sales and sample orders.

Our Sydney customer service department and freight partners will keep supporting you in all cases where you are able to proceed with your projects. Should you have any questions please contact your local account manager, customer contact or customer service department.

For any questions, contact us

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EC1 Showroom

Introducing Forbo's New Acoustic Collection

Introducing Forbo's New Acoustic Collection

With various studies documenting the negative effects unwanted noise can have on peoples’ well-being , Forbo Flooring Systems has developed a new Acoustic Collection. Combining its well-established Sarlon acoustic vinyl range with its award-winning Modul’up adhesive free solutions, the new collection will be the go-to reference point for any project where impact-sound needs to be minimised. What’s more, with 94 contemporary designs to choose from, the aesthetics of an interior no longer need to be compromised when it comes to acoustic performance.

Forbo’s new Acoustic Collection offers a diverse portfolio of products available in adhesive free or traditional fully adhered formats in acoustic, compact and compact acoustic versions. It consists of Forbo’s industry leading acoustic sheet vinyl Sarlon 19 dB and Sarlon 15 dB, and its innovative adhesive free vinyl solutions Modul’up 19 dB and Modul’up Compact.

The four solutions are available in all 94 designs, which have been split into the following design families: Wood, Material, Colour and Graphic, and include new digitally printed items.

View the collection

discover our new acoustic collection

Forbo New Sarlon Acoustic Flooring Collection

It's all Under Control thanks to Forbo

It's all Under Control thanks to Forbo

The newly created “Under Control” collection from Forbo Flooring Systems provides specifiers with a diverse array of flooring products to help control static discharge in sensitive areas of a building. The collection features its popular Colorex tile range, refreshed to include two new products, and Sphera SD/EC, a technically advanced homogeneous conductive sheet vinyl range.

Completely new to the market, Sphera SD/EC has been designed to ease installation in critical areas thanks to the special conductive backing, which is applied directly to the sheet material, allowing the charges to flow away horizontally within the flooring. As a result, only the copper earthing strip needs to be adhered with a conductive adhesive, while the rest of the Sphera material can be applied with a regular adhesive, reducing the risk of adhesion failure and saving up to one third on adhesive costs.

View the collection

discover our ESD collection

 Sphera SD 550034 and SD 550032 in Scanning Room

Thank you for helping regenerate Australia's natural landscape by using Marmoleum!

Thank you for helping regenerate Australia's natural landscape by using Marmoleum!

The Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund restores degraded land in Australia back to its natural state by planting native endemic species of trees and shrubs. Seeds are collected and harvested locally to ensure plantings support the natural biodiversity of the local area.

In 2019 we have managed to plant over 6,000 trees this year and plan to plant may more in 2020 and beyond, thank you for choosing CO2 neutral Marmoleum flooring.

Click here for more information

Tree planting program with the carbon neutral charitable fund

Change in Distribution of Flotex Sheet

Flotex Sheet Announcement

Throughout 2019, Karndean Designflooring and Forbo Flooring Systems have been strategically reviewing their respective portfolios with the intent to offer product ranges that are more focussed and relevant to their business goals. This included Flotex Sheet products.

As a result of this review, Forbo will assume the exclusive direct to market distribution of Flotex Sheet products in Australia from the 1st of September 2019.

Karndean has enjoyed long term stewardship of the Flotex Sheet brand and alliance with Forbo. Accordingly, deep gratitude is extended to all of Karndean’s Flotex customers for their highly valued partnership spanning thousands of successful projects. However, given the ongoing growth of the LVT category, Karndean has decided to tighten their focus as LVT specialists to pursue ongoing market leadership of the sector.

Forbo has been building on their strategic direction to increase focus on the Textile sector as a complement to their wider product portfolio. As a logical addition to their Flotex Tile offering, Forbo now looks to extend the range of Flotex Sheet designs along with greater investment in the growth of Flotex in Australia. Forbo is highly appreciative of Karndean’s long term stewardship of the Flotex Sheet brand that has spanned over 30 successful years.

The change will mean that effective 1st September 2019, Forbo Flooring Systems will fulfill all Flotex sheet orders and projects.

For existing Flotex Sheet customers, Forbo will honour all Karndean’s general and project pricing arrangements that are in place, which means no interruptions for customers.

Both parties are excited that this change will be the catalyst for a new level of product specialisation and support to customers.

Any queries can be directed to:

Karndean Designflooring: 1800 331 170 |

Forbo Flooring Systems: 1800 224 471 |

Flotex Colour (2019) - 445022, 445027

Forbo welcomes FDA as the new distribution partner for Queensland.

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia welcomes FDA as the new distribution partner for Queensland.

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia is pleased to welcome FDA (Flooring Distributors of Australia) as a distribution partner for all commercial and residential flooring products in Queensland, adding to their existing network in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory region.

The existing distribution agreement with QEP/AFS (formerly PR floors) has come to a mutually agreed close and will cease on the 31st of July 2019. The Queensland territory has been revised and contact points have changed.

FDA will work alongside the Forbo QLD commercial specification team helping to expand the offer across the Forbo resilient and textile range. FDA will commence operations in Queensland from the 1st of August 2019 and will now be your new point of contact for supply and pricing of Forbo products.

Please welcome FDA and we are sure you will enjoy the excellent service Geoff and the team provide. If you have any enquiries, please make contact via the below details.

Flooring Distributors of Australia

Phone: 07 3558 2050 | Geoff Bryant: 0417 927 707

FDA Logo

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia has partnered with Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund to plant native Australian trees and shrubs to help restore Australia's biodiversity.

Planting native trees with Marmoleum

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia has partnered with Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund to plant native Australian trees and shrubs to help restore Australia's biodiversity.

Every square metre of Marmoleum installed now contributes to restoring Australian native forests. CNCF plants native trees creating long term carbon sinks which in addition to capturing carbon provide habitat and protection of local native species.

Forbo's tagline, 'creating better environments,' expresses the awareness and effort to contribute to a better world for people and the environment in which we live. As a company, we are committed to meeting our obligations to future generations and acting in a sustainable way.

Manufacturing a product that is naturally carbon neutral and working with an organisation like CNCF to replant native trees and shrubs is just one way we can make a positive and real difference to the built and natural local environment.

More information

Visit our tree planting program web page

CNCF case study

Forbo's New Marmoluem Marbled collection inspired by Mother Nature's colour palette

Marmoleum Marbled

Inspired by the breath-taking colours and textures found within natural landscapes, Forbo Flooring Systems has re-launched its Marmoleum Marbled collection. With an independent Environmental Product Declaration confirming carbon neutral status in the production phase, Marmoleum (2.5mm) helps to minimise the embodied carbon of a building – with this latest collection designed to help users feel at one with nature.

From lush countrysides filled with vivid flowers and emerald green trees, rocky grey mountain ranges breaking into the blue sky above and miles of golden coastlines, the UK is home to some of the most incredible landscapes, each one featuring a unique blend of colours and textures. As such, Forbo’s new Marmoleum Marbled range is inspired by Mother Nature’s colour palette.

Read the press release

download the press release here

Environmental milestone for Forbo Flooring Systems as Marmoleum is confirmed to be carbon neutral, naturally - February 2019

Marmoleum Confirmed to be Carbon Neutral, Naturally

Forbo Flooring Systems has quantified the environmental impact of its 2.5mm Marmoleum, with an independent Environmental Product Declaration that confirms that it is manufactured as a carbon neutral floor covering.

As each season passes, we are becoming more aware of how global warming is affecting the way we live, such as the flash floods and the extreme heat waves we are experiencing. And although the UK Government has set climate change targets, in order to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint, these seem no longer to be enough to meet the goals outlined in the Paris climate agreement.

Mark Bauer, Environmental Specialist at Forbo Flooring Systems commented: “We now all need to make more conscious decisions when it comes to specifying building and interiors materials; and manufacturers too must now make a commitment to do as much as possible to help their customers make responsible choices.

Read the press release

download the press release here

Forbo's Step: Marking Spaces into Safer Places -

Forbo's Step: Making Spaces into Safer Places

Executive (HSE) compliant safety collection, STEP, offering new on-trend colours and designs to give more freedom in creating beautiful interiors, without having to compromise on slip resistance. But that’s not all; clients can now have any design they wish digitally printed onto the surface of STEP safety flooring.

The new STEP collection, which consists of 11 individual ranges and covers all relevant slip ratings, offers true design freedom, while providing peace of mind to specifiers and end users that it is genuine safety flooring, having been tested to AS 4586:2013, which guarantees sustainable slip resistance performance.

Step Press Release

Download the press release here

Marmoleum, the most sustainable floor covering, goes modular

Marmoleum, the most sustainable floor covering, goes modular

Forbo Flooring Systems has revitalised its modular offering of the market’s most sustainable floor covering Marmoleum, introducing new colours, structures and embossed designs to help specifiers create simple, yet contemporary flooring schemes.

Manufactured from 88% natural raw materials, 76% of which are rapidly renewable and with a 58% recycled content, Marmoleum Modular is the ideal collection for projects where sustainable design is at the top of the agenda. The natural raw materials, such as linseed oil and flaxseed, which are harvested from annual crops, has resulted in Marmoleum having a naturally low carbon footprint, as well as being phthalate free – contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

The refreshed collection is now available in three tile and plank sizes (100x25cm, 50x50cm and 50x25cm) in over 50 colourways, across the following ranges: Lines, Shade, Colour, Marble and the two new embossed ranges Textura and Slate, which bring a deeper dimension to the offering.

Marmoleum Modular Press Release

download the press release here

Forbo's new Eternal de Luxe Vinyl: Realistic. Design. Quality.

Forbo's new Eternal de Luxe Vinyl: Realistic. Design. Quality.

Forbo Flooring Systems has launched a new premium version of its General Purpose Vinyl (GPV) collection Eternal, delivering excellent performance characteristics and designed to inspire. Eternal de Luxe offers the highest design quality, opulent appearance and realism – often associated with Luxury Vinyl Tiles - thanks to its new in-register embossed structure. It also has the ease, convenience and cost effectiveness of a sheet product.

Eternal de Luxe has been designed for applications such as leisure & hospitality environments, retail boutiques, luxury homes and residential care homes, presenting the highest diversity in design and embossing on the market; creating an inviting, comfortable atmosphere in any application area. It is available in 13 wood and nine stone designs, all of which can be specified in a compact format (provides less indentation and is ideal for heavy or wheeled traffic) or decibel (17dB sound impact reduction) option, in two and four metre widths.

Eternal de Luxe Press Release

download the press release

Sphera Evolution: Taking Homogeneous Vinyl into a New Dimension

New Sphera Evolution

The third brand new homogeneous vinyl range to be launched by Forbo Flooring Systems, Sphera Evolution offers a unique and vibrant high-end design with alluring and complex visual effects, providing specifiers with the chance to create differentiated and eye-catching flooring designs.

Evolution’s striking visual aesthetics are a result of the intricate mix of spheres, granules and colour pigments included within the manufacturing process. The luxury palette is a compendium of 24 colours, all of which contain a mixture of innovative gold, silver, glitter or transparent chips to add depth, expression and draw curiosity.

The range is split into three visual themes which have been created to work alongside each other as well as in their own right: Plain, which is a collection of striking, solid colours with silver or gold highlights; Shaded, which consists of a darker colour palette with contrasting metallic glitter effects, and Pearl, a range of lighter tones featuring transparent chips and a pearlescent effect.

Sphera Evolution Press Release

download the press release here