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Restoring Australian biodiversity

Planting native trees with Marmoleum

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia has partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to plant native Australian trees and shrubs to help restore Australia's biodiversity. Not as an offset program rather as regeneration.

Australia Native forrest

Every square metre of Marmoleum installed now contributes to restoring Australian native vegetation.
Carbon Positive Australia plants native trees and shrubs creating long term carbon sinks which in addition to capturing carbon provide habitat and protection of local native species.

Tree planting program with the carbon neutral charitable fund

Thank you for helping regenerate Australia's natural landscape by using Marmoleum!

Carbon Positive Australia restores degraded land in Australia back to its natural state by planting native endemic species of trees and shrubs. Seeds are collected and harvested locally to ensure plantings support the natural biodiversity of the local area.

Over the past two years we have managed to plant over 12,000 trees/shrubs and plan to plant many more in 2021 and beyond, thank you for choosing CO2 neutral Marmoleum flooring.

Find out where your trees have been planted

About Carbon Positive Australia

Carbon Positive Australia is a not for profit organisation and uses the funds raised through donations and carbon offsets to plant native trees on degraded land in Australia. Carbon Positive Australia reforestation projects sequester carbon whilst helping to restore the landscape and conserve the natural biodiversity.

Carbon Positive Australia also conducts vital research about Australian natural bushland. Since 2001 they have planted over 5.4 million trees across 3,812 hectares and 160 sites. Carbon Positive Australia (formally known as Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund) helps individuals, families, and organisations to minimise their impact on the environment.

Their MISSION ... to assist the community to adopt a more sustainable approach to a healthy environment and to reduce greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions.”

Carbon Positive Australia
Marmoleum Marbled - CO2 (from cradle to gate)

Creating Better Environments

By using natural and carbon neutral Marmoleum flooring range (from cradle to gate), construction projects can now minimise their carbon footprint or embodied carbon and help restore Australian native landscapes at the same time.

Forbo's tagline, 'creating better environments,' expresses the awareness and effort to contribute to a better world for people and the environment in which we live. As a company, we are committed to meeting our obligations to future generations and acting in a sustainable way.

Manufacturing a product that is naturally carbon neutral (without off setting) and working with an organisation like Carbon Positive Australia to replant native trees and shrubs is just one way we can make a positive and real difference to the built and natural local environment.
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Certificate of Donation

Have you recently completed a Marmoleum project?
Why not request a certificate of donation recognizing your native tree planting contribution! We can send you a hard copy or PDF.

certificate of donation request form

CNCF certificate of donation

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