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Step safety & wetroom flooring

Step safety & wetroom flooring

Forbo’s Step slip resistant vinyl flooring collection provides a complete range of products designed to meet safety demands across a wide range of applications, from general areas to more extreme areas such as commercial kitchens, wet room (barefoot) areas and industrial applications.

  • Step safety & wetroom flooring
  • Step safety & wetroom flooring
  • Step safety & wetroom flooring
  • Step safety & wetroom flooring
  • Step safety & wetroom flooring
  • Step safety & wetroom flooring
  • Surestep R10 safety vinyl flooring
    Surestep safety vinyl R10

    Surestep R10 safety vinyl

    Surestep combines outstanding slip resistant properties with differentiated design and, through the use of new Step Crystals, each colourway offers a clean, fresh look and improved cleaning and maintenance properties.

  • Safestep R12 175952 elephant
    Safestep safety vinyl R11, R12

    Safestep R11/R12 safety vinyl

    Safestep R11 and R12 are designed to offer maximum slip resistance in the most extreme conditions where it is simply not possible to prevent spillage due to the type of work being conducted.

  • Surestep laguna, flooring for wet areas
    Wetroom solutions

    Wetroom solutions

    Wetroom solutions
    Combining aesthetics and technical performance, our Wetroom collection is perfectly suited for commercial applications such as wetrooms in health facilities, nursing homes, student accommodation and other barefoot areas such as spa/pool surroundings and changing rooms.

About Step

Forbo Step; a true safety floor

The Forbo Step range offers the best in Safety, Design and Confidence. Delivering true particle-based sustainable slip resistance across the widest choice in design and colour; along with advanced surface technology to ensure ease of cleaning and maintenance.

From Surestep ranges for general use to Safestep industrial or wetroom solutions that comply with the AS 4586-2013 slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials.

The collection is divided into 3 ranges:
Surestep (R10), Safestep (R11, R12) and Wetroom floors

Surestep R10 (Original, Star, Steel, Material, Wood, Laguna, Digital Print)
Surestep is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, such as general walking areas, where there is an increased slip risk. Surestep is the optimum combination of slip resistance and ease of maintenance.

Safestep (R11, R12)
Products in this category are ideal for use in areas where a high slip risk has been identified from continuous contamination of the floor. In these areas, where spills are an inherent part of the work environment.

Wetroom (Safestep Aqua, Surestep Laguna, Surestep Star Barefoot, Onyx+ wall vinyl)
Wetroom floor products are developed for use in continuously wet areas, where water flows frequently and barefoot traffic is the standard, or where a combination of barefoot and footwear traffic is expected.

Step safety flooring solutions

Key features

Forbo Step; a true safety floor

Our Step safety flooring provides safety solutions for a wide range of applications, including wet room areas.

Step performs best in Safety, Design & Confidence: ultimate sustainable slip-resistant flooring, the widest choice in designs and durable protection.


  • Guaranteed sustainable slip-resistant performance, created with slip-resistant particles throughout the wear layer
  • Step covers all relevant slip resistance ratings (R10, R11, R12) to meet safety demands across a wide range of applications

  • All Step ranges are designed with the application in mind, including fresh & stylish floor designs for continuously wet and barefoot/footwear combined areas
  • The most authentic natural Wood visual with embossed PUR Wood Pearl™ 
  • Inspiring new possibilities in digitally printed safety flooring A range of slip resistance ratings used across coordinating colour scheme

  • Protected with PUR Pearl™ a finish that is stain, scratch and chemical resistant and offers superior appearance retention
  •  Step offers unmatched cleaning & maintenance performance
  •  Innovative slip-resistant particles made from recycled material Step Crystals – contribute to a clean, fresh design and easier cleaning
  •  100% phthalate-free and low in indoor emissions 
  •  Forbo has over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing safety vinyl floor coverings

Safestep R11 174032 smoke safety vinyl flooring

Slip ratings explained

Slip ratings for flooring explained

AS 4586-2013 slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials
This Australian slip standard outlines the main test methods based on global best practices for classifying and assessing the frictional properties of floor surfaces under different conditions. It includes the following slip resistance test methods:

Wet pendulum slip resistance test (P rating) – The preferred test method for on-site testing utilises a pendulum friction tester to determine the slip resistance of the floor.

Oil/wet inclined ramp slip resistance test (R rating) – Oil simulates contamination other than water often found in for example commercial kitchens.

Wet barefoot inclined ramp slip resistance test – Used for wet area product testing, for products such as Safestep Aqua, Surestep Star barefoot and Surestep Laguna.

Step slip rating classifications

Step rangesWet pendulumOil/wet ramp, barefoot
All Suresteps P3*R10
Safestep R11 P4*R11
Safestep R12 P5*R12
Safestep Aqua P3*R10, C
Surestep Laguna P3*R10, B
Surestep Star Barefoot P3*R10, B

For further information on slip resistance, view our Forbo Slip resistance flooring guide

* Pendulum values of Forbo safety vinyl have been achieved in an accredited 3rd party laboratory. Forbo will not be liable or responsible for highly variable and varying in situ results

Slip Rating Classifications | Step Safety

Slip rating requirements

Different slip rating for different areas

Different areas require different slip requirements as outlined by the National Construction Code (NCC), HB 197:1999 and SA HB 198:2014 guides to slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces.

Forbo Step particle enhanced safety flooring are tested to the standard AS 4586-2013 slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials, by NATA accredited laboratories and complies with the recommendations of HB 197:1999 and SA HB 198:2014, which are guides only.

Click on the image below to enlarge the slip resistance guidelines to learn more.

Safestep Aqua safety flooring for wet areas


Step safety vinyl sample folder