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Step safety & wetroom flooring

Safestep R11/R12 safety vinyl

Safestep R11 and R12 are designed to offer maximum slip resistance in the most extreme conditions where it is simply not possible to prevent spillage due to the type of work being conducted.

Both products have a guaranteed sustainable slip resistance.

  • Safestep R11/R12 safety vinyl
  • Safestep R11/R12 safety vinyl
  • Safestep R11/R12 safety vinyl
  • Safestep R11/R12 safety vinyl
  • Safestep R11/R12 safety vinyl
  • Safestep R11/R12 safety vinyl
  • 174952 Safestep R11 tabletop
    Safestep R11

    Safestep R11

    Safestep R11 is available in 9 colours and designed specifically to match the areas where a high level of slip resistance flooring is needed, where there is increased slip risk due to contamination issues.

    All items are colour coordinated with the Safestep R12 range.

  • 175752 Safestep R12 vinyl flooring tabletop
    Safestep R12

    Safestep R12

    Safestep R12 is a high slip-resistant flooring that ensures slip resistance under even the most extreme conditions, such as commercial kitchens.

    All items are colour coordinated with the Safestep R11 range.

About Safestep

Functionality over design

Safestep products are ideal for use in areas where a high slip risk has been identified because of continuous contamination of the floor. The intensity of use defines the product to choose.

Safestep R11 and R12 floors have been proven to offer exactly the level of confidence that people need. All Safestep floors offer the PUR Pearl coating for easy cleaning and maintenance meeting hygiene requirements.

Both Safestep R11 and R12 can be colour co-ordinated with each other as well as the Surestep collection.

Safestep 17499 R12 black safety flooring for commercial kitchen

Technical & environmental

Images & video

Safestep image gallery

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Installation & floorcare

Installation & floorcare

We always recommend our products are installed by certified installers to ensure a professional finish and lasting floor performance. Full Installation and Cleaning and Maintenance instructions can be downloaded below.

Forbo Step Installation Guide
Forbo SafeStep FloorCare

Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. Find out more at Installation and Floorcare

Safestep 175032 - cleaning slip resistant safety vinyl flooring


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Protection for People & the Planet

We are constantly striving to improve the environmental profile of our vinyl products through local and international initiatives.

■ Innovative slip-resistant particles, Step Crystals, contribute to a clean and fresh design, easier cleaning and an improvement in our environmental performance.
■ Step has at least 20% recycled content
■ REACH* compliant for chemical content
■ Produced in Europe using electricity from renewable sources
■ The production facility is certified to ISO 14001 - environmental management system

■ All Step collections are phthalate-free
■ We use smart material constructions and durable finishes on Step. A micro embossing technology reduces the need for chemical cleaning.

● Forbo Flooring Systems Australia is a proud member of Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)
● Step is Green Tag certified
● We provide 3rd party verified EPD. An EPD is based on the outcome of the Life Cycle Assessment and can contribute to achieving innovation points in Green Star projects.
Forbo Step safety green tag certificate
Forbo Step safety flooring Environmental Product Declaration

We care for the people that touch our business, from employees to suppliers. Most of our sites in Europe are certified to SA8000®. The SA8000 Standard is one of the world’s preeminent social standards which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain.

For more details visit our Create Better Environments webpage

Safestep R11 174992 charcoal black safety slip resistant flooring


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