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ArchIdea společnosti Forbo Flooring

Koncept magazínu Archidea je šířit znalosti a názory tím, že nabízí uznávanými architektům platformu, pomocí níž mohou vyjádřit své názory a představy o architektuře. Prostor pro inspirace zahrnuje mnoho interiérů projektů,

u nich byla použita jako podlahová krytina nebo povrch nábytku materiál společnosti Forbo Flooring. Projekty se nacházejí v různých částech světa a ukazují mnoho možností, jak využít produkty Forbo.

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  • Archidea 61

    ArchIdea 61

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  • Archidea 60 Cover

    ArchIdea 60

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  • archidea 59

    ArchIdea 59

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  • Archidea 58 Cover

    ArchIdea 58

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  • Archidea 57 Cover

    ArchIdea 57

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  • Archidea 56 Cover

    ArchIdea 56

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  • ArchIdea 55

    ArchIdea 55

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    No architectural genre has changed more radically than that of the office and the workplace. Organizations have become less hierarchical. Creativity and a rapid, effective response to market developments both call for a flexible, horizontal organization. People are more aware than ever that workplace design contributes to the quality of the work done and the functioning of the organization.

    Archidea 55 is a special edition about "office spaces" and features interviews with Verda Alexander & Primo Orpilla, Piuarch and Clive Wilkinson.

  • ArchIdea 54

    ArchIdea 54

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    This edition offers an interview with architect Andrés Jaque from the Office for Political Innovation. According to Andrés Jaque, architects cannot define society but they can create conditions capable of readjusting people’s attitudes towards one other. That is why his office tries to open up the conventional closed box and to suggest alternative ways of using a space.

  • ArchIdea 53

    ArchIdea 53

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    Archidea 53

  • Archidea 52

    ArchIdea 52

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    ArchIdea 52

  • Archidea 51

    Archidea 51

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    ArchIdea 51

  • Archidea 50

    ArchIdea 50

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    Interview with Bjarke Ingels: “Why should a building be judged purely on the grounds of utility? Shouldn’t it also behave like a good citizen? If every building were designed to cater only for a specific purpose, the result would be a terrible city. I think that when you design a building you have to ask yourself how many dreams you can fulfill.”

  • Archidea 49

    ArchIdea 49

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    INTERVIEW with MECANOO “Different people bring different kinds of expertise into the designing process. We, the architects, are the ones who know about space – or are supposed to – and about designing it. But we are not experts in how teachers want to teach, nor are we are experts in the kind of space in which the users feel at ease. So it can help a lot when you talk to teachers and students or children.”

  • Archidea 48

    ArchIdea 48

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    Interview Emre Arolat

    “In architecture we should learn from the land, from the place.” Unlike the hardcore modernists, architect Emre Arolat believes in context, in differentiation and in not having the same order everywhere. “I feel very uncomfortable when people say they recognize my designs. I force myself to make something different every time, something that depends on the context.”

  • ArchIdea 47

    ArchIdea 47

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    INTERVIEW - Marcio Kogan
    The architectural approach of one of the leading architects of Brazil, Marcio Kogan, shows some intriguing contradictions. He pushes the design of a house to the limit, but at the same time he advocates simple solutions that are sustainable.

  • ArchIdea 46

    ArchIdea 46

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    Interview with Julien De Smedt is not afraid to produce architecture that creates a visual spectacle. Extravagance and spectacle are not however the essence of his architecture. “The shape of some of our projects was motivated by a wish not to obstruct the view of the building behind it....

  • ArchIdea 45

    ArchIdea 45

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    Interview with Charles Renfro The architect Charles Renfro, of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, likes to turn everything on its head a bit. According to him, a trick, a pleasure of a discomfort wakes people up. "Those moments of discomfort are the ones that bring...
    Focus on interiors Urban nature as public space. The problem of eroding urban space has dominated the architectural discourse since the seventies. The projects CCTV and TTCV buildings, Madrid Rio and High Line all show an example of giving public space...

  • ArchIdea 44

    ArchIdea 44

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    Interview with Ofis Architects The young architectural office has been attracting attention from the international architectural press with some original, playful, beautiful and conceptually interesting designs…

    FOCUS ON ARCHITECTURE TOURISM No category of architecture is more playful or more exuberant than architecture dedicated to tourism. Anything is possible, it seems, as long as it attracts attention and provides a spectacle that yanks…

  • ArchIdea 43

    ArchIdea 43

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    Interview with Retail Edition Studio Concrete in Amsterdam spurns the conventional boundaries between architecture, interior design and graphic design and takes...
    FUKSAS There was a long period when architects took little interest in retail design. The Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas was one of the very...

  • ArchIdea 41

    ArchIdea 41

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    Interview with Holzer Kobler Architecture must communicate, and it is the community that is the recipient of this communication. That is how Barbara Holzer and Tristan...
    TEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE Temporary architecture is growing increasingly popular. Wherever people gather for relatively short periods, you often see temporary...

  • ArchIdea 42

    ArchIdea 42

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    Interview with Steven Holl Ideas drive the designs of architect Steven Holl. In many cases his ideas spring from musical concepts. You move through a sequence of...
    FOCUS ON INTERIORS The experience of space goes further than the tactile sense and involves sound, smell and light. Light is most crucial medium because of...

  • ArchIdea 40

    ArchIdea 40

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    Interviews with Jean Mah, Richard Ahle & Stefan Egelhof and David Page
    The interior of several health care projects involving the use of floors and furniture surfacing from Forbo Flooring as form of insiration. The projects are located in various parts of the world and show the many possibilities provided by Forbo’s products.

  • ArchIdea 39

    ArchIdea 39

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    Interview with SIR NICHOLAS GRIMSHAW Sir Nicholas Grimshaw believes strongly in the satisfaction of looking at joints and details. By doing different projects and becoming...
    INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS No other type of building receives such merciless treatment. Architect Liesbeth van der Pol, Ton Verhoeven and Patrick Berger & Jacques...

  • ArchIdea 38

    ArchIdea 38

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    Interviews with FXFowle Architects, Ken yeang and Mario cucinella
    “Creating better environments” begins with caring for the environment. In this section Forbo Flooring Systems presents unique projects and initiatives that help improve our day to day working and living environments.

  • ArchIdea 37

    ArchIdea 37

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    Interview with Fernando Romero One of Mexican architect Fernando Romero’s challenges is to connect what’s global with local circumstances. He wants to...
    Contemporary houses with regional identity The architecture of the Australian Vineyard Residence designed by John Wardle goes beyond the local architectural style and the house...

  • ArchIdea 36

    ArchIdea 36

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    Interview with Qingyun Ma According to the Chinese architect Qingyun Ma, his projects are public devices rather than architecture: they are not about architectural...
    Old and new The exterior of the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo (Norway) was left untouched, whereas the interior was changed drastically