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Synergy Hybrid prezentuje živý a vysoce texturovaný design. Dekory jsou dostupné ve velkém formátu obdélníku o rozměru 50x70 cm.

V této řadě jsou vinylové dílce Allura a kobercové čtverce Tessera barevně sladěny a nabízí možnosti vytvořit úžasné podlahové kombinace.


Synergy Hybrid

O kolekci Synergy

3 designs, 3 shapes, 3 textures...

... 1 holistic workspace floor covering. Forbo Synergy offers huge scope for creating stunning floor designs due to its modular format, varied functionality and exciting textures and colourways.

Tessera & Allura combined
Synergy combines Tessera carpet tiles with Allura Flex vinyl tiles and presents 3 design elements in 1 range: the linearity of `Seagrass‘ in a plank format, the vivid, highly textured `Hybrid‘ in a large format rectangular tile, and the understated `Marble‘ as a traditional square. Each of these 3 elements is complemented by pure colour from the Tessera Clarity range.

Acoustic comfort & durability
There‘s more to Synergy than just innovative texture and formats. The floor covering offers the varied functionality needed in all modern offices. Tessera carpet tiles are the obvious choice where acoustics and underfoot comfort are desired. The maintenance and durability properties of Allura Flex vinyl tiles make it ideal for those areas subject to occasional food and drink spillages, or a high incidence of wheeled traffic.

Easy installation
All Synergy flooring tiles are easily installed using the same adhesive and can be used directly next to each other without the need for transition strips, additional profiles, and inconvenient and expensive build-up of the sub-floor.

Committed to the Health of One
In line with the Forbo Committed to the Health of One program, Forbo Synergy flooring exceeds indoor air quality standards, and is manufactured in plants certified to SA8000, one of the world‘s preeminent social standards.

Synergy office flooring

Technické specifikace

Synergy technical specifications