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Educational Flooring

Healthy learning.

Forbo Flooring Systems has a flooring solution for almost every environment within the educational establishment. Total flooring solutions, one supplier.

Educational flooring


Expertise in Education

Forbo Flooring Systems has been manufacturing and supplying floor coverings to educational environments for over a century. Our wide range of floor coverings is used across a broad portfolio of educational establishments across the globe.

From nurseries to universities, educational establishments demand attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance, safe and sustainable flooring solutions. Durability and hygiene are important in areas used by children and young adults. Forbo Flooring Systems has a flooring solution for almost every environment within the education. Total flooring solutions, one supplier.

Educational Flooring - Marmoleum


Spaces in Education

  • Coral Brush


    First impression of a building


    Do pupils or students slow down or stop to wipe their feet when they walk into school or college? Chances are that they don’t, which is why it’s important to keep the world outside, outside. By keeping out dirt and moisture at the entrance, cleaning costs can be cut by up to 65%, interior floors protected and the potential for slipping greatly reduced. With our Nuway and Coral ranges, Forbo offers both rigid and textile entrance matting solutions.

  • Reception


    A warm welcome


    Reception areas act as the place where a school, university or college can create a good first impression on students and visitors alike. Whether your priority is sustainability, bespoke design or durability, Forbo Flooring Systems has a product to suit your needs.

  • Circulation area

    Corridors & Circulation area

    Durable and safe flooring

    Corridors & Circulation area

    Corridors are busy, noisy places and demand durable and safe flooring. We have a range of products that can offer sustainability, sound reduction and quick installation whilst also having superb durability and slip resistance. This ensures your corridors not only look great, but are safe and practical.

  • General Teaching Area

    General Teaching area

    Comfortable, safe and inspiring

    General Teaching area

    The perfect classroom is an environment where students can feel comfortable, safe and inspired. Color, light, acoustics, it all affects the learning process and the level of attention of students in the classroom. Forbo can offer a range of solutions which fulfill all of these requirements.

  • Practical Teaching Suite

    Practical teaching area

    Slip resistance and durable

    Practical teaching area

    In environments where pupils are asked to be creative, safety becomes the main concern. With the correct Forbo floor covering, you can ensure the safety of staff and pupils alike with slip resistance and durability guaranteed.

    When working with chemicals or other specialist materials, incorrect floor coverings can be problematic for pupil’s in both a learning and safety aspect. Forbo’s floor coverings offer can accommodate laboratories and specialist teaching areas of a school to ensure durability (in case of chemical spillages) and slip resistance (contaminated or wet floors).

  • Canteen

    Dining room

    Hygienic flooring

    Dining room

    Dining areas are used and abused daily. Walkways and designated areas can be created using colour and/or a mixture of product types. Forbo understands that the products used in dining areas should have:

    ● Good slip resistance to avoid slips and trips
    ● Durability to cope with the hundreds of pupils, staff and visitors
    ● Excellent acoustic properties to reduce and contain the noise where possible
    ● Flooring that cleans up as good as new and is hygienic

  • Administrative offices

    Administrative offices

    Acoustic & Comfort

    Administrative offices

    This is an area in the school which will accommodate administration staff and senior management. It needs to be near the entrance so the flooring may need to reflect that found in the reception area for an integrated appearance.

    Office and meeting rooms should provide a comfortable yet inspiring place in which staff, visitors and students can express themselves and share thoughts and ideas with each other. Therefore, comfort and aesthetic capabilities are important to consider when creating an office/meeting room environment.

  • Library


    keep noise pollution to a minimum


    Acoustic properties and flooring design are vital for lecture theaters and libraries where pupils’ attention and concentration are key. Forbo can offer the solution to keep noise pollution to a minimum and offer muted design tones that can aid pupils’ learning during study periods.

  • Changing facilities

    Changing facilities

    Slip resistance

    Changing facilities

    In changing facilities, safety is the main concern. In environments like these a floor with excellent non slip properties is crucial to minimize the risk of accidents. Durability and ease of cleaning are also main concerns in changing facilities. Forbo understand your needs, therefore we created our Step Safety Flooring collection. Our Step safety flooring offers lifetime slip resistant performance and provides safety solutions for a wide range of applications.

  • Sport Hall Marmoleum Sport

    Sports facilities

    Minimize the risk of injury

    Sports facilities

    Marmoleum Sport belongs to the category of area-elastic sports floor constructions and fulfills the latest European sport flooring standards. Area-elastic floors minimize the risk of injury. Marmoleum Sport is available in 13 dirt concealing colours commonly applied in sports halls. It is durable, slip resistant and - thanks to its natural ingredients - the most sustainable sports flooring choice.

  • Furniture & walls

    Furniture & walls

    design and functionality

    Furniture & walls

    Using linoleum for other purposes than flooring might not be the first thing you think of. However, we apply special pinboard linoleum to the wall and furniture linoleum to desktops and tables.

    Furniture and walls are vital areas of a school which require stimulating design and durability. Forbo’s ‘off the floor’ products can provide the perfect solution, from expressing pupils’ outstanding work and achievements on Bulletin Board pinboard linoleum or creating a warm and welcoming classroom interior with Furniture Linoleum desktop linoleum.


Products to use in Education

Marmoleum – linoleum sheet and tile

Our Marmoleum floor coverings are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design, which makes Marmoleum an ideal floor covering for educational environments.

Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials and is the most sustainable flooring choice. It is a CO2 neutral produced floor covering, measured from cradle to gate. The more than 300 colors & designs allow for beautiful, colourful floor designs.

All Marmoleum floors have a Topshield pro finish, meaning they are scratch and scuff resistant, which makes it an easy to maintain flooring with long lasting appearance retention. Go to the Marmoleum collection

Marmoleum Real 3173
eternal creche

Eternal – general purpose vinyl sheet

Our Eternal vinyl sheet collection has been created to work across a wide variety of application areas. Eternal is ideal for learning environments that require a low maintenance, hardwearing floor that keeps up its good looks for years on end. The varied palette of colours and designs offers the possibility to create any desired atmosphere in every space in your building, whether it is a classroom, the lunch area or the reception area.
Go to the Eternal collection

Allura – luxury vinyl tiles

Are you looking for the aesthetics of natural wood and stone floors with the advantages of strong and comfortable vinyl tiles? Explore our NEW Allura LVT collections. Warm underfoot, excellent dimensional stability, easy installation and maintenance. We offer our LVT designs in several constructions to make sure there is always a suitable choice for your application.
Go to the Allura collection

allura in education
flotex classroom

Flotex – flocked flooring

Flotex flocked flooring is the perfect solution for classrooms where foot traffic and movement of chairs requires a durable floor covering. It is slip resistant, comfortable and has an excellent sound absorbency up to 20dB. Flotex is available in a wide range of colours and stimulating designs and is offered in a sheet, tile and plank format. Flotex also holds the Allergy UK Seal of Approval™ and it contains up to 52% recycled content.
Go to the Flotex collection

Tessera – carpet tiles

Our Tessera carpet tiles are designed and manufactured with various pile constructions to give specific aesthetic and performance benefits. These high quality carpet tiles are designed to maintain their good looks in heavy traffic areas such as receptions and entrances. Tessera’s tile format is ideal for classrooms as tiles can be easily maintained and replaced if damaged. Tessera has an impact sound reduction property of 22dB – 30dB allowing maximum concentration from the pupils within the classroom. It is available in a wide range of stimulating designs and sympathetic colours to create inspiring learning interiors. Go to the Tessera collection


Sarlon – acoustic vinyl sheet

Forbo Flooring has over 30 years experience and industry knowledge in this specialist field and has produced over 100 million m2 of acoustic floor coverings. Sarlon is phthalate free and offers a wide range of colours and designs, ideal for educational environments.

Sarlon is an excellent all-round performer with sound reduction properties, ideal for classrooms where noise pollution can be an issue. The impact sound reduction of Sarlon is 15dB to 19dB.

Go to Sarlon collection

Step – safety vinyl sheet

The Step collection provides a complete range of floor coverings designed to meet safety demands in areas where spills or debris on the floor could be frequent, such as a food/design technology classroom or an art classroom. It guarantees slip resistant performance throughout the life of the product and it meets all HSE and European safety norms and delivers safety with minimal compromise. Our Step collection offers ≥36 pendulum test safety properties, perfect for areas where chemical spills or debris could be common.
Go to the Step collection

Sphera Element 50030 moleskin

Sphera – homogeneous vinyl sheet

The SMART-top surface finish ensures that Sphera has a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains, which makes it a perfect flooring solution for high traffic environments and increased contamination classrooms. Sphera is a homogeneous vinyl which is easy to clean and phthalate free which provides a hygienic indoor environment. The in-line coating and subsequent embossing ensure superior appearance and durability.
Go to the Sphera collection

Nuway & Coral - entrance systems

By keeping out dirt and moisture at the entrance, cleaning costs can be cut by up to 65%. Our Nuway collection is the recognized market leader in engineered entrance flooring systems. Nuway entrance systems provide an outstanding first line of defense against soil and moisture entering a building, on the soles of shoes and the treads of wheeled traffic. It helps to keep your interior floor coverings dryer and cleaner whilst also preventing slips.

Our Coral collection has been the market leading, textile entrance flooring brand for 50 years. It offers more choice than ever before with attractive and sustainable clean-off systems and is available in styles and constructions to suit all applications, budgets and aesthetic requirements. Coral entrance floors can prolong the life of your floor as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs and the risk of slipping.
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Coral Brush 5705


Healthy indoor environment

Children spend most of their time indoors, at home and in school. Children spend approximately 35-40 hours per week, for 9 months out of the year in a school building. The measured indoor air quality parameters indicate that children in elementary schools are subjected to large concentrations of CO2 and exposed to increased levels of particulate VOC’s and biological contaminants.

In safe indoor environments floors are non-toxic, low emitting and compliant to all international standards. On top of this, a safe floor is designed to prevent accidents. Forbo’s Marmoleum sheet and tile floor coverings and 100% solvent free adhesive products are the ideal products for school applications and allow building occupants to enjoy healthier, safer, and longer-lasting flooring solutions.

Sound comfort

For schools, proper acoustic performance creates a quiet atmosphere (even if children are running in the corridors) to help children learn.

The best way to reduce sound is at the source. Acoustic floors have an important contribution in reducing noise in buildings. Our acoustic floors create a healthy environment by combining sustainability with excellent sound reduction properties. Forbo Flooring is a specialist in acoustic floors with more than 30 years of experience. In our resilient acoustic range you will find linoleum and vinyl floors with impact sound reductions up to 19dB.

Discover our all our Acoustic Floors

Sarlon acoustic vinyl

Allergy approved flooring

Marmoleum has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval as, thanks to its smooth surface, it does not harbour house dust mites. With the correct, regular cleaning regime this can help to improve indoor environments.
Marmoleum Allergy UK Certificate

Flotex has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval as, thanks to its unique nylon construction, allergens are trapped within its densely packed flocks, thereby reducing the number of allergens in the atmosphere.
Flotex Allergy UK Certificate

Allergy approved flooring

Custom flooring

Make it personal

For real stand out, why not create a bespoke floor? From school colours to school crests, we can produce a tailored offer for your school. Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of our state-of-the-art digital printing technology, Forbo can offer the option to create bespoke designs for vinyl and textile floor coverings, suitable for educational environments.

Custom Flooring logo

Bespoke digital printed vinyl

Our advanced digital printing technology enables striking floor visuals that cannot be achieved with conventional print techniques. It enables you to design your own unique floor in the high quality of our heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring.

Choose from thousands of images that are licensed and ready to be reproduced or design your own floor. Whatever the type, size, scale or complexity of design, our Digital Print delivers pin sharp and vivid images as a result of 6 colour, 600dpi (high resolution) digital printing.
More information about Digital Printing

Digital printed vinyl

Flotex Vision

As Flotex flocked flooring has over 70 million fibres per square metre, it provides a unique high density substrate for printing. As a result, vibrant designs and true to life visuals can be printed in high level photographic resolutions. All desired colour shades, tones and hues can be achieved.

Digital print offers an infinite number of design options ranging from abstracts with an intricate colour spectre to realistic images of grass, sand or water, or any picture projected on your floor. Create 3D depth or a “trompe l‘oeil” effect on your floor.

Visit our flotex vision website and explore the designs

Flotex Vision

Marmoleum Aquajet

Aquajet water cutting technology enables reproduction of the most intricate designs and allows for endless creativity. You can create your own flooring with use of standard models or your own design. Whether it is a thematic floor, a work of art, a company logo, the possibilities are limitless. You can choose your own colours from the Marmoleum range for each standard Aquajet model. Explore our Aquajet options

Marmoleum Aquajet

Coral Logo entrance flooring

Great looks for a great welcome. Forbo offers a bespoke print and cut-out design service to create your own unique entrance mat. Forbo Coral Logo entrance flooring will retain its looks whilst keeping out dirt and moist for years to come.

• Excellent visual quality and bright colouring
• Perfect for complicated designs featuring multiple colours
• Choose from any of the standard Coral colours
• Pantone and RAL colours can be matched
• Stays flat on the floor, causing less trips, due to heavy vinyl backing
• The printed logo mat is available in 7 standard mat sizes

Go to Coral Logo

Coral logo entrance flooring

Trends & References

Magazine: Trends in the world of education

Schools are looking to embrace classroom layouts that encourage creativity, collaboration and flexibility. As schools focus on openness, flexibility and collaboration, they are redesigning classrooms to match. The room itself can be adapted in a flexible way to meet the needs of the teacher or the students. Research is continually proving that classroom design – including colour, lighting, acoustics and spatial organization impacts student learning.
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Temple Carrig School

Get inspired by our references

Many educational establishments worldwide are using Forbo floor coverings. From nurseries and primary schools to universities. Visit our reference section and get inspired by worldwide reference project in educational environments.
Explore our education references

References in education


FloorVisualizer and design service

To create your floor and make up your mind what would fit best we have several tools and services. Our FloorVisualizer helps you to place our floors in an educational environment, and even combine them, so you can see how it looks.
Start playing with our FloorVisualizer

Our design service can even go further. We can help you design your floor. Our team of designers is ready for you, get in contact and let them know your requirements, send them the pictures of the current situation or the desired solution and they will come up with floor plans and product proposals.
Contact our design team


Global player

Global partnerships

The responsibility for forging global partnerships with key clients is entrusted to our most experienced Key Account Managers. Dedicated to customer care, their only remit is to ensure that Forbo delivers a flooring solution that is ideally suited to your needs.

• We can supply international quotations and have experience with international order processes and local regulations
• We manage international logistics
• We have 20 years partnerships with worldwide customers

As a global partner we stand next to you on a local level. Our design team can offer guidance and assistance as required. Our technicians speak the language of the flooring installers and in this way everybody is aligned.

Leading global manufacturer

• Forbo Flooring Systems is part of the Swiss Forbo Group

• Key figures Forbo Group 2019:
> Net sales 1282.2 CHF Mio
> Employees 5.600

• A worldwide presence:
> 25 production facilities and distribution companies
> 6 assembly centers
> 48 pure sales organizations in a total of 38 countries across the globe

• European manufacturer with factories in The United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Russia.

• European logistics and responsiveness

Atalanta International School
earth environment

Leading in sustainability

We care about you and the environment

• Forbo is a founding member of the World Green Building Council.
• We have received various labels and certification for your products and or production facilities.
• All of our manufacturing sites are ISO certified. Raw materials are used efficiently, waste is recycled whenever possible.
• We are committed to social responsibility, the Forbo sites are certified according to SA8000.

creating better environments

Reliable service

We offer you:
• A sole source of supply for all your flooring requirements
• Local advice, support and cross border project management
• Efficiencies of scale, certainty of supply and rapid delivery

Above all one single contract and one single point of contact to save you time and money.

Forbo Design service
Sales team

Think global, act local

Local teams working with local representatives

Throughout the duration of a project, your Forbo Key Account Manager serves as your single point of contact for any questions, from anywhere in the world.

We believe that this approach saves you time, eliminate hassle and uncertainty and ensures consistency and reliability, no matter how complex your project.