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Innovation that comes naturally. Marmoleum Cocoa embraces our ethos of sustainable design and truly is a new addition to our Marmoleum flooring. By using a waste product from another industry we are collaborating to reduce waste, improve recycling and contribute to a better environment..

By adding Cocoa shells to the traditional Marmoleum ingredients we have created an innovation in construction and aesthetics. The result is a new and exciting surface texture that is both natural looking and contemporary in feel.

The inclusion of cocoa adds a rich granular look that is fresh, modern and also provides dirt hiding properties.

Watch the Marmoleum Cocoa video

Note: Marmoleum Decibel is 3.5mm thick and provides the highest reduction of impact sound by 18dB. Any Marmoleum colourway can be manufactured in the Marmoleum Decibel construction, however this is subject to a minimum order quantity and lead time. Please contact the customer service office for more information.

Please note roll sizes may vary.

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Marmoleum Cocoa

    Technical specifications

    Technical specifications

    Download here the Marmoleum Solid technical specifications

    More documentation can be found in our Download center

    Techn. specs. Marmoleum Solid

    Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

    Marmoleum floorcare

    LRVs & Dementia

    LRVs & Dementia Downloads

    Marmoleum Solid LRV and Dementia document

    Having partnered with the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) for many years, Forbo now has over 1000 products accredited across the
    DSDC’s Class 1a, 1b and 2 rating system.

    For more information please click here

    LRVs & Dementia

    Cocoa and Circularity

    Marmoleum Cocoa: natural innovation

    The Dutch region ‘De Zaanstreek’ - the region where our Marmoleum factory is located - is an area where a lot of cocoa is being produced and processed. This gave us the inspiration for our new Cocoa floor covering; A combination of our sustainable Marmoleum flooring mixed with cocoa husks.

    The tough cocoa husks are the rest product of cocoa production. We collect them and grind them finely and spread them onto the Marmoleum. The Cocoa husks itself have facets of different colors and give the floor a unique granular look & feel.

    Watch the video to get inspired by Cocoa!

    A natural revolution

    Marmoleum Cocoa is climate positive and ready for circular use. Reducing your carbon footprint and increasing the use of post-consumer recycled content, it can be used over and over again.

    Marmoleum Cocoa is made out of 97% natural and renewable raw materials. Of this, 43% is combined recycled content from end-of-life, post-installation, cross-industry and closed loop waste streams.

    Of the recycled content, 33% is recycled pre- and/or post-consumer flooring waste. The balance between pre- and post-consumer waste varies due to the availability of installation waste and old flooring obtained through our Back-to-the-Floor program. To ensure high-quality flooring, our recycled content is fully tested for health and safety standards before we reuse it in our new floors.

    The production process for Marmoleum Cocoa flooring results in less pollution and every square metre saved from incineration after its lifetime saves emissions to the equivalent of 1.8 kg of CO2 .

    Cocoa 3584 white chocolate

    NBS & BIM

    NBS & BIM Downloads

    Our full Marmoleum Cocoa technical specification is available on NBS Source and can be accessed using the portal link below.

    We also offer a range of BIM objects in REVIT and Autocad format which are available to download from a choice of BIM object platforms.
    For more information please visit our BIM download centre

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