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Institute of Technology Carlow

  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 2
  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 1
  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 4
  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 9
  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 3
  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 8
  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 7
  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 6
  • Carlow IT CSB Concourse 5

The redevelopment of the central concourse space at Carlow IT involved a complete renovation of this central student forum, updating the internal look and feel of the busy space rendering it more user friendly and student focused.

By its very nature the large airy concourse space, sandwiched between IT Carlow’s largest and significant university departments, is a connection space, linking students and also providing an opportunity for social exchange.

Originally built approximately 20 years ago, the building required an overhaul of finishes, such as new glazing, furniture, lighting and joinery and flooring. Having used Forbo marmoleum products during the original build, the client was keen to use Forbo products again this time round.

The use of a variety of Forbo flooring types provided a way of breaking the expanse of the concourse into more intimate zones. Forbo’s Marmoleum concrete range was used in the heavy trafficked link routes between department buildings, while the Allura Wood Range, in a stained blue was used to indicate zones dedicated to café style seating. Forbo’s innovative Flotex product, with a softer more carpet like texture and in a vibrant graphic print, was used to signal lounge areas.

The overall result was an exciting and vibrant space with clear zones for the various student activities and functions. The look and feel of the concourse was modernized and updated to reflect a contemporary student environment in which to pass through, meet friends socially or for academic exchange.

Project Name CSB Concourse Renovation
Interior Architect Henry J Lyons Architects
Building Contractor DFL Building Contractors
Location Carlow, Ireland
Flooring Contractor Great Deal Flooring


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