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2 - Sourcing & raw materials

Maximising the use of healthy & sustainable flooring materials

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To make sure our products are completely sustainable, we set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to sourcing and materials. Our products are third-party verified with environmental declarations such as LCAs, EPDs, and HPDs. We aim to only use 100% harmless and traceable raw materials and increase the amount of fully bio-based products sold.

Maximise use of sustainable materials

  • 100 %

    Our flooring is 100% made from harmless, traceable & toxic free raw materials.

  • 37 %

    We have an average of 37% recycled material in our products and we will increase this percentage. You get an ambitious partner and industry leader who is steadily shifting to bio-based solutions and increasing the use of recycled content.

  • 100 %

    We offer 100% transparent information and strive for more zero-waste production. Environmental Product Declarations are available for all our products.

Raw materials

We strive to reduce the amount of raw materials needed to manufacture our products.

Our preference and goal is to use either natural, renewable materials or materials that are abundantly available.

Depletion of resources is an important topic in the circular economy. The use of natural resources that renew themselves and can be harvested as annual crops is the preferred option. When renewability is not an option we are maximising the use of recycled materials and use raw materials that are proven to be safe and easy to recycle.

The exact origin of all raw materials can be found in the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which are available for all our products.

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Recycled materials

When sourcing our raw materials, we actively search for recycled alternatives.

In the production phase, we strive to produce no waste and to ensure that any waste that is generated is reused in the composition of the product. In 2023, the weighted average amount of recycled and reused content in our products was 37%.

Having already invested in internal recycling solutions, we are now turning our attention to our Back to the Floor recycling program, taking back installation and post-consumer waste for recycling. In addition, we look for efficient recycling into other products when it cannot be used in our own flooring products.

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Supplier requirements program

Supplier requirements are an integral part of the contract between Forbo Flooring Systems and our suppliers and stipulate the management and control of:

• Quality
• Environmental impacts
• Anti-corruption
• Human rights
• Health and safety
• Social Accountability (SA8000 standard)
• Community relations
• Financial risk

The requirements related to quality, environment and responsible sourcing practices are regularly reviewed and updated.

We also support our suppliers to engage in carbon reduction programs so they can meet mandatory industry requirements and help us build a fully sustainable supply chain.

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SA8000 & ISO 14001 certification

Controlled supply chain certification

SA8000 is an international, auditable social certification standard based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It defines an industry and corporate way to measure social performance.

Through ISO 14001 we apply an Environmental Management System (EMS) to help us with a framework to follow in setting up an effective EMS.

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Guaranteed safe products

Ensuring the safety of our products starts with the purchase of raw materials and their subsequent processing and manufacture. We follow relevant legislation, including the European Union’s REACH regulations and building regulations. These regulations are designed to protect public health and the environment by comprehensively identifying the safety properties of chemical substances and how chemicals can be used safely.

At Forbo Flooring Systems we adhere to our Compliance Plus program on chemical safety by reducing and eliminating the use of all regulated substances. The concrete results of our policy are the switch to phthalate-free plasticizers in all our vinyl and textile products and that all our products now have low to very low VOC emissions.

Safe flooring products

How we deal with building challenges


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