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1 - Product development & design

Product design with circularity and users in mind

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We develop and design flooring solutions to create value during and after use, keeping both the environment and users in mind. Our focus is on designing flooring with renewable and recycled materials. We aim to develop eco- and human-safe easy-removal solutions across all product categories, while also contributing to global recycling initiatives.

Product design with circularity in mind

  • 100 %

    We make flooring products made from 100% harmless and traceable raw materials.

  • 50 %

    Of our modular products can be easily installed and removed after their useful life, this makes them circular-ready.

Dynamics of a building

Our design philosophy on healthy interiors

Healthy buildings are very much part of sustainable development – sustainable development in which the individual is central.

Our philosophy on healthy interiors is expressed in our design philosophy 'The dynamics of a building’. We use this to provide the most appropriate type of flooring for each space. The result is buildings that are well designed, last longer and are easier to adapt to the occupier’s requirements - buildings and interiors whose timeless solutions make frequent renovation less necessary, so saving money and reducing waste.

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Dynamics of building

Contributing to healthy interiors

Health refers to a safe, clean and comfortable indoor environment.

Today more than half of the world’s population, over 54%, is living in urbanized areas. On average we are spending around 80%-90% of our time indoors and this will only increase. No wonder that the focus on quality of the indoor environment, and the attention given to green architecture and healthy buildings, is becoming more prominent. As our flooring is part of the indoor environment in which people live, meet and work, it is our mission to design and offer products that contribute in a positive way to the health and comfort of the individual.

Floor characteristics that contribute a healthy indoor environment:
• Antibacterial
• Allergy approved
• Phthalates free
• Low emission
• Acoustic performance

Healthy indoor environment sustainability

Product design with users in mind

Allergy free

Low VOC emissions

Acoustic solutions

Light Reflection Ratings

How we deal with building challenges


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