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furniture linoleum

Furniture Linoleum is a unique surfacing material for furniture applications such as desks, stools, cabinets, doors and displays. The material is naturally flexible and can be applied on all kinds of constructions.

This natural furniture surfacing material has a matt look and feels warm to the hand. It presents a number of new fresh and stylish colours that complement the classic greys and blacks.


Furniture Linoleum

    About Furniture Linoleum

    See me, feel me, touch me

    Furniture Linoleum is a unique surfacing material for furniture designs such as desks, stools, cabinets, doors and displays. It is renowned for its elegance and durability and being made of natural ingredients, a sustainable surface choice.

    The unique aesthetic and tactile properties ensure that every object develops its own character. The combination of a mat surface and a warm, soft texture guarantees interior furniture with a truly distinctive, individual look & feel.

    Easy to apply
    Flexible, organic shapes can be created by Furniture Linoleum as it is naturally flexible. It is supplied in a roll format and can be applied both horizontally and vertically, as well as to curved surfaces.

    Hygienic & antistatic
    The natural composition and the special surface finish ensure that Furniture Linoleum is naturally antistatic. The surface actively resists the build-up of static charges and prevents dust or dirt from sticking to the surface.

    No marks from fingerprints
    This natural surface linoleum has an earthy, solid quality to it and has one other unique feature: it doesn't show fingerprints!

    Simple elegance
    A number of new fresh and stylish colours have been added to the classic colour range that complement current design trends. Go to the colour overview to see how Furniture Linoleum can complement your interior.

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    Furniture Linoleum unique surface solution

    Unique benefits

    Furniture Linoleum benefits

    Furniture Linoleum offers unique benefits both for users and manufactures:

    Unique benefits for users
    • tactile finish that is warm and comfortable
    • matt surface
    • natural material
    • environmentally friendly choice
    • no marks from fingerprints
    • antistatic
    • long lasting vibrant colourways
    • pleasant to write on

    Unique benefits for manufacturers
    • flexible
    • easy to apply
    • suitable for many kinds of substrates
    • processes like wood
    • coatable
    • manual and industrial installation possible

    Widely recognised for its exceptional combination of aesthetic and functional properties, Forbo's Furniture Linoleum is the holder of numerous prestigious awards, including the Red Dot design award, the award for Good Industrial Design and the Interzum Award.

    Furniture Linoleum 4155 chair

    Studio Stefan Scholten

    Furniture Linoleum x Studio Stefan Scholten

    Commissioned by Forbo Flooring, Studio Stefan Scholten researched the colour effect and perception of Furniture Linoleum. Inspired by the unique naturalness of linoleum, he developed the soft colour shades clay, leather and walnut.

    Stefan Scholten, internationally renowned designer and a leading representative of Dutch design, has worked for prestigious clients such as HAY, Maharam, Cappellini, Nanimarquina and 1616 / Arita. Based on his unique use of colour, reductionist and functional designs, Forbo Flooring approached him with a special assignment.

    Stefan Scholten studied the original recipe and properties of linoleum. “I wanted to understand the pure material based on the original recipe. As a reference I used the natural materials that you find in interiors, such as wood, leather, pottery and textiles, and I searched for the original nuance. The end result echoes an emotional value and at the same time is optimally applicable.”

    Studio Stefan ScholtenxForbo Flooring_Photo by Nicola Gnesi

    Video & images

    Video & images

    Watch the Furniture Linoleum video and view some images of Furniture linoleum applications.


    Furniture Linoleum brochure

    Read our online brochure to learn more about our Furniture Linoleum collection.

    Installation & care

    Furniture Linoleum installation


    Marmoleum Furniture application by Monika Faidi