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Furniture Linoleum installation & care

On this page you can find all information regarding cleaning and maintenance of Furniture Linoleum, the application of this product and some tips to ensure a longer lifecycle.

Cleaning & maintenance advice
Forbo Furniture Linoleum is easy to clean and maintain. Following the Forbo Floorcare guidelines will ensure that the appearance of this unique surfacing material is retained.

Furniture Linoleum can be applied easily on all common materials such as MDF, chipboard and Plywood as well as steel or composite materials.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Periodical cleaning

Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe clean the surface. Use a soft lint free cloth to wipe dry the surface. Regular cleaning with just water. Periodical cleaning with a mild soapy solution e.g. Forbo Monel dissolved in water in a ratio 1 : 20.

Prior for packing shipping an initial cleaning is advised.

Periodical treatment
Treat the depleted area with 100% pure neutral mild soap e.g. Forbo Monel. Followed by a periodical cleaning process after 1 hour.




Furniture Linoleum is delivered on rolls. Advised is to cut oversized pieces. Give the pieces enough time to acclimatize at room temperature before applying.

Surface of panel
The surface of a panel must be smooth without irregularities. Smoothness similar to a sanded surface with sandpaper K120 or finer.

Application furniture linoleum


Determine the type of surface
A regular PVAc white wood glue can be used to adhere when the surface of the panel is absorbent to water like the most uncoated wood based panels. When preferred a contact adhesive PSA can also be used to adhere.

When the surface of the panel is non-absorbent to water like solid phenolic core, HPL, or coated materials. The surface must be sanded with a sandpaper K120 or finer. A contact adhesive PSA can be used to adhere.

Inform yourself about user instructions of the adhesive manufacturer.

Adhesive process furniture linoleum


Balancing panel
Lamination rule number one is to balance the panel board by laminating the opposite surface with the same material i.e. Furniture Linoleum with the same adhesive. Alternatively seen in practice is also the use of a backing paper of >230gr/m2 or a backing HPL of 0,8mm.

For pressing the Furniture Linoleum a pneumatic press or vacuum press can be used. Keep pressure lower than used for HPL and temperatures below 70°C. Inform yourself about user instructions of the adhesive manufacturer.

Pressing process furniture linoleum

Press & bend

DIY press
For small scale work pressure can be applied by weight or making use of clamps. When using contact adhesive a rubber roller may be sufficient.

Bending radius
Furniture Linoleum can be applied on a radius larger than 25 mm. The warmer the furniture linoleum is the easier it bends. Avoid bending when the material is cold.

Pressing and bending furniture linoleum

Edge finish

Edge finish
The edge of the panel board can be finished in several ways. Clean cut edge finish by making use of the material of the panel board. E.g. plywood or black MDF.

Edge band
Edge band is used when it is preferred to cover the edge of the panel board. Edge band is available in several materials thickness and widths e.g. ABS, wood, etc.

Edge finishing furniture linoleum


Cleaning tips

Use soft cleaning methods. Don’t use any abrasive cleaning methods.

Use bottled water (demineralized) when tap water leaves limescale marks after cleaning.

Easy for cleaning
A trigger sprayer can be used for applying your own soapy solution before wipe cleaning the surface. E.g. mixing water and a mild soap.

Cleaning tips

Protect & repair

Protect the surface from contact with abrasive materials. Use protection felt.

Conceal scratch
A scratch can be concealed with a walnut. Rub the scratch with the white walnut meat that contains vegetable oils that won’t gloss after treating the surface. Recommended is to clean the whole surface properly after treatment.

Protect and repair

Instruction documents

Furniture Linoleum craftmanship