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New collections

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Below you will find an overview of our newest floor coverings in various categories, such as ESD and cleanroom flooring, Allura luxury vinyl tiles and Tessera carpet tiles.

Sphera ESD & Cleanroom flooring
Colorex SD conductive vinyl tiles

Colorex - conductive vinyl tiles

Colorex is an advanced technical flooring system in tile format specifically designed for controlled environments, such as the semi-conductor, life sciences and manufacturing industries, cleanrooms and sensitive areas in healthcare environments. ESD control, particle control, moisture control or a combination, our Colorex tile ranges offer heavy duty solutions to meet the highest demands.

Colorex tiles are available with different levels of conductivity and in different constructions. We offer Colorex EC permanently conductive tiles, Colorex SD permanently dissipative tiles and Colorex Plus loose lay tiles.

Colorex is not only an advanced technical solution, it is also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing any commercial interior from industry to healthcare establishments.

Sphera SD|EC - conductive vinyl sheet

Sphera SD | EC is Forbo's homogeneous vinyl flooring collection with conductive properties in sheet format. The collection is specifically designed to control static discharges and particles in the most sensitive environments, such as pharmaceutical, MedTech and healthcare facilities. Sphera SD | EC ensures the highest hygienic properties and provides permanent ESD control.

Sphera SD offers static dissipative properties, Sphera EC offers electrostatic conductive properties.

The contemporary design, latest PVC construction and proven performance under all environmental conditions make Sphera SD|EC a truly innovative flooring solution.
More information about Sphera SD
More information about Sphera EC

 Sphera SD conductive vinyl sheet flooring
Allura LVT in clothing store

Allura - Luxury Vinyl tiles

Allura made with passion!
Our Allura LVT collection is made with passion and knowledge and represents the next generation of LVT flooring. It is created for end users and professionals in the flooring business by our professionals in commercial flooring.

Within our Allura LVT portfolio we offer solutions for all types of applications, like fully adhered vinyl tiles, tackified loose lay tiles, fully loose lay tiles and click connected tiles.

Explore the Allura luxury vinyl tiles collection

Allura LVT in clothing store

Tessera Struktur 1 - carpet tiles

With Tessera Struktur 1 Forbo presents its first manufactured microtuft carpet tiles collection. An authentic flatweave texture is created by the 350 gsm pile weight and the 18 different tonal blends of the collection allow creation of softer and warmer spaces.

The subtle, compact, flat-tufted Struktur 1 tiles create a pleasing ambiance and minimalist, timeless interior feel.

Format: 50 x 50 cm tiles
Installation: quarter turn
Yarns: 100% solution dyed polyamide 6
Sustainability: contains 65% recycled content by weight
More information about the Tessera Struktur 1 collection

Tessera Struktur 1 3715 Rost
Tessera Earthscape close up 3258 Terrain
Tessera Struktur 1 close up 3707 Jarn
Tessera Earthscape 3259 Fjord

Tessera Earthscape - carpet tiles

Tessera Earthscape is a richly textured organic patterned loop pile carpet tile for use on its own, or in combination with other carpet tiles. With 12 neutral tones representing natural aesthetics, each colour option is a mix of 4 complementing colourways which, in combination with the texture, create a varying and seemingly infinite floor design.

With their generous 978 gsm pile weight Earthscape tiles offer an opulent texture, underfoot comfort and minimal noise transmission.

Format: 50 x 50 cm tiles
Installation: monolithic or quarter turn
Yarns: 100% Invista AntronĀ® Lumena solution dyed polyamide 6.6
Sustainability: contains 57% recycled content by weight
more information about the Tessera Earthscape collection