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Below you will find an overview of our newest floor coverings in various categories, such as Marmoleum Marbled linoleum sheet, Fabscrap homogeneous vinyl, Allura Fusion luxury vinyl tiles, Tessera carpet tiles and Flotex planks.

Marmoleum Splash 3432

Marmoleum Marbled linoleum sheet

Discover the natural beauty of a CO2 neutral floor covering!
Our new Marmoleum Marbled flooring enhances the classic marbled pattern into 5 intriguing organic structures in a large range of colors. Its blend of colors provides a versatile floor design and combines perfectly with other surfaces such as woods and stones.

Marmoleum is a unique CO2 neutral floor covering which does not affect the worldwide climate change. It combines ecological values with contemporary design and is an important contribution to a sustainable world.
Discover the natural beauty of Marmoleum Marbled

Marmoleum CO2
Marmoleum Splash 3428
Tessera Nexus 3501 3507

Tessera Nexus carpet tiles

Tessera Nexus loop pile carpet tiles merge a metallic web overlay with a sophisticated striated ground, creating a network of connections.

Carpet tiles with a standard loop pile construction are designed to maintain their good looks in the most demanding heavy traffic areas of buildings.

Nexus can be easily combined with Allura Flex vinyl tiles using the same adhesive, without the need for transition strips, additional profiles, or inconvenient build-up of the sub floor.

Explore the Tessera nexus collection

Tessera Nexus 3500 agenda
Tessera Nexus 3506 3503

Allura Fusion luxury vinyl tiles

The word “Fusion” stands for the process of fused or blended color pastes. It is the technique of adding partly a transparent and a non-transparent colored paste in the wear-layer of existing Allura LVT designs.

The fusing of the pastes generates depth and a random effect that makes each plank or tile really unique. Allura Fusion contains 7 designs in planks of 120x20 cm and can be clearly linked to the standard Allura items, which allows for stunning floor designs.

Discover the design possibilities of Allura Fusion

Allura Fusion WP60405
Allura Fusion W60374-WP60374
Fabscrab F50000-50004-50018-50011_close_up

Fabscrap homogeneous vinyl

Our new Fabscrap flooring turns unused left-over granules into a vibrant multicoloured floor covering that offers striking design opportunities. Premium homogeneous quality, phthalate free and truly unique, as each batch of granules is different.

Fabscrap is a homogeneous floor covering that is created by using the rest material of the Sphera production runs, creating a new colourful chip mix that is processed into a unique near zero emission floor covering.

More information about Fabscrap floors

Fabcrap F50018 50018

Tessera Cloudscape carpet tiles

In today’s crowded urban environment we often risk losing touch with nature. Our only connection being the sky above us. Tessera Cloudscape is inspired by the constantly changing vista of cloud formations and the rich spectrum of light and color.

The tonal progression of colors ranging from dark to very pale allows the creation of light, fresh, airy and relaxed working spaces in any commercial office or other application.

Carpet tiles with a standard loop pile construction are designed to maintain their good looks in the most demanding heavy traffic areas of buildings,

Explore the Tessera Cloudscape collection

Cloudscape 3401 3402
Modul'up loose lay vinyl floor

Modul'up loose lay vinyl

Modul'up is a unique loose lay floor covering for high traffic applications. It can be installed without adhesives, offers 19dB impact sound reduction and excellent dimensional stability.

Modul'up is ideal for busy areas; quick & easy installation, no nuisance and no odours. Your floor can be walked on immediately after installation. The Modul'up designs range from natural Oak to modern Concrete.

Explore the Modul'up loose lay vinyl range