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New collections

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Below you will find an overview of our newest floor coverings in various categories, such as Sarlon acoustic vinyl, ESD and cleanroom flooring and Marmoleum Linear Striato.

Flotex planks Converge 141001 141005 141006

Marmoleum Linear Striato

Our renewed Marmoleum Striato collection is a functional, durable and timeless linoleum flooring range that allows you to create spaces with a natural touch where you truly feel at home.

The neutral, rich colours have the ability to adapt easily and come to life in combination with other materials as well as with each other.
The striped Striato design creates a soft, comfortable look and can also function as a guiding and connecting element between areas within a building.

Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials such as linseed oil and wood flour and is produced CO2-neutral (from cradle to gate) and PVC-free, making it a sustainable flooring solution.

More information about the Marmoleum Striato collection

Marmoleum Striato - 5253 bleached gold | 5248 urban silver
Flotex Planks - Frameweave 142004 citrine | 142001 pave | 142008 pesto

Flotex Planks - flocked flooring

In addition to the five designs already known from the previous collection - Triad, Box-Cross, Seagrass, Wood and Concrete - six new, exciting variants have been added.

And the best thing is: the different designs can be harmoniously coordinated or combined with one another as a deliberate contrast. Flotex planks offer endless possibilities to mix and match colours within one design. Laying patterns can also create stimulating and lively environments with zigzag motives or herringbone designs.


Sarlon | Modul'up vinyl flooring

Diversity, Better together

Forbo Flooring proudly presents one concept with an unprecedented diversity of floor coverings. Acoustic, compact, glued or fully loose lay, everything is covered in our new Sarlon | Modul'up collection. And looking at the designs, it is hard to imagine a concept with more diversity in patterns. All elements in this range sparkle in their individual diversity and quality, but we also found ways to create connections and commonality. Sarlon and Modul’up are better together.

More information about Sarlon Modul'up

 Sphera SD conductive vinyl sheet flooring

Sphera SD|EC - conductive vinyl sheet

Sphera SD | EC is Forbo's homogeneous vinyl flooring collection with conductive properties in sheet format. The collection is specifically designed to control static discharges and particles in the most sensitive environments, such as pharmaceutical, MedTech and healthcare facilities. Sphera SD | EC ensures the highest hygienic properties and provides permanent ESD control.

Sphera SD offers static dissipative properties, Sphera EC offers electrostatic conductive properties.

The contemporary design, latest PVC construction and proven performance under all environmental conditions make Sphera SD|EC a truly innovative flooring solution.
More information about Sphera SD
More information about Sphera EC