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New collections

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Below you will find an overview of our newest floor coverings in various categories, such as Allura luxury vintl tiles, Marmoleum Solid & Imagine linoleum sheet, Tessera & Flotex planks, Furniture Linoleum and Coral entrance flooring.

Marmoleum Cocoa (Marmoleum Solid sheet)

Marmoleum Solid

The pure nature of linoleum flooring
This renewed linoleum sheet flooring presents 5 sophisticated floor designs that create pure distinctive modern spaces. The designs combine several levels of plainness with exciting twists of color and structure.

Think about the embossed Marmoleum Slate or Marmoleum Cocoa with added cocoa shells, or Marmoleum Concrete where shimmers of color have been added into the plain surface.

This makes Solid flooring either the eye catcher of the room or the subtle surface on which other materials can accelerate.
Explore how sophisticated Marmoleum can be with our Solid ranges Cocoa, Concrete, Piano, Slate and Walton

Marmoleum Solid linoleum flooring
Allura a63499 ochre + w60308 vintage oak

Allura luxury vinyl tiles

Forbo Allura LVT is a range of versatile luxury vinyl tiles that suit a wide range of applications. It combines the aesthetics of natural wood and stone flooring with the advantages of strong and durable LVT: warm underfoot, sound absorbing, easy installation & maintenance.

Allura is presented in 3 different systems of application; fully adhered, loose lay and click. in this way the best suitable LVT floor can be chosen for your application.

Discover our exciting new Allura LVT designs

Marmoleum Imagine

Did you know you can make the most stunning floor designs with Marmoleum flooring?

For Marmoleum Imagine we have asked 3 international designers - Sigrid Calon, Dare to Rug and Kustaa Saksi - to create a series of Marmoleum designs, made possible by our refined Aquajet cutting technique. This resulted in a series of unique Marmoleum designs, that really let your floor stand out.

Get inspired by the Marmoleum Imagine designs

Kustaa Saksi Iris

Flotex Tibor

Pioneering textile designer Tibor Reich - creator of Tibor - was one of the most prominent figures in the British post-war textile industry. Although his striking patterns date from the 1950s, they could have been designed yesterday.

Forbo Flooring has teamed up with this British design legend to create an exciting new sheet range for Flotex. Most of the designs selected by Forbo are from Tibor’s ground-breaking Fotexur collection, launched in 1957, winner of the Council of Industrial Design’s inaugural Design Centre Award.
Explore the Flotex Tibor range

Marmoleum tailor made

With Marmoleum flooring you can make the most refined floor designs. Our very precise Aquajet cutting technique offers a sophisticated detailing in designs, perfect to create your own identity on your floor; a logo, a text, a piece of art.

Or choose tailor made laser engraving, with which your own design can be lasered on the linoleum.

Explore your possibilities here

Aquajet Museum of Water
Tessera planks Layout

Tessera planks

Following on from the success of our Tessera Layout & Outline 50x50cm carpet tiles, we've extended the range with 100x25 cm planks to create even more stunning floor designs.

The collection consists of 14 sophisticated uni colours and 4 linear designs that offer endless possibilities to mix & match.

Carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments.

Go to the Tessera planks collection overview

Flotex Planks

Sophistication & style in modularity
As modularity is a major trend in flooring, Forbo has developed a unique range of Flotex planks of 100x25 cm with which stunning floorplans can be created.

Ever seen a concrete textile flooring? Flotex Planks offers 6 exciting floor designs that offer endless possibilities to mix & match, perfectly adapted for all sorts of environments.

Flotex is neither a true textile, nor is it a resilient flooring. Its unique dense fiber construction succeeds in combining the best of both worlds: comfort & resilience.

Explore this sophisticated Flotex Planks collection

Flotex planks Triad
Furniture Linoleum surface linoleum

Furniture Linoleum

Forbo Furniture Linoleum is a natural surfacing material that delivers the finishing touch for all high end furniture designs such as desks, chairs, stools, cabinets, doors and displays.

Furniture linoleum is renowned for its elegance and durability, radiating high quality and finesse. The mat surface and it's warm, soft texture make it a unique furniture surfacing solution.

Read more about Furniture Linoleum

Coral entrance flooring

The first steps in protecting your building. Entrance flooring is fundamental to modern building design. By stopping up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture, our Coral entrance floors can prolong the life of your floor as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs and the risk for slipping.

Coral is the international market leader in textile entrance flooring for almost 50 years and now offers you more choice than ever before. Each individual Coral range has been designed to deal with different soiling behaviour to meet the requirements of every possible entrance.

Discover our renewed Coral entrance flooring range

Coral Brush 5767