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Forbo Modul'up Resin-Concrete presents 2 concrete and 4 bright floor designs that make a colorful statement on your floor.

This vinyl sheet floor covering combines loose lay installation with great looks and acoustic comfort offering 19 dB impact sound reduction.


Modul'Up Resin-Concrete

About Modul'up

Modul’up: committed to the future

Modul'up is a unique loose lay floor covering for high traffic applications. It can be installed without adhesives, offers 19dB impact sound reduction and excellent dimensional stability.

Read below how Modul'up is committed to the future:

The flooring of tomorrow will be adhesive free
● None of the constraints associated with adhesive (setting, drying and VOC emissions)
● Guarenteed recycling, even at the end of the products's service life
● A real solution for sustainable building design

Quick & easy
● No adherence to the subfloor: no adhesive, no gluing around the edges, no self-adhesive
● Installation time reduced by half
● Ideal solution for busy areas: no nuisance and no odours
● Areas can be walked on immediately after installation

High performance & cost effective
● Resistance tested and approved with over 1 million m2 of flooring sold globally
● 25% saving during future renovations
● Flooring can be laid on old floor surfaces, including asbestos*
● Available in a compact and 19dB acoustic version
● Self-levelling is not damaged during refurbishment

* in accordance with applicable legislation

Sarlon Modul'Up construction

Technical specifications

Sarlon Modul'Up loose lay vinyl sheet technical specifications

Installation & Floorcare

Sarlon cleaning & maintenance

Committed to the Health of One

Committed to the Health of One

With our Committed to the Health of One program, we strive to create better indoor environments.

Loose lay flooring is a prime example of this. Not using any adhesive for installation makes it easier and better for the installer and the environment.

Moreover, the 19dB acoustic flooring will bring down noise levels which help people to concentrate and get less distracted.
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Modul'up loose lay vinyl