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compact colour

The Modul'up Compact Colour collection presents a colourful range of uni and fine textured allover designs. The designs Uni and Stardust have a coloured wearlayer. This gives an intense deep colour effect. The range reflects the latest developments in colour trends and is easy to combine with almost all designs in the total Modul'up range. Colourful statement of positivity is the playful Color Splash design. This organic, daring, colourful design consists of 24 colours and has a repeat of 600x200 cm!


Modul'up Compact Colour

    About Modul'up

    About Modul’up

    Modul'up loose lay flooring; committed to the future
    Modul’up is the best loose lay floor covering available for high traffic applications. It can be installed quickly without adhesives, but is even more time and cost efficient at time of replacement.

    Millions of m2 have been sold around the world which has proven that the Modul’up adhesive free flooring concept is trusted and reliable. The range is suitable for sustainable flooring solutions because of its reusability.

    Modul’up is available in an acoustic (19 dB) and compact version. Both formats offer the best possible quality and durability, now enhanced with the introduction of XtremPUR™ protection on all products.

    Both have the benefit of not having to use installation adhesive and are very suitable for busy areas: installation time is reduced by up to 50% compared to standard, glued down floor coverings and there is minimal disruption or lingering adhesive odours.

    Modul’up can be walked on immediately after installation. As minimal subfloor preparation is required, over 20% of costs can be saved when using Modul’up compared to a standard, glued down flooring.

    The full range in acoustic and compact is available in over 90 designs and colours, which makes this a concept that can be used in a wide diversity of applications and dynamics.

    Sarlon | Modul' up 307 pastel blue Nairobi | 337 Indigo blue canvas

    Design concept

    Diversity, better together

    Modul'up is part of our new "Diversity, better together" concept: one design concept with an unprecedented diversity of flooring products. Acoustic, compact, glued or fully loose laid.

    The concept comprises our Sarlon 15dB and 19 dB acoustic flooring ranges, and our Modul'up loose lay flooring coverings. These ranges offer diversity in function, but are binded together by one colour concept. This colour concept comprises over 90 colours and designs.

    This means that the different ranges can complement each other, and when different functionalities are required for a project it is aways possible to combine different flooring products, wheterther it is loose lay, acoustic or compact.

    Sarlon and Modul'up are better together.

    Watch the video below to learn more about the Diversity concept and get inspired by the floor design examples.

    Sarlon diversity

    Images & video

    Modul'up images & video

    The over 90 colours & designs in the Modul'up fast flooring range allow for stunning floor designs. Get inspired by the examples below or watch the videos.


    Sarlon | Modul'up brochure

    Read more about our Sarlon and Modul'up collections in the brochure:


    Sarlon | Modul'up technical specifications table

    Installation & Floorcare

    Modul'Up Installation & floorcare