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Carpet tiles

Flotex Planks

Sophistication & style in modularity. Forbo has developed a unique range of Flotex planks of 100x25 cm with which stunning floorplans can be created. Ever seen a concrete textile flooring? Flotex Planks presents 6 exciting floor designs that offer endless possibilities to mix & match, perfectly adapted for all sorts of environments.

  • Flotex Planks
  • Flotex Planks
  • Flotex Planks
  • Flotex Planks
  • Flotex Planks
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    Flotex Planks

    Flotex Planks

    As modularity is a major trend in flooring, Forbo has developed a unique range of Flotex Planks of 100x25 cm with which stunning floorplans can be created. Ever seen a concrete textile flooring? We offer 6 exciting floor designs that offer endless possibilities to mix & match, perfectly adapted for all sorts of environments.

About Flotex planks

Flotex planks: sophistication & style

Flotex is neither a true textile, nor is it a resilient flooring. Its unique dense fiber construction succeeds in combining the best of both worlds: comfort
& resilience. Flotex offers a flooring solution for areas where safety, hygiene and well-being are in high demand.

As modular flooring is a major trend, we've developed our new Flotex Planks collection, containing 6 unique designs in plank sizes of 100x25 cm. Stunning floorplans can be created with the contemporary designs that match every requirement.

Application & use
The versatile Flotex Plank designs lend themselves equally well to contemporary or classic office environments as to areas like airport lounges, congress centers, restaurants or hotels.

The Wood and Seagrass design, because of their natural and warm feel, even go down well in homely environments like housing for the aged and care facilities.

Sophistication & style
Flotex Planks offer endless possibilities to mix and match colours within 1 design. Laying patterns can also create stimulating and lively environments with zigzag motives or herringbone designs. Flotex Planks show little repeat in their patterning, creating interesting and beautiful floors even when only 1 single colour is used.

Flotex planks Lava

Flotex Planks benefits

Flotex Planks: durable & comfortable

Already available in sheet and tile formats, Flotex now offers you the possibility to create and design sophisticated indoor environments with a new series of plank designs of 100x25 cm.

Comfortable & quiet
• The densely placed fibers (up to 80 million per m2) provide a warm and comfortable surface
• Excellent sound absorption properties make Flotex an acoustic flooring solution (class A, with >20dB impact sound reduction)
• Flotex is a comfortable flooring and is easy to walk on
• The wide range of designs create a pleasing floor covering for any environment

Safe & durable
• Made from nylon 6.6 fibers Flotex is an indestructible textile
• Flotex provides a safe environment for all age groups as it avoids tripping or slipping hazards both in dry and wet conditions
• Flotex meets the HSE wet and dry slip resistance classifications for use on flat surfaces and ramps.

Hygienic & washable
• The nylon 6.6. fibers both capture and release fine dust to standard cleaning
• Flotex is a textile flooring that prevents mould and odours thanks to its technical and bacteriostatic properties
• Flotex can be cleaned through simple every day vacuuming, or steam cleaning and water scrub action for trapped dirt, always restoring Flotex to its original appearance.

Flotex Planks construction

Allergy UK

Allergy UK

Allergy approved flooring
Flotex is approved by Allergy UK as it has proven to have a positive impact on the lives of allergy sufferers. It has the ability to trap allergens and then safely release them to standard cleaning appliances.

When cleaned, Flotex releases twice as many allergens compared to the cleaning of conventional carpets. More harmful allergens are removed, creating a more comfortable environment for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Allergy approved flooring

Soiling classification

Flotex soiling classification

Flotex is able to `hide' soiling to a greater or lesser degree depending on its colour and design. Using objective testing methods, we have graded every one of the Flotex designs on their ability to hide general dirt.

The result of these tests is a soiling classifcation which is divided in: superior appearance rating, good appearance rating and moderate appearance rating. The rating is shown alongside each product reference number.

Flotex soling classification


A sustainable floor

Green electricity
Forbo’s manufacturing operations for Flotex in Great Britain and France secure a high quality floor covering, produced with green electricity and minimum waste streams that are all recycled in the floor.

Water based
Flotex is created with nylon 6.6 fibres. All dies and inks that are used to create the Flotex designs are water based. No additional chemical processes take place other than high temperature steam treatment to secure the colours.

Recycled content
Flotex makes use of waste streams of other Forbo production locations to be transformed into the backing of the floor coverings. Recycled content in Flotex is up to 67% of the backing content.

Extremely durable
A big advantage for using Flotex is the extreme performance of the floor covering, with a product life time that surpasses that of ordinary textiles by a factor 6.

Simple cleaning & maintenance
Flotex can be cleaned by using water and a simple detergent. For most staining, simple household soap is enough to clean the product, while other detergent clean away ink, oil and more severe stains. After use Flotex can be recycled back into the production process.

Flotex the sustainable floor


Flotex floorcare

The unique construction of Flotex allows to release soling like no other textile flooring. The smooth straight fibres of Flotex do not trap particles of soil, allowing them to be removed without difficulty during cleaning.

Download here the Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions

Flotex cleaning & maintenance instructions