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Marmoleum Ohmex is linoleum that meets higher requirements for electrical conductivity. Electrical resistance is improved to < 1-10 8 Ω (EN1081), ensuring personal safety and protecting equipment that is sensitive to static electricity.

Marmoleum Ohmex, which is 2.5 mm thick, is available in 4 colours. Typical areas of use are computer/server rooms and areas with sensitive equipment

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Marmoleum Ohmex

    About Marmoleum Ohmex

    About Marmoleum Ohmex

    Forbo’s unique formula for Marmoleum ensures it meets precise standards for electrical conductivity.
    Like all Marmoleum-products, Marmoleum Ohmex is created from natural raw materials, making it one of the most sustainable floor covering option.

    Static electricity
    Friction and ensuing separation of two objects can create tribo-electrification, the most common cause of static electrical discharge. This can cause electrical shocks when touching metal objects, foils and paper sticking together, static when removing clothes made of synthetic materials, and lightening. This discharge could cause damage to items like electrical equipment.

    Electrical resistance
    Floor coverings with low electrical resistance can rapidly dissipate electrical charges. Electrical resistance is expressed in Ohm (Ω)

    Marmoleum ohmex is the dissipative linoleum floor covering.

    Safety resistance
    A floor’s electrical resistance can’t be too low. This could cause electrocution where there is contact with a mains voltage of 220-230 Volts.
    According to the VDE0100/T160 a floor covering requires a minimal electrical resistance of: 5.104. This is called the safety resistance.



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    Installation & floorcare

    Installation & floorcare

    Full installation and cleaning and maintenance instructions for our Marmoleum Modular ranges can be downloaded below:
    Marmoleum Ohmex Installation Guide Marmoleum Drying Room Yellowing Fact sheet
    Marmoleum installation videos

    Forbo's Marmoleum is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to our Topshield finish that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application and can be repaired or refreshed in cases of accidents or after years of intensive use, thus creating a floor that demonstrates a lasting performance over time.
    With the correct cleaning regime, our Marmoleum floor coverings will not harbour allergens or house dust mites.
    Marmoleum sheet & tile Floorcare guide
    Marmoleum floorcare using monel guide

    Monel which is an effective, pH neutral all-purpose floor cleaner with a matte finish that protects all vinyl, linoleum, cork, laminate and timber floors, to find out more download our brochure: Forbo Monel brochure

    For more information, visit Linoleum installation & floorcare webpage

    Marmoleum Installation


    Brochure Downloads

    If you would like to read more about our Marmoleum ranges, please visit the Marmoleum section of our Digital Portfolio.
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    Do you have any questions about Marmoleum? Take a look at the Marmoleum frequently asked questions webpage or get in contact with us.

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