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Marmoleum, linoleum flooring - FAQ's

Forbo has been manufacturing linoleum flooring over the last 125 years, under the brand Marmoleum - a natural flooring renowned for durability, sustainability, high quality and innovative design. It’s ideal for almost any type of application. Truly versatile, Marmoleum comes in over 300 colours and over 12 different structures.

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about our Marmoleum, linoleum floor covering.

What is Marmoleum flooring? and is vinyl the same as linoleum?

Marmoleum is Forbo's brand of linoleum and is not the same as vinyl flooring

Marmoleum also referred to as linoleum or lino floor covering are created out of natural raw materials, with no use of synthetic materials like PVC / plastic or polyolefin.

This makes Marmoleum / linoleum the sustainable flooring choice for every indoor environment.

Discover the ingredients we use
Fact sheet Marmoleum raw materials

Where can I buy Marmoleum flooring?

We have numerous of distributors across Australia!

Forbo Flooring Systems is a European flooring manufacturer that supplies to numerous of flooring retailers across Australia & New Zealand.

To find your local Forbo supplier, please fill in our Distributor locator form and we'll get in touch.

Did you know Forbo Flooring Systems Australia have supplied Australian commercial projects and homes with flooring and building products since 1961!
2021 marks 60 years of Forbo in Australia!

Locate local forbo retailer Australia

Does linoleum / Marmoleum require to be sealed?

No, definitely not!

Marmoleum finish developed by Forbo has been designed as a highly performing finish to create a ‘ready to use floor’
that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application after installation or annually! It's even more resistant to dirt pick-up, less prone to wear and has improved resistance to scratches and stains!.

In fact, Marmoleum with Topshield2 has been is use for more than 15 years. We have sold over 100 Million m² worldwide, therefore has a proven track record and does what it should do.

Because of its two layer system Marmoleum can be repaired or refreshed in cases of accidents or after years of use.
Read about our Proven performance

If damaged, can Marmoleum be repaired?

What’s the life expectancy of Marmoleum floor covering?

~15-25 years for large commercial projects*

On average, Marmoleum, linoleum floor covering life can have an expectancy of 10-25 years* in large commercial projects.

However, because Marmoleum has natural timber/rosin ingredients, it will continue to harden with age and can have life expectancy greater than 40 years!

*When cleaned & maintained in accordance with recommended Forbo guidelines.

University of QLD - Marmoleum, linoleum floor covering - life expectancy of Marmoleum

Is Marmoleum the same as linoleum floor covering?

Curious how is Marmoleum made? Watch our video!

Yes! Marmoleum is Forbo's brand of linoleum also referred to as lino flooring.

When was Marmoleum / linoleum invented?
Linoleum floor covering is over 150 years old after first being invented by Frederik Walton. At the time, linoleum was the first resilient floor covering.

The craft of manufacturing linoleum has evolved over the last 150 years. Forbo has been driving this development through its Marmoleum brand.

Making Marmoleum is an art, which is not learned at any trade or craft school.

Watch the video to find out how we make Marmoleum

What is your warranty guarantee for Marmoleum?

Standard commercial warranty is 10 years

For further information, download our warranty statement below:
10 Year Commercial Warranty Statement & Form

You can also extend your Forbo product warranty by using our Coral entrance flooring system.

We’re so confident in the dirt stopping performance recovery capabilities* of our Coral products, that when you combine them with another Forbo interior floor covering product we will increase that product’s warranty by 5 years!
*When products have been cleaned and maintained in accordance with recommended Forbo guidelines.

For further information please contact us

10 Year Warranty Guarantee AU

Is Marmoleum anti-static and can it be used in a computer server rooms?


How is Marmoleum flooring installed?

We always recommend our Marmoleum products are installed by certified installers to ensure a professional finish and lasting floor performance.
Locate your closest certified flooring installer here

Full installation guides can also be downloaded below:
Forbo Marmoleum sheet installation guide
Forbo Marmoleum modular tiles installation guide

A full range of pre-formed skirting and corner pieces are available for all our Marmoleum products to ensure a smooth, hygienic finish to your floors. For more information visit our linoleum installation webpage

Does Marmoleum comply with Green Star requirements?

GECA eco label

In what application can Marmoleum be used?

Marmoleum can be used in numerous of commercial and residential applications!

Over 100 years and more, linoleum has found its way into an incredibly large number of buildings all over the world.

In Australia's universities, as well as the elegant White House in Washington, DC. Not to be outdone, linoleum is also installed in the Kremlin in Moscow, the German Reichstag and Buckingham Palace!

Take inspiration from our Marmoleum case studies

Marmoleum offers a wealth of color options, scuff and scratch resistance, coupled with the possibility to repair damaged surfaces making it the ideal flooring solution for numerous of segment applications:

Public buildings
Commercial office
Click here for more information

If you're unsure if marmoleum is suitable for a specific application, please contact us

Marmoleum in education

Is linoleum / Marmoleum flooring a natural product and is it sustainable?

Yes! linoleum flooring is one of the most sustainable option

Marmoleum, Forbo's brand of linoleum floor covering made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 43% recycled content.

This makes Marmoleum THE sustainable flooring choice.

In addition, because of its unique properties, its natural ingredients and its modern manufacturing process, Marmoleum is a CO2 neutral product range, measured from cradle to gate.

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia has partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to plant native Australian trees and shrubs to help restore Australia's biodiversity. Not as an offset program rather as regeneration. click here for more information

Linoleum the sustainable flooring option

How do I check what Marmoleum colours you stock locally?

We have 100+ different colours and formats stocked locally!

Forbo acknowledges that knowing what we stock locally in Australia is important especially for fast turnaround projects. We have created an interactive digital Australian stocked product portfolio.

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia locally stocks 100+ different colours of Marmoleum to choose from in standard 2.5mm sheet, modular tiles as well as acoustic and Electro Static discharge formats.
View our Australian Stocked Product Portfolio, Marmoleum section

Please note: Australian stocked colours may change without notice, whilst Forbo Flooring Systems Australia does its best to ensure that the contents of this Australian stocked product portfolio are accurate at the time of publication, please contact your local Forbo representative or call us on 1800 224 471 to confirm stock.

Australian locally stocked finishes brochure - Forbo Flooring Systems

What is the slip rating for Marmoleum?

Marmoleum achieves an R10/P2 slip rating

Standard Marmoleum 2.5mm sheet and tiles achieves an R10/P2 and Marmoleum Textura planks achieves an R10/P3 slip rating tested against AS 4586:2013 standard and is warranted for the life of the product.

See our handy slip guide for applicable areas.
Forbo's Slip Guide

For wet areas, we always recommend a dedicated safety floor

You can download our marmoleum slip test below:
Linoleum download centre

Slip Resistance Graphic

How is Marmoleum CO2 neutral from cradle to gate?

Marmoleum is natural CO2 neutral* without offsetting!

Made from natural raw materials and produced in a modern and efficient production environment running on green electricity, the production of this floor covering is actually carbon negative from cradle to gate

For example:10,000 m2 of Marmoleum (2.5 mm) reduces CO2 emission by 400 kg without any offset!

Photosynthesis of all plants used in Marmoleum, realize a CO2 uptake that is larger than the CO2 emission caused by transport and production processing. Therefore *Marmoleum is CO2 neutral from cradle to gate.

click here for more information

What's Marmoleum / linoleum made of?

Flax seed oil, wood flour, pine rosins, jute, limestone and pigments

Forbo's linoleum flooring, Marmoleum is made from natural and recycled materials.

Click here for further details

or download our EPD environmental product declaration sheet below:
Marmoleum sheet environmental product declaration An EPD is the outcome of the LCA, which is published in a 3rd party verified report on a particular product. An EPD is based on the outcome of the Life Cycle Assessment

I heard Marmoleum, linoleum flooring is high maintenance that requires ongoing sealing, is this true?

Not true!

There are quite some Marmoleum floors that have been in use for more than 25 years. These flooring are often the foundation for pre-assumptions around the characteristics of Marmoleum.

These older floors are still performing well due to its durable character but are from a different generation and not comparable to Marmoleum that is supplied today.

Through time Marmoleum has been undergoing product innovations that are severely improving its properties to one of the best performing and sustainable resilient floors around. Innovations in adhesives, surface treatment and linoleum technology means that Marmoleum today is amongst the best scratch, stain and water resistant flooring products in the market.

For all Marmoleum installed today we can say with proud: myth busted!

What is drying room yellowing and when will it disappear?

A yellow tint can sometimes appear on the surface but it's an easy fix!

As all linoleum completes its maturing, a temporary, and variable natural phenomenon occurs which may give the product a yellow tint.

Although this phenomenon has been present ever since the invention of linoleum in 1863 the chemical reasons for it are still not fully understood and research continues.

However, this isn't permanent and is an easy fix! Simply expose the product to either natural or artificial light to allow this tint to disappear and the true colour of Marmoleum will develop.” Yellowing is related to the natural linseed oil and usually only occurs on lighter colours in blue, grey and greens.

For further information, download our:
Technical Bulletin: Drying room yellowing

drying room yellowing on linoleum flooring how to fix

Do you examples of Marmoleum flooring installed in Australia?

Yes! Forbo Flooring Systems Australia have supplied Australian commercial projects and homes with linoleum flooring since 1961! Marmoleum flooring has been installed all around Australia in schools, universities, hospitals, commercial offices, public buildings and residential homes! You can view all of our Marmoleum case studies here

Does Marmoleum comply with BCA/NCC Fire standard?

Yes, All of our Marmoleum complies with BCA/NCC C1.10

Building Council Australia requires a critical radiant flux (CRF/CHF) >4.5kw/m2 and a smoke development of less than 750% per minute.

You can find these values in our ISO 9239.1 fire test report which is available to download in our download centre:
Linoleum download centre

Is there a quicker way to view all of Marmoleum collections?

AUS Product Portfolio 2020/21

Do I need to weld Marmoleum floor covering?

The decision to weld Marmoleum is a purely aesthetic decision.

Marmoleum does not shrink over time when properly installed. That means welding, in the majority of cases, is not required.

A tight edge butted join will provide a secure and serviceable join for general purpose locations. For healthcare and specific location requirements, welding using our heat welding system may be the most appropriate option.

Click here for more information

Can you cove Marmoleum?

Yes! You can either cover on-site or order pre-made coving

There are two methods to cove our linoleum flooring:
Border cove and pre-made coving available called Cove Ezi.

Cove-Ezi is fabricated locally with the same dye lot material as the main flooring finish to prevent any colour batch variation.

For further information about Cove-ezi pre-made coving
Visit our Marmoleum installation & Floor Care page

Cove ezi marmoleum

Can you confirm that Marmoleum is suitable against possible spillage of chemicals etc

Forbo Marmoleum products are subject to indicative chemical/stain testing in accordance with European standards. The tests provide baseline information on the effects of short term exposure to chemicals after cleaning and should be used as a comparative guide.

Copies of our resistance to chemicals are available on request.

If specific chemicals are of particular concern, we would advise that the effects are checked by the client on a sample of the proposed colour and material in conditions representative of those that will be experienced in service.

How to clean Marmoleum flooring?

Cleaning Marmoleum is easy!

Forbo’s linoleum flooring, Marmoleum are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to Topshield pro that requires no initial maintenance or polymer application and can be repaired or refreshed in cases of accidents or after years of intensive use, and thus creating a floor that demonstrates a lasting performance over time.

With the correct cleaning regime, our Marmoleum floor coverings will not harbour allergens or house dust mites.

Forbo recommends using an effective, pH neutral all-purpose floor cleaner such as Forbo's monel, which provides a matte finish that protects all vinyl, linoleum, cork, laminate and timber floors. See the difference here

Monel cleans and protects, lightly dabbed on a cloth it can be used to fix scratches, blemishes, and scuffs.

Forbo Monel pH Neutral Floor Cleaner Brochure
Forbo Marmoleum cleaning & maintenance guide
Find your local Monel stockist

In addition, all newly laid floors should be covered and protected from all other trades during the contract with a suitable non-staining protective covering. Use protective feet on chairs and tables to reduce scratching. Castor wheels should be of soft material suitable for resilient floor coverings (according to EN425)

Cleaning Marmoleum video

What exactly is Marmoleum Topshield pro flooring finish and is this non-toxic?

Topshield pro linoleum finish developed by Forbo to create a ‘ready to use floor’

Topshield pro is a water-based finish mixed with urethane that is UV cured. Topshield makes up less than 1% of the total product and the urethane is a % of this 1%, so very small in quantity.

Topshield pro is classed as non-toxic and complies with REACH European chemical regulations and also with our local Green Tag / Ecospecifier certification who have their own assessment protocol.

Can Marmoleum be used with underfloor heating?

Yes! Marmoleum can be installed on heated slabs

The requirements for the installation of all resilient flooring products to subfloors incorporating under floor heating are detailed in AS 1884:2021 Floor coverings - Resilient sheet and tiles - Installation practices.

For further information, download our guidance note:
Installing over underfoot heating - Forbo Flooring Factsheet

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