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Marmoleum FAQ's

listed below are the most frequently asked questions about our marmoleum collection.

For technical, environmental and test reports : marmoleum download section
For installation, cleaning & maintenance : marmoleum installation & floorcare section

What is marmoleum flooring?

What is marmoleum flooring?

Marmoleum is Forbo's brand of linoleum flooring which is a natural flooring product consisting of linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour, limestone, pigments, and Jute.

Key characteristics of linoleum flooring
• 97% natural (bio-based)
• 72% renewable (jute, wood flour, linseed rosin)
• Biodegradable
• Naturally bacteriostatic inhibits MRSA, C-Diff (no additives)
• Does not require sealing/ polishing
• Extremely hard wearing - will harden over time due to continuing oxidation
• Suitable use on walls, ceilings, and furniture
• Can be coved and welded (welding not necessary)

Curious how our Marmoleum is made? Watch our video below!

What Is the life expectancy of Marmoleum?

15-25 years for large commercial projects. However, because Marmoleum has natural timber/rosin ingredients it will continue to harden with age and can have a life expectancy greater than 40 years.

Do I need to weld my new Marmoleum floor covering?

The decision to weld Marmoleum is a purely aesthetic decision. A tight edge butted join will provide a secure and serviceable join for general purpose locations. For healthcare and specific location requirements, welding using our heat welding system may be the most appropriate option.

There are Multi coloured welds available to make this join blend in.
For more information about to weld or not to weld click here


If damaged can Marmoleum be repaired?

Yes, a benefit of Marmoleum is the ability to repair abnormal damage such as deep scratch from moving a fridge. Please contact us for direction.
Or download our guide below:
Reparing Marmoleum - Technical Bulletin

Can you cove Marmoleum ?

Marmoleum coved

Is marmoleum the same as linoleum?

Yes, Marmoleum is our brand of linoleum flooring. Linoleum has existed for over 150 years and one Forbo are the drivers and leaders of the category globally with a long history in linoleum.

Linoleum - The next Generation Key Visual

Is there an Australian Standard for installation of Marmoleum?

Yes. Marmoleum installation is covered in AS1884:2012 Floor coverings - Resilient sheet and tile -Installation practices. One should always have a qualified flooring installer/trade person install your floor.

What is your standard warranty for Marmoleum

Standard Commercial warranty for our Marmoleum collection is 10 years

you can find our terms & conditions regarding our warranty in our warranty form below:
Forbo Marmoleum | warranty Form

Is Marmoleum anti-static and can it be used in a computer server rooms?

Yes, Marmoleum is naturally anti-static, complying with EN 1815. However, if high-tech equipment is in use then consider using, marmoleum ohmex or colorex where any static can be earthed

Marmoleum anitstatic ESD flooring

Can you confirm that Marmoleum is suitable against possible spillage of chemicals etc

Forbo Marmoleum products are subject to indicative chemical/stain testing in accordance with European standards. The tests provide baseline information on the effects of short term exposure to chemicals after cleaning and should be used as a comparative guide.

Copies of our resistance to chemicals are available on request.

If specific chemicals are of particular concern we would advise that the effects are checked by the client on a sample of the proposed colour and material in conditions representative of those that will be experienced in service.

In what application can Marmoleum be used ?

Marmoleum can be used in numerous of application that includes:
• Commercial buildings
• Education
• Health & Aged care
• Retail
• Hospitality
as well as residential projects.
If you're unsure if marmoleum is suitable for a specific application, please email us:

To see examples of installation of our marmoleum:Project References

Marmoleum in schools

What exactly is Topshield 2 and is this non-toxic?

Topshield2 is a water-based finish mixed with urethane that is UV cured. Topshield makes up less than 1% of the total product and the urethane is a % of this 1%, so very small in quantity. The finish has been classed as non-toxic and complies with REACH European chemical regulations and also with our local Green tag/ Ecospecifier certification who have there own assessment protocol ESCAP (Eco Specifier Cautionary Assessment Process)

Does Marmoleum require stripping and sealing?

No, definitely not! Topshield2 linoleum finish developed by Forbo has been designed as a highly performing finish to create a ‘ready to use floor’. Marmoleum with Topshield2 requires no initial maintenance or polymer application and is even more resistant to dirt pickup, less prone to wear and has improved resistance to scratches and stains. Topshield2 is a UV cross-linked production applied finish and has many years of
project proof.

What is the slip rating for Marmoleum

textured mamoleum wood planks

Can I install Marmoleum with under-floor heating systems?

Yes, Marmoleum can be used in conjunction with under-floor heating systems.
Installing over underfoot heating factsheet

What exactly are the ingredients used to make Marmoleum?

For full details please download our EPD environmental product declaration sheet below.
Marmoleum | Environmental product declaration

At Forbo Flooring we believe an open, honest and transparent approach to demonstrate a sustainable attitude is the only way to demonstrate the credits we attribute to our products and processes.

An EPD is the outcome of the LCA, which is published in a 3rd party verified report on a particular product. An EPD is based on the outcome of the Life Cycle Assessment

Linoleum ingredients

Is Marmoleum environmentally friendly?

Yes! Made from 97% natural, 72% renewable and 43% recycled raw materials. Forbo Marmoleum has the lowest environmental impact and CO2 footprint carries the most independent, LCA*-based environmental labels and certifications of any floorcovering.

Marmoleum uses less energy to manufacture compared to another resilient flooring. Marmoleum is manufactured using 100% green electricity. *LCA= Life Cycle analysis + reference ERFMI (European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers Institute)

Download our Environmental certificates/sheets below:

Marmoleum GECA certificate

green certification for linoleum / mamoleum

How do I protect Marmoleum floors against furniture?

Use protective feet on chairs and tables to reduce scratching. Castor wheels should be of soft material suitable for resilient floor coverings (according to EN425).

Marmoleum Click 633701-633707-633860-333251 kitchen.

How do I get rid of the yellowing from Marmoleum?

Drying room yellowing

As all linoleum completes its maturing, a temporary and variable natural phenomenon occurs which may give the product a yellow tint. Expose the product to either natural or artificial light to allow this tint to disappear and the true colour of Marmoleum will develop.

For more information:
Product fact sheet | drying room yellowing

Does Marmoleum complies with BCA C.10 Fire standard?

Is there a way to view all of your Marmoleum flooring collection on one webpage?

Product selector

Is Marmoleum, vinyl?

Marmoleum contains zero plasticizer and phthalates, Linoleum or Marmoleum flooring is all natural made from 97% natural raw materials.

Linoleum ingredients

How is Marmoleum CO2 neutral?

Marmoleum, world first CO2 produced floor covering!

Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials, most of which are harvested as annual crops. Flax plants, which provide the vegetable linseed oil, jute, used for the mesh carrier on which linoleum is calendered and wood flour obtained from the waste material of production forestry, all during their lifetime capture CO2 which is absorbed in the plants and trees that are used to manufacture linoleum.

Forbo Marmoleum is the only CO2 neutral resilient flooring and the best choice for every sustainable interior. By using durable materials in your house, office, school, train, hospital or retail store you can also contribute to a better environment!

Click here for further information

CO2 neutrale Herstellung

Can I put an underlay under Marmoleum decibel

Marmoleum decibel already has an underlay attached, so no need to add extra underlay.