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A versatile, authentic 150-year-old product that is truly natural and biodegradable.


Document downloads:

  • Marmoleum sheet Installation guide

    Marmoleum sheet
    Installation guide

  • Marmoleum modular tiles installation guide

    Marmoleum modular tiles
    Installation guide

  • Marmoleum ohmex installation guide

    Marmoleum ohmex
    Installation guide

  • Furniture linoleum - installation guide

    Furniture linoleum
    installation guide

  • Corkment underlay installation guide

    Corkment underlay
    Installation guide

  • Installing over underfoot heating Factsheet

    Installing over underfoot heating

  • Drying Room "yellowing"

    "Yellowing" Marmoleum
    product factsheet

  •  Marmoleum Repairs

    Technical Bulletins
    Repairing Marmoleum


414 Euroflex Lino Plus

Linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab, non-flamable, easy and safe to apply, roller-castor-chair resistant, favourable spreading capacity.

Suitable for:
• Marmoleum sheet (inc Marmoleum acoustic)
• Marmoleum modular planks & tiles
• Bulletin Board

Article reference:414
Sap nr:84799
Package: 14Kg
Spreading capacity:400-450g/m²
Trowel size:2.4 x 2.4 mm “V” notch trowel

414 euroflex lino plus Safety data sheet

Forbo linoleum flooring adhesive 414 forbo fix

614 Eurostar Lino Plus

Very low VOC-emission linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of linoleum in sheets and tiles, linoleum aquajet designs and borders, and cork-underlayment. Roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
• Marmoleum 2.5mm sheet (inc. Marmoleum Acoustic)

Article reference: 614
Order Unit:11 kg
Coverage:Up to 42m2

614 Eurostar Lino Plus Safety Data Sheet


615 Eurostar Lino EL (EC-1 conductive)

Solvent-free conductive linoleum adhesive with a high initial grab, very low VOC-emission. Electrical resistance < 105 Ohm, Very low VOC-emission, micode EC 1, solvent-free, non flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
• Marmoleum Ohmex

Article reference:615
SAP nr:29554
Package:10 l. (11 kg)
Spreading capacity:3.5-4.5 m²/litre

615 Eurostar Lino EL safety data sheet

615 Eurostar linoleum adhesive

540 Eurosafe Special

Solvent-free floor covering adhesive with a high initial grab for the installation of PVC floor covering in sheets and tiles, cushion vinyl, PVC backed carpet, rubber floor covering in sheets and tiles with a smooth back and polyolefin floor covering. Solvent-free, non-flammable, easy and safe to apply, high initial adhesion strength and final bond strength, favourable spreading capacity, roller-castor-chair resistant.

Suitable for:
• Marmoleum Decibel

Article reference:540
Order Unit: 13 kg
Coverage:Up to 54m2

540 Eurosafe Special safety data sheet


Subfloor / Underlay

Technical specification

  • Corkment technical specification

    Technical Specification

  • Sarlibase Acoustic Technical specification

    Sarlibase Acoustique
    Technical Specification

  • QuickFit Technical Specification

    Technical Specification

Subfloor and Underlay Systems

Forbo QuickFit Panels

The Forbo Quickfit system comprises self-adhering MDF panels and damp-proof sound insulating Forbo foam.

Forbo Quickfit offers:
• A rapid, smooth finish
• Quick and easy installation
• No visible subfloor seams
• Excellent moisture barrier.
• Easily removable.
• Improved impact sound insulation in combination with Forbo Foam (Δ Lw= 23 dB according to NEN-EN-ISO 140-8 and 717-2).

SAP nr:60696
Spreading capacity:3.6 m² per pack, 36 m² per pallet

QuickFit Material safety datasheet


Forbo Foam

Must go with QuickFit Panels
Polypropylene foam laminated with metallised polypropylene foil. The foil top layer incorporates a self-adhesive overlap of 20 cm for secure seams.

SAP nr:64799
Package:Roll of 25 linear metres PE foam, 100 cm wide, 4.5 mm thick.



Corkment underlay can be used in combination with regular Marmoleum to achieve an impact sound reduction of 14dB.

Suitable for:Marmoleum Sheet & Tiles
Not suitable for:Marmoleum acoustic or decibel

Corkment material safety datasheet


Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning & maintenance guides:

  • Marmoleum cleaning & maintenance

    Cleaning & Maintenance guide

  • Furniture Linoleum Cleaning & maintenance

    Furniture Linoleum
    Cleaning & Maintenance guide

  • Marmoleum and vinyl floor care using monel

    Marmoleum and vinyl floor care
    Using forbo monel

Protect newly laid floors

Use Entrance Systems
Keep your floor and premises looking clean & presentable with proper entrance flooring.

Forbo Coral reduces cleaning time by up to 65% and can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture from entering a building. Whether it be a single classroom or large multi-purpose building, Coral can help extend your internal floors life and reduce cleaning costs.


Coral Duo 9714

818 Forbo Monel

If ever there was a miracle cleaning product, Forbo Monel is the one. Monel is an effective PH neutral cleaner and has a matt finish that protects Forbo's Marmoleum, vinyl and timber floor coverings.

Monel is used in minute dilutions and can be used in commercial machines or at home with a cap full and mop and bucket.

Article referene: 818
SAP number: 29643 / 29641
Package: 12 x 1L bottles

Locate a local distributor

Monel 1L bottle

Maintenance advice

As with all newly installed floor coverings Marmoleum should be protected from heavy traffic, particularly high point load wheeled traffic, for 72 hours and must not be washed for 48 hours after installation.

Cleaning detergent
Forbo recommends using neutral detergent (pH 7) such as Forbo's monel which also works as an excellent overall appearance retainer.

Note: Avoid the use of highly alkaline products (pH >10).
Products, such as strippers and heavy-duty cleaners, can be harmful to people, to the environment and/or to the finish or even to the flooring itself. Do not take the risk; safe and good alternatives are available for every necessary action. Forbo FloorCare products all fall within a safe pH-range, for other brands consult the supplier.

Pre-formed coving system

Cove Ezi (Pre-formed Marmoleum Coving)

Forbo offers a pre-formed linoleum ‘Cove-Ezi’ set-in coving system Cove-Ezi is fabricated locally with the same dye lot material as the main flooring finish to prevent any colour batch variation.

Note: Cove - Ezi can be installed using Forbo Fix 414 adhesive, brushed, rolled or trowelled on with a 2.4 x 2.4 mm
“V” notch trowel. Please test a small area of coving to familiarize yourself when using Forbo Fix 414 adhesive process.

For further information & Installation guide download our TB or contact us using our online contact form below:

Technical Bulletin on Cove - Ezi Marmoleum pre-formed coving
online contact form

Cove Ezi Pre-formed Marmoleum Coving

Cove-Ezi Marmoleum Internal Corner

The preformed Cove-Ezi Internal corner is a strong, elegant preformed coving that reduces dirt build-up and is easy to install.
The backing support is PVC and resin which forms an internal radius of the cove is 9 - 10mm. The top edge of the cove is chamfered to remove the Hessian backing to allow for a smooth tight finish against the wall.

Order Unit:1 pce (made to order)
Colours:All colours from stocked range
Height: 100 / 150 / 200 mm
Lengths: 2400 mm
Thickness:2.5 mm

Cove ezi marmoleum

Cove-Ezi External Corner

The functionality of the Cove-Ezi External corner is the same as the Cove-Ezi internal corner, but it can be installed in outer corners instead of inner corners.

Order unit:1 pce (made to order)
Colours:All colours from stocked range
Height:100 / 150 / 200 mm
Length: 2400 mm

Cove-ezi External corner

Cove-Ezi Straight Length Coving

Pre-formed Marmoleum skirtings add the finishing touch to the floor. When the skirting is welded to the linoleum floor, it ensures a hygienic, watertight floor.

Package: 2.40 m (made to order)
Colours: All colours from stocked range
Height: 100 / 150 / 200 mm

Coe-ezi marmoleum straight length skirting


Marmoweld Uni (Solid Color)

After installation, Forbo's linoleum floorings can be hot-welded for functional, decorative and/or hygienic reasons.

Marmoweld Uni is available in plain colors that perfectly suit the flooring collections.

Package:50 m
Colours: All Marmoleum colours

Marmoweld safety datasheet


Marmoweld MC (Multi Color)

After installation, Forbo's linoleum floorings can be hot-welded for functional, decorative and/or hygienic reasons.

The patented multi-colored Marmoweld MC allows creating invisible seams.

Package: 50 m
Colours: Select Marmoleum colours

Marmoweld safety datasheet

Marmoweld_Multi for Marmoleum floors

To weld or not to weld?

In most of the cases welding a Marmoleum floor is not required. Skilled installers can make perfect joints without using a welding cord. However, sometimes local laws or regulations could make that you need to make sure you put a welding cord between two sheets.

For both situations, Forbo Flooring offers the best solutions. Think about installation guides, instruction videos and welding rods specifically developed for Marmoleum floors.

Visit our Net fit or welding installation page to get more information.

Multi colour welding rod


Marmoweld is a welding rod specifically developed to weld Marmoleum. For all Marmoleum colours we have developed a matching Marmoweld colour. It is available in uni-colour (round rod) or in multi colour (square rod).

On the Marmoweld page you can find more information about these products.

Welding rod uni vs multi

How to weld linoleum flooring

After installing the floor you have the option to weld the seams. This is in many cases not really necessary but some cases ask for it. In this instruction video, we show you how to weld properly.

To view the video FULL SCREEN, click here

Marmoleum on the wall

Marmoleum Sheet Wall Installation

Marmoleum are available in rolls 2.00 metres wide and up to 34 lineal metres in length and can be installed with the roll lengths aligned either vertically or horizontally.

Vertical seams can be avoided in most cases with horizontal alignment, but longer lengths may be challenging to install. Material waste is often reduced with vertical alignment.

Heat welding of the seams is not necessary; however external abutments can be covered with a contrasting cover strip or in such cases vertical heat welding may be required.

Marmoleum sheet on the wall installation guide

onto the wall


Forbo Linoleum
Installation video without welding

Forbo Linoleum
Installation video with welding