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Quickfit subfloor system

Quickfit subfloor system (panel & foam)

Loose lay subfloor system used in conjunction with Forbo polypropylene foam. Quickfit is a floating MDF substrate that is not bonded to the subfloor and provides a smooth and flat surface for resilient flooring installation while mitigating issues beneath.

Quickfit subfloor technical specification
Quickfit safety datasheet
Quickfit + Marmoleum fire report
Quickfit + Vinyl sheet fire report
Quickfit Installation guide
Standard 5 Year Quickfit & Sarlibase Warranty form
Forbo Flooring + Forbo Underlay/Subfloor System 10 Year warranty form

Quickfit System

Sarlibase acoustic underlay

Sarlibase TE underlay

Corkment acoustic underlay

041 Europrimer EL conductive primer


414 Euroflex Lino Plus linoleum adhesive

414 Euroflex Lino Plus

614 Eurostar Lino Plus low emissions linoleum adhesive


615 Eurostar Lino EL low emissions conductive linoleum adhesive


540 Eurosafe Special vinyl adhesive


640 Eurostar Special low emissions vinyl adhesive


641 Eurostar Special EL low emissions conductive vinyl adhesive

641 Eurostar Special EL

PS1 Tile Fix pressure sensitive adhesive


818 Monel pH neutral all-purpose floorcare

818 Monel 1L

801 Eurostrip copper tape

Copper Grounding Strap

F41 low emissions linoleum adhesive

F54 vinyl & flotex sheet adhesive

F34 permanent bond tile & plank adhesive