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Forbo Novilon Viva is a tough and durable cushion vinyl flooring that is easy to clean, has a comfortable warm underfoot and is sound absorbing. A perfect floor to live on!


Novilon Viva


    Easy, durable, comfortable.

    Our Novilon cushion vinyl floors are durable, comfortable and easy to install and maintain. A perfect floor to live on.

    ● Novilon is easy to maintain thanks to the Noviclean top layer, preventing dirt and scuff marks.

    ● Technical performance as good as any project vinyl, including very good recovery of indentation marks.
    ● Scratch and wear resistant thanks to Diamond Seal surface protection.
    ● Retains its authentic, beautiful appearance for a long time.
    ● Very resistant to water, coffee, wine and other liquids.

    ● This resilient flooring has warm underfoot and 100% antistatic.
    ● Ideal for floor heating.
    ● The usual constraints associated with adhesives are removed, such as drying times and lingering odours. Comfort from the start.

    Novilon Viva cushion vinyl sheet for your home

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    Forbo's Online FloorVisualizer

    We understand that changing the flooring in any room in your house is an investment, and so making the right decision is an important process.

    To help make the selection process easier we have created our online room planner. This new and exciting tool allows you to experience the full effect of an installed Forbo floor and experiment with different colours and designs across a wide variety of room settings so you can find the flooring that's right for you.

    Forbo FloorVisualizer

    Forbo consumer FloorVisualizer

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