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Our renewed Marmoleum Linear range presents exciting linear floor designs in both warm neutrals and outspoken bright colours. The organic linear pattern gives your floor a natural, homely feel.


Marmoleum Linear

    About Marmoleum

    Marmoleum sheet flooring

    Marmoleum brings a touch of nature into our daily lives and reinforces our connection to the environment.

    Marmoleum connects with modern nature through climate positive flooring contributes to your well-being and offers an endless source of inspiration, from the natural materials we use to the colours and designs we offer.

    Marmoleum offers diverse visuals and colours to suit any interior:
    Solid collection - A collection of trendy muted designs in a natural colour palette
    Marbled collection - Lively marbled colours that stand out and ensure that all spaces become eye-catchers
    Linear collection - Warm linear visuals that create a comfortable and homely feel

    Explore the Marmoleum modular providing freedom for stunning floor designs in various sizes. Our range extends to acoustic and conductive properties, offering versatile solutions.

    We invite you to create sustainable spaces that have a positive impact on everyone and everything

    Marmoleum-Marbled_3430 salsa verde linoleum flooring


    Brochures & photos

    You can find more information about all our Marmoleum collections in our Marmoleum well-being starts here brochure.


    Marmoleum floorcare

    Marmoleum with its Topshield pro surface finish is incredibly durable, resistant to scratches and stains and easy to clean. You can find more information about the performance of our Marmoleum floors on our Topshield pro page.

    Download here the
    Marmoleum Cleaning and Maintenance
    Marmoleum Cleaning using Monel
    Monel 818 floor cleaner brochure

    Or watch our cleaning & maintenance videos:
    Initial cleaning Marmoleum
    Regular cleaning Marmoleum
    Periodic maintenance Marmoleum

    While Marmoleum with Topshield pro is designed to keep its appearance, it’s important to follow some simple guidelines that will help keep the beauty of your floor for longer.

    Entrance systems
    Good entrance matting is essential if you want to protect your floor. It will ensure that the biggest threats to the appearance of your floor are dealt with before they even affect it.

    Furniture protection
    Using the right furniture leg protection for tables and chairs will safeguard your floor at all times. Applying protection to the base of your furniture will help keep the new appearance of your floor for longer.

    Cleaning and maintenance
    When you take care of your floor and clean it when necessary, it will stay beautiful for longer without the need for a wax or polymer. Proper cleaning & maintenance will save time and money.

    Topshield pro 3x better protection

    Where to buy

    Where to buy Marmoleum

    All of our residential collections can be bought from a wide network of retailers across Australia.

    To find your nearest retailer, use our online form and we'll get in touch.

    Or call us directly on 1800 224 471.

    Did you know Forbo Flooring Systems Australia have supplied to local commercial projects and homes with flooring and building products since 1961!

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