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Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks

Allura Flex

Forbo's Allura Flex acoustic luxury vinyl tile and plank is a collection of high quality, dimensionally stable, heterogeneous modular vinyl tiles and planks. Ideal for multi-unit living, and achieves an acoustic value of L'nT,w 44 achieved on a 200 mm concrete slab and 100 mm ceiling.

  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Flex
  • Allura Luxury Vinyl Plank - 63414 Classic Timber
    Allura Flex FL1 Tile & Plank 5.0 mm | 1.0 mm wear layer

    Allura Flex FL1

    Forbo's Allura Flex FL1 (5.0 mm gauge/1.0 mm wear layer) acoustic LVT is a collection of high quality, dimensionally stable, heterogeneous modular vinyl tiles and planks.

    It's the Ideal flooring for multi-unit living, that achieves an acoustic value of L'nT,w 44 (tested on 200 mm concrete slab and 100 mm ceiling)

    Allura Flex offers a selection of natural wood designs, and a range of robust concretes and modern stones.

  • Allura Luxury Vinyl Tile - 63451 & 63455 White & black marble
    Allura Flex FL5 Tile & Plank 4.0 mm | 0.55 mm wear layer

    Allura Flex FL5

    Forbo's Allura Flex FL5 with 4 mm gauge and 0.55 mm wear layer is a collection of high quality, dimensionally stable, acoustic heterogeneous modular vinyl tiles and planks.

    ● Contemporary designs in wood, stone, and marble, it is a popular choice in residential and commercial projects
    ● Produced in Europe using 100% renewable electricity, Green Tag certified and phthalate free
    ● Warm underfoot and has an acoustic comfort backing; leading L’nT,w impact sound reduction result for multi-level living and offices

About Allura Flex

Allura Flex acoustic luxury vinyl tiles & planks

A dimensionally stable, heterogeneous acoustic luxury vinyl tiles that are made with passion for design, quality and easy use.

Allura Flex is the perfect option for multi-level projects, it has excellent acoustic properties, surpassing the BCA/NCC requirements for impact sound reduction and often without the need for underlay.

● Available in 65 colourways from the most realistic Wood and Material designs and colours, all exclusive to Forbo.
● The choice of sizes, including XL options and the Hungarian Point shape, offers to create your own unique flooring concept.
● Can be installed alongside our Tessera and Flotex planks & tiles without the need for transition strips.

● A stable floor covering thanks to its functional layers that are all centred around a very strong glass fleece carrier.
● The FL1 1.00 mm wear layer option offers the best possible specification in the market for strength and durability.
● Special backing construction for extra comfort and improved impact sound reduction.

● 100% phthalate free, very low indoor emissions
● Produced with 100% renewable electricity
● At least 25% controlled recycled content in the backing; minimising the impact on the environment.

Allura Flex luxury vintl planks product construction


Brochure Downloads

If you would like to read more, please visit the Allura Flex section in our Digital Portfolio.

Forbo Product Portfolio

AUS Product Portfolio 2020/21


Allura Technical specification

Images & Video

Allura Images & video

Allura Flex contains a balanced range of Wood and Material designs in various plank & tiles sizes, which allows for great design possibilities. Allura LVT is also perfect to combine with other Forbo floor coverings, like Tessera carpet tiles and Flotex flocked flooring. Open the image gallery below and get inspired by the possibilities that Allura Flex loose lay tiles offer.

Installation, cleaning & maintenance

Installation, cleaning & maintenance

Our recommended adhesive for the Flex Design collection is 540 Eurostar Special or 640 Eurosafe Special. Full installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions for the Allura Flex collection can be downloaded below:

Forbo Allura Flex Installation Guide
Forbo Allura Flex Floor Care
Forbo Allura Guarantee Statement

Forbo also offer Monel which is an effective pH neutral all-purpose floor cleaner with a matte finish that protects all vinyl, linoleum, cork, laminate and timber floors, to find out more download our brochure: Forbo Monel pH neutral floor cleaner brochure

Allura Flex Installation Video

Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and installation products. To visit our full Vinyl Installation and Floorcare section, please Click here

Made with passion

Allura, made with passion

Our Allura LVT collection is made with passion and knowledge and represents the next generation of LVT flooring. It is created for end users and professionals in the flooring business by our professionals in commercial flooring.

At Forbo, we study how people work, live and interact in today’s commercial interiors. We connect this knowledge to future trends and the changing dynamics of a building; we use our findings to innovate and differentiate our portfolio through design and function.

We solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges by providing answers to key issues such as limiting valuable downtime, the re-use of floors and minimizing environmental impacts.

We are passionate about design and the endless possibilities Allura offers, both as a stand alone collection and in combination with other Forbo products.

Our employees are proud of their Allura LVT range, and they want to tell you about how they work and how the Allura collections have been created.
Watch below the stories of 6 Forbo employees, all with their own responsibility and experience in Allura luxury vinyl tiles.
or read more on our Allura made with Passion page

Allura luxury vinyl tiles; the story of Arjen Roelofs


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Do you have any questions about Allura? Take a look at the Allura frequently asked questions webpage or get in contact with us.

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