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Allura luxury vinyl tiles Installation & Floorcare

Forbo offers a wide range of installation, cleaning, and maintenance products via our sister company Forbo Eurocol.

Installation Products

Download installation guides

  • Allura Flex Installation Guide

    Allura Flex
    Installation guide

  • Allura Colour Plus - Forbo Installation Guide

    Allura Colour Plus
    Installation guide


Forbo F34 is a high performance adhesive with excellent initial grab and low VOC, excellent plasticizer resistance.

A polymer blend adhesive designed for the installation of commercial and domestic modular luxury vinyl tiles and planks providing a strong permanent bond.

Suitable for: Allura Flex FL1 and FL5

BasisPolymer blend
Packaging12 litres (14 kg)
Approx. coverageup to 56 m²*
ToolV1 trowel
Shelf life12 months, unopened

*Coverage rates will vary depending on the nature and porosity of the substrate.

F34 Forbo Permanent bond vinyl plank and tile adhesive
  • F34 Technical Specifications

    F34 technical specification

  • F34 SDS

    F34 Safety data sheet (SDS)

  • F34 TVOC Emissions Test Certificate

    F34 TVOC test certificate

Note: If alternative adhesives are to be used with Forbo flooring consult with the supplier for usage information, guidance, and warranty. Forbo does not warrant other adhesives. For further information, please download our warranty statement

Subfloor & Underlay Systems

Download installation instructions

  • Sarlibase Acoustic Technical specifications

    Sarlibase Acoustic
    Technical Specification

  • QuickFit Technical Specifications

    Technical Specification

  • Quickfit Installation

    Installation guide

  • Sarlibase Acoustic Installation

    Sarlibase Acoustic
    Installation guide

Subfloor and Underlay Systems

Forbo Quickfit Panels

The Forbo Quickfit system comprises self-adhesive MDF panels and moisture resistant, sound insulating Forbo foam. A floating MDF substrate that is not bonded to the subfloor and provides a smooth and flat surface for resilient flooring installation while mitigating issues beneath. Must be used in conjunction with Forbo foam.

Note: There are limitations using Quickfit subfloor system with Allura flex, for further information please contact us via the below contact form or call us on 1800 224 471.

Product advantages:Solution for:
Quick & easy installationOver heritage listed floor
Provides a rapid smooth finish Over existing subfloor
No visible subfloor seamsOver problem subfloors
Excellent moisture barrier e.g cracked concrete
Easily removableTemporary installation
Improved impact sound insulation with Forbo foam

Order unit:1 pack (3.6 m²)
Gauge:7.00 mm (lower panel :3.0mm / upper panel: 4.0mm
Length / width1200 mm x 600 mm panels
Impact sound reduction12 dB (Marmoleum 2.5 mm + Forbo foam = 23 dB)

Quickfit safety data sheet


Forbo Foam

Polypropylene foam laminated with metallised polypropylene foil. The foil top layer incorporates a self-adhesive overlap of 20 cm to secure seams.

Order unit:1 roll (25lm)


Cleaning & Maintenance

Download floorcare instructions

  • Allura Flex cleaning & maintenance

    Cleaning & maintenance guide

  • Forbo Monel pH Neutral Floor Cleaner Brochure

    Monel Brochure
    All purpose pH neutral cleaner

Protect newly laid floors

Did you know as much as 80% of dirt entering a building is brought by foot traffic? Investing in a high quality entrance flooring system such as Forbo’s Coral, an international market leader in textile entrance flooring for almost 50 years!

Coral has been proven to stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture and reduce cleaning times of floor covering by up to 65%!

Coral 2016

Forbo Monel (pH neutral all-purpose cleaner)

An effective, pH neutral all-purpose floor cleaner with a matte finish that protects all vinyl, linoleum, cork, laminate and timber floors.

Monel cleans and protects, lightly dabbed on a cloth it can be used to fix scratches, blemishes, and scuffs.

Article reference: 818
Package: 12 x 1L bottles

Monel Material Safety Data Sheet

Monel 1L bottle

Floorcare advice

Note: As with all newly installed floor coverings Allura should be protected from heavy traffic, particularly high point load wheeled traffic, for 72 hours and must not be washed for 48 hours after installation.

Note: Avoid the use of highly alkaline products (pH >10). Products, such as strippers and heavy-duty cleaners, can be harmful to people, to the environment and/or to the finish or even to the flooring itself.

Do not take the risk; safe and good alternatives are available for every necessary action. Forbo FloorCare products all fall within a safe pH-range, for other brands consult the supplier.


Allura Flex
Installation video

Allura luxury vinyl tiles
Cleaning video

**Allura Puzzle**
Installation video