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Luxury vinyl tiles & planks

Luxury vinyl tiles & planks

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and planks provide authentic wood and stone appearances, coupled with exceptional durability, low maintenance requirements, and versatile application. Our LVT collection encompasses solutions for sound absorption, such as Allura Flex, as well as an adhesive-free, rapid flooring solution with Allura Puzzle.

  • Luxury vinyl tiles & planks
  • Luxury vinyl tiles & planks
  • Luxury vinyl tiles & planks
  • Luxury vinyl tiles & planks
  • Luxury vinyl tiles & planks
  • Allura Flex_63641 light serene oak
    Allura Flex" 0.55 FL5 acoustic LVT

    Allura Flex" 0.55 FL5

    Flexibility and durability, as well as true-to-life wood and material patterns, make Allura Flex a flooring system that gives you the design freedom to bring any interior to life. Flex offers superior acoustic performance and impressive durability. The new Flex is engineered with a double glass reinforcement for leading dimensional stability yet is easy to cut and install. Installers love using Flex.

  • Allura Flex - 63632, 63658 luxury vinyl tiles
    Allura Flex" 1.0 FL1 heavy-wear acoustic LVT

    Allura Flex" 1.0 FL1

    Flexibility and durability, as well as true-to-life wood and material patterns, the 1 mm wear layer option offers the best possible specification in the market for strong and durable luxury vinyl tiles with excellent acoustic properties, surpassing the BCA/NCC requirements for impact sound reduction and often without the need for underlay.

  • Allura Puzzle installation image
    Allura Puzzle puzzle connected adhesive free LVT

    Allura Puzzle PZ7

    Forbo’s Allura Puzzle vinyl tiles come in a unique puzzle-shaped 96x96 cm size and are designed specially for adhesive-free installation. The intriguing puzzle tiles are perfect for installation in busy traffic areas of up to 2000 m² without expansion/control joints.

    Part of Forbo's Fast Flooring collection, Puzzle needs minimal subfloor preparation and can reduce installation time by more than 50%.

About Allura LVT

Allura luxury vinyl tiles

Allura, Forbo’s renowned luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) brand, offers a diverse range of wood and material floor designs in various tile and plank sizes.

Designed for professionals and end-users:
Crafted by our experts in commercial flooring, Allura reflects our deep understanding of how people work, live, and interact in modern commercial spaces. We anticipate future trends and evolving building dynamics, channelling this insight into innovative design and functionality.

Designed to create value during use and after:
Allura addresses today's and tomorrow's challenges by tackling issues like minimising downtime, promoting floor reuse, and reducing environmental impact with circular-ready options.

European craftsmanship:
Allura is proudly designed and manufactured in Europe, leveraging advanced production technology to ensure exceptional dimensional stability. This ensures that your floor looks as seamless as the day it was installed. Our exclusive lacquering system ensures long-lasting durability.

Versatile LVT flooring solutions:
Allura luxury vinyl tiles come in various options, including heavy-duty and acoustic comfort solutions or puzzle-connected loose lay to meet your unique project needs.

Allura flex luxury vinyl tiles LVT flooring

Your Allura solution

Find your Allura solution

We understand that each project is unique, with its own set of distinct requirements. Within our comprehensive Allura LVT portfolio, we have tailored solutions to cater to a diverse array of applications. So, no matter the specifics of your project, you can find the ideal match among our offerings.

  • If your project demands exceptional durability and acoustic comfort Allura Flex" 1.0 is ready to meet the challenge.

  • For those who prioritise both lifelike aesthetics and acoustic performance, our Allura" Flex 0.55 range is the perfect choice.

  • For projects that require hassle-free and quick installation, consider our Allura Puzzle connected loose lay solution. At Forbo, versatility is our commitment to meeting your unique project needs.

Allura luxury vinyl tiles

Allura for life

Made for every stage in life

Life is a play with many acts. And every act has its floor to perform on. Whatever life throws at your feet, the new Allura Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection is there to support you every step of the way.

Discover the versatility of Allura, our flooring system adapts to every chapter of life.

From the imaginative playgrounds of children's bedrooms, where Allura Flex shines, to the academic pursuits of young adulthood with Allura Puzzle, designed for high-traffic spaces that evolve. In the professional realm, Allura Flex enhances office and hospitality & leisure spaces with boundless design possibilities.

Allura for life_key visual_LVT flooring


Going round, moving forward

Many of the flooring systems and building materials used today have an impact on the planet. The right flooring can help lower emissions and reduce waste – that’s why we want to contribute with more sustainable solutions.

At Forbo Flooring Systems, it's action that is important, not just promises. We want to be a trusted partner who provides full transparency when it comes to circular flooring solutions and renewable raw materials.

Designing with circularity in mind | Going round, moving forward


Allura for life


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If you would like to read more about our Allura ranges, please visit the Allura section of our Digital Portfolio.
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