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FAQ montering med tæt sammenskæring

Is net fit installation difficult? / Do you require special skill sets?

If you do a net fit installation for the first time, it will be good to have a look at the installation instructions and video. Once you have experience, installing a net fit seam is not difficult. In fact there are less factors that could cause problems than with a welded floor.
Forbo has online instruction videos which explain step by step how to do a Marmoleum net fit install.

What tools/equipment is needed for Marmoleum net fit installation?

The standard floor fitter tools will work such as a recess scriber, utility knife, straight and hook blade, steel hand roller, combi-bar scriber. To make a net fit installation easier and neater the use of a Forbo edge trimmer or the Wolf seam cutter is recommended.

How wide should I cut the seam between the sheets?

Please have a look at our installation instruction. It is important that there is no tension between the sheets. After you cut the sheet it should fall down by itself. If you have to push it down you are creating tension which could cause peaking seams.

Marmoleum sheet installation guidelines

Is a Marmoleum net fit installation more expensive?

No, in contrary. A Marmoleum net fit installation is in most cases cheaper than a welded installation by saving time and material as no welding rod is needed.

Is a net fit seam more visual than a welded seam?

No, on the contrary. In most cases a properly installed net fit seam is less visible than a properly installed welded seam. The visibility of seams in general varies also per structure and colour. The most realistic way to determine the visual effect of an installed floor covering is from standing position at a distance of 3 meters.

Does a net fit installation takes more time compared to installation with thermal welding rod?

No, net fit installation requires less steps which saves time. A net fit installation is finished after rolling the floor, whereas with a welded seam you have: waiting time, grooving, welding, skiving 1st time, final cut.

Why is a net fit seam healthier?

The installer has less knee work since a few steps he normally has to do are no longer required, like: grooving, welding, skiving 1st time, final cut.

Are there environmental benefits from doing a net fit seam?

Yes, less tools and thus energy is needed for the installation. For each 6000sqm project an installer saves 20kg of CO2, which is similar to what a tree takes up in a year.

Is a net fit seam hygienic?

Yes. Thanks to the bacteriostatic properties of Marmoleum a net fit seam is not a home for bacteria.
A study done in the US showed that an industry average installed Marmoleum net fit seams performance well. Proved compared to welded homogeneous vinyl.

Is a net fit seam water-resistant?

Thanks to quality of current adhesives for Marmoleum such as Eurocol 614 a seam can withstand even non-recommended wet cleaning methods. (as long as the installation is done properly)

How do I need to clean net fit installed Marmoleum?

The regular cleaning regime for Marmoleum is also suitable for net fit seams.

When is welding needed?

In some countries/applications there may be laws/codes/regulations that require the use of welding. In addition welding may be used for decorative reasons to highlight the lines.

Do I need a specific subfloor for net fit installation?

No, subfloor conditions/requirements are the same as for welded linoleum.

Can I do a net fit installation with Marmoleum decibel or Marmoleum acoustic?

Yes, even with a slightly more flexible floor the net fit seam performs well.