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Forbo is a leading producer of floor coverings, building and construction adhesives, as well as belts for power transmission and lightweight conveyor technology.

Our responsibility as a company

Handling resources responsibly in all aspects is one of Forbo's underlying values. We are committed to protecting the environment and investing continuously in a sustainable future.

Sustainability Forbo Group 2024

2023 Sustainability Report Forbo Group

  • 2023 Nachhaltigkeitsbericht EN Gruppe

    Forbo Group
    Sustainability Report

2023 Sustainability Reports from our divisions

  • Forbo Flooring Systems Sustanability Report 2023

    Flooring Systems
    Sustainability Report

  • Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Sustainability report FMS 2023

    Movement Systems
    Sustainability Report

As a responsible manufacturer and employer, we set extremely high standards for health, safety, the environment and quality. Which is why innovative ideas and research and development are part and parcel of the forces driving our business concept.

Social aspects

Forbo fosters a high-performance culture that takes account of not only the high-level demands of our customers and business partners, but also of those we set ourselves. This is why we promote the ongoing development of skills and capabilities at all organizational levels and support this internally through training courses and activities.

Our divisions regularly organize training courses for employees in a variety of topics relating to products and applications, sales and marketing, finance, operations, project management, strategy implementation and Forbo values. At Group level, Forbo offers an internal Management Training Program in conjunction with the University of St. Gallen, external partners and internal functional specialists.

Nachhaltige Transportbänder
Logistics: Forbo Siegling Biobelt conveyor belts made of renewable raw materials.

Ecological aspects

Preserving the environment and generating ecological value added are important factors in the decisions we take regarding our developments and investments. Consequently, we constantly strive to optimize our production processes in terms of water and energy usage, the reduction of emissions, the recycling of heat generated in the production process as well as the reduction and recycling of off-cuts in order to keep our footprint to a minimum.

With linoleum, Flooring Systems provides a floor covering that consists of more than 97% renewable raw materials and is biodegradable. With the BioBelt, Movement Systems has developed a conveyor belt that consists of at least 20% renewable raw materials and is comparable to standard belts in terms of its physical and dynamic characteristics.

Economic aspects

As a company that is quoted on the stock market, economic sustainability and responsibility are also topics that Forbo deals with day in, day out. Our aim is to create long-term value added for our stakeholders, and compliance plays a key role in achieving this goal.

To support this aim, we have intensified our efforts is the training courses we offer in connection with the Forbo Code of Conduct, competition law, anticorruption guidelines, IT security as well as data protection, which are supported by e-learning tools.

Portrait of a Forbo employee.
Portrait of a Forbo employee.

Forbo Code of Conduct

The Forbo Code of Conduct sets out our most important business principles and basic values. The Code of Conduct is central to the way we protect and develop our reputation. It is built on the principles of integrity, transparency and fairness and describes how we are to behave.

The Code of Conduct not only ensures but goes beyond compliance with the laws and regulations wherever we run our business.

It demonstrates our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in every situation while at the same time respecting people’s rights as individuals. We expect this of every single employee, everywhere, every day. We also expect this of all our business partners. High standards in our relationships are the foundation for lasting success.

  • Code of Conduct EN 2023

    Code of Conduct

Forbo Integrity Line

Should Forbo as an exception not fully live up its business principles and basic values, we encourage you to report this to us via the Forbo Integrity Line. You may alternatively call the Corporate Compliance Officer at +41 58 787 25 46 or send an email to

File a report

Click here to file an electronic compliance report with the Compliance Officer via the Forbo Integrity Line.