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Aramide Line

Fabric or truly endless cord

Extremultus flat belts from the aramide line are available to suit applications with two different types of tension members.

Flat belts with a tension member made of a blended fabric with aramide warp are designed for high levels of specific effective pull and extremely short take-up ranges. The aramide line needs to be handled carefully because aramide fibres should not be bent.

Aramide fabric tension member:

  1. Top face
  2. Tension member
  3. Underside

Drive Belts

Because they are very strong, flat belts with truly endless aramide cord tension members can transmit very high levels of pull at very low elongation. As a result, they only need very short take-up ranges and are not sensitive to fluctuations in ambient conditions. Because they are very flexible and track very steadily and evenly, they are an excellent choice where high levels of power transmission and multiple rotations are required.

Aramide cord tension member:

  • Top face
  • Tension member
  • Underside

Drive Belts

Tension member characteristics

PropertiesAramide fabricAramide cord
Elongation at fitting *0.3% - 1.0%0.3% - 1.0%
Damping characteristicslowlow
Splice typeZ-spliceno splice (truly endless)

* Material based standard range. Depending on the application, different ranges could be recommended.

Top face materials available:

Top face materialsAramide fabricAramide cord
Top faceUndersideTop faceUnderside
Chrome leather (L)xx
Elastomer (G)xxxx
Polyurethane (U)xxxx
Fabric (T)xx

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