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Step Safety Vinyl

Wetroom Solutions

Wetroom solutions
Combining high technical performance and stunning aesthetics, Forbo’s Wetroom collection is ideal for commercial applications like wetrooms in nursing homes, student accommodation, health facilities and other barefoot areas such as spa/pool changing rooms and surroundings.

The Forbo wetroom range offers: 
- A lifetime slip resistance warranty to ensure users’ safety
- PUR Pearl surface finish, providing protection and optimal hygiene
- A wall covering solution that complements our wetroom flooring

  • Wetroom Solutions
  • Wetroom Solutions
  • Wetroom Solutions
  • Wetroom Solutions
  • Wetroom Solutions
  • Wetroom Solutions
  • Safestep Aqua 180662 reef green
    Safestep Aqua

    Safestep Aqua

    Safestep Aqua safety flooring is designed for barefoot (and soft soled shoes) areas and performs on the highest barefoot class. This durable non slip flooring has a modern, organic design with a unique embossing.

  • Surestep Laguna 181582 pale blue
    Surestep Laguna

    Surestep Laguna

    Surestep Laguna safety flooring combines barefoot and footwear slip resistance, for areas where both are likely and frequently will take place.

    Complying with the relevant norms for this application, Laguna is specifically suitable for use in transition areas such as changing rooms and circulation areas.

  • Onyx+ 26610 travertine H natural


    Onyx+ is the ultimate wall covering choice for bathroom and shower materials, providing unparalleled safety and protection against moisture and water damage.

    It is perfectly suited for commercial wetroom applications in health facilities, as well as spas, pools, and changing rooms.

    Onyx+ is a completely waterproof wall covering when installed with welding rods. The material has the B-2s,d0 fire classification.

    The collection includes contemporary designs in both graphic and realistic executions, perfect to elevate your wetroom with a touch of luxury. Mix and match with our various vinyl floor options for a complete wetroom solution.

About Wetroom

Co-ordinated wall and floor surfaces

The floor coverings
Safestep Aqua, Surestep Laguna and Surestep Star Barefoot

• Lifetime slip resistance, guaranteed
• Our groundbreaking step resistant Step Crystals make for a clean, fresh design and easier cleaning.
• Backing contains up to 70% recycled content
• Glass fleece carrier delivers top-quality dimensional stability
• PIR Pearl finish for optimal hygiene and protection
• Suitable for wheelchairs

The wall covering

• Our 17 colours from neutral tones to bright accent colours
• Complements the wetroom flooring ranges shown above
• Ideal for commercial use in hospitals, health centres and care homes
• Coloured backing layer makes it easier to weld

Performance - Surestep Laguna / Star barefoot
Pendulum test value (wet test Barefoot and footwear) ≥36
Rz - ≥20
EN13845 class ESf and ESb
DIN51097 Class B
DIN51130 – R10

Performance - Safestep Aqua
Pendulum test value (wet test Barefoot) ≥36
Rz - ≥20
EN13845 class ESb
DIN51097 class C
DIN51130 – R10

Typical areas
• Changing rooms
• Walk in showers and wet rooms
• Bathrooms
• Indoor swimming pools

Surestep Laguna 181582 pale blue Safestep Aqua 180662 reef green

Technical & Environmental

Wetroom Technical Specifications

Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Installation Cleaning & Maintenance

We always recommend our products are installed by certified installers to ensure a professional finish and lasting floor performance. Full Installation and Cleaning and Maintenance instructions can be downloaded below.

Standard installation – Laguna
Installation Guidance Note - Step

Wetroom installation– Laguna & Aqua
Installation Guidance Note - Surestep Laguna & Safestep Aqua

Wall covering installation
Forbo Installation Guidance Note Onyx+ - Section 1
Forbo Installation Guidance Note Onyx+ - Section 2
Forbo Installation Guidance Note Onyx+ - Section 3
Forbo Installation Guidance Note Onyx+ - Section 4
Forbo Onyx+ Installation Instructions

Forbo Adhesive Guide

Forbo SafeStep Floor Care
Forbo SureStep Floor Care

Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. Find out more at Installation and Floorcare

Surestep Laguna 181142_sand

Images & Video

Wetroom Images & Video

Please click on any image below to open our Wetroom image gallery.

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