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To weld or not to weld....

.....that's the question!

Net fit or weld

Net fit installation

Save time and money

Marmoleum flooring does not shrink over time when properly installed. That means that welding, in the majority of cases, is not required. Skilled installers can make perfect joints without using a welding cord.

With a proper Marmoleum installation you will have a water resistant floor – one that can be cleaned with water, even when not welded.

If there is no specific requirement to weld, save yourself the time and money by having less steps and stick to the net fit seam installation.
Download here the Marmoleum installation instructions
Marmoleum installation instructions
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Marmoleum flooring

Benefits of net fit

• Improved aesthetics with no weld lines to disrupt the visual and accent the seams
• Improved environmental performance with substantial reduction in CO2 footprint by eliminating the use of a high wattage heat gun for installation of weld rods.
• Reduced overall installed cost and time

While remaining
• Water resistant
• Bacteriostatic; 3rd party research shows that net fit seams are as hygienic as heat welded sheet vinyl.

Net fit seams

Installation with welding

When should you use welding?

Welding could be required or even prescribed in certain situations. Also local laws or regulations can require a welding cord between 2 sheets.

There are many matching colors in our welding rods both in uni colored and multi colored designs. A matching color will blend in with the floor, a non matching color can be chosen for decorative reasons, for example to highlight different areas on the floor.

To learn more, watch the video How to weld linoleum

Welding uni vs multicolour

Uni colour welding rod vs multi coloured welding rod

Vivace with uni welding rod

Uni color welding rod used

Vivace with uni welding rod

Multi color welding rod used

Welding rod technical information

  • MSDS Welding rod Marmoweld


  • IG Installing Marmoleum & Linoleum Sheet Flooring v2.10

    Marmoleum Installation instructions