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de luxe

Eternal de Luxe design vinyl sheet combines excellent performance with premium design. This floor covering comprises luxurious state of the art Wood and Stone designs that stand out because of their realistic embossing structures; yet are easy to use in many applications.

Eternal de Luxe is available in a compact version as well as an acoustic version that offers 17dB sound reduction.

Eternal flooring is known for exceptional quality and has been proven in the marketplace with millions of square meters used every year.


Eternal de Luxe

    About Eternal de Luxe

    Performance & design

    Eternal de Luxe presents LVT design quality in sheet format. This new Eternal range features fresh wood and stone effects, enhanced by authentic embossing structures. Our Eternal floors have a proven performance track record for use in demanding applications, like healthcare, assisted living, retail and housing facilities.

    Eternal de Luxe offers:

    • exclusive floor designs that help to create an inviting & comfortable atmosphere
    • unique in-register embossed wood designs, visible in both the length and width of the individual planks, resulting in a realistic appearance
    • state of the art stone designs for a modern look

    • exceptional quality which has been proven in the marketplace with millions of m2 used every year.
    • a PUR finish that is proven to be stain and chemical resistant, scratch resistant and offers superior appearance retention whilst providing a realistic mat finish
    • unique embossing structures that give a realistic appearance yet also ensure excellent cleaning & maintenance properties thanks to the PUR finish

    • an extremely durable compact version as well as a comfort version which offers excellent underfoot comfort, superior residual indentation and 17dB acoustic properties
    • one of the most versatile floor covering ranges you will find in today’s market suitable for demanding environments

    Eternal de Luxe 3051

    PUR protection

    PUR protection

    The majority of our Eternal floors feature Forbo’s proven PUR lacquering protection technique. The technique for applying the lacquering layer ensures an even distribution of PUR on both the surface and in the deeper areas of the embossing. This helps to prevent the surface of Eternal becoming soiled and reduces maintenance costs.

    Eternal de Luxe 3047

    Cleaning & maintenance

    Cleaning & maintenance

    Forbo FloorCare method
    The Forbo Eternal vinyl floor coverings are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their highly durable PUR finish.

    Download the Eternal floorcare instructions

    Eternal Cleaning & Maintenance

    Technical specifications

    Eternal Technical Specifications