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Digitally printed vinyl flooring

Our advanced digital printing technology enables striking floor visuals that cannot be achieved with conventional print techniques. It enables you to design your own unique floor in the high quality of our heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring.

Eternal Colour 45132

Digitally printed Eternal

Our Eternal design vinyl collection includes a series of digitally printed floor designs which offer a new dimension in colour and design. Explore the Vivid paint stroke designs or the rainbow cascade of colours. In addition to the predefined designs we also offer bespoke tailored flooring designs from as little as 12m2.

Eternal Colour 45172 medium rainbow
Surestep digital print 17982 moon

Digitally printed Step safety vinyl

Also within our Surestep safety vinyl range we offer digital printed floor visuals. Surestep Digital Print takes safety flooring into a new design dimension. Still featuring all the product performance benefits of our standard Surestep ranges, Surestep Digital Print allows you to create custom safety flooring.

Our 2 stocked designs Ice Cream and Moon are examples of the endless possibilities of this innovative production technology.

Contact your local Forbo office to find out what we can do for your customised design requirements.

Bespoke design in Sphera

Also with our Sphera homogeneous vinyl flooring you can make the most refined floor designs. Our very precise Aquajet cutting technique offers a sophisticated detailing in designs, perfect to create your own identity on your floor; a logo, a text, a piece of art.

Discover our Sphera range or Contact your local customer support organisation for more information.

Sphera Element 50051 & 50053 with aquajet cutting technique

Create your own! If you do not find something in our predefined selections,
choose your own design. See some exciting examples below.


ROC Aventus The Netherlands | Eternal Digital Print | Photographer Michael van Oosten

Supply your own design, commission a shoot, choose from many wonders of the world. Our customer service can advise about the type, size and resolution of the image to be supplied.

National Trust Stackpole (UK) by Owen Howells

In the graphic category we group prints with various shapes, lines, text but also city maps. Create your own routing, make your floor informative, educational or fun with graphical designs.


Estonian Museum of National History | Eternal digital print

Bring nature to your floor. Enhance your interior design and the identity of your company.

Hotel Florida Studen (Switserland) | Eternal digital print

Nature can be anything, from a pebbles floor, a grass print to tropical sand.

Inspired? For more information contact your local sales representative