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Floors created by

Mac Stopa

This Created by collection is inspired by Mac Stopa's experiences, observations and fascinations in various fields of design. In collaboration with Forbo Flooring, his ideas were visualised using high definition printing techniques.

Created by Mac Stopa

Mac Stopa

Unique visual partnership

"As an architect, interior designer and designer of transmission forms, this collection is inspired by my experiences, observations and fascinations derived from a variety of design fields. These ideas have been visualised in partnership with Forbo Flooring through the medium of high resolution digital printing both on textile and vinyl substrates. Each one giving it’s unique characteristics to my imagery.

I have based the collection on the idea of architectural modularity and the desire to organize the space around us in an architectural way. This is realised through the use of repetitive geometric forms, such as hexagons, trapezoids or braided structures which form the base of the collection. My experience in interior design has inspired me to combine those structures with the textures of classic interior materials such as wood, fabrics, metal and leather."

Flotex by Mac Stopa_360005F

"When designing, I like to experiment, I observe the beauty of nature and the physical phenomena that surround us. This often becomes the inspiration for new projects. A unique artistic interpretation."

Eternal by Mac Stopa_braided

Geometric forms & new technologies

"As a designer of industrial forms, I am fascinated by organic structures but also new technologies related to 3D printing. By combining these elements with the geometric shapes, the designs I have created achieve a quality of softness and three-dimensionality.

Throughout the collection there is a recurrent theme based on the variable colours of adjacent modular forms. In nature this is associated with the refraction and absorption of light reflections. I have used it as a design tool, giving each pattern dimension and subtlety which, when combined with the traditional familiarity of modular patterning, creates an exciting fusion of classic form and 21st century technology."



Geometric yet seemingly organic, Flower combines elements that both challenge and reassure us in a way that provokes thought and discussion blurring the space between nature and design.

Eternal by Mac Stopa_knit
Flotex & Eternal by Mac Stopa_metal plate_metal weave


Mechanical and repetitive Trapezoid forms blend with recognisable material surfaces, each one playing with dimension and the perception of shape within the patterns context.


Based on the traditional structure of a woven form, Wicker transcends the ordinary by taking a range of textures that although familiar become exciting and unusual in the context of this juxtaposition.

Eternal & Flotex by Mac Stopa_jeans grey XS_jeans blue
Flotex by Mac Stopa_blue anemone_Flotex Naturals_shaded oak


A seemingly bizarre synergy of conventional form with an unexpected twist, Hexagon is both curious and strangely compelling in a uniquely inspired way.

Different flooring products

High definition digital printing

With over 20 years of experience in high definition digital printing, Forbo Flooring Systems offers you a range of high quality floor coverings, tailored to your needs. Whatever the segment or field of application, Mac Stopa's creations will bring the floor to life!

More information and a complete overview of the collections can be found on these websites:
Flotex created by Mac Stopa
Vinyl created by Mac Stopa

How to order your floor

Choose the floor that is most suitable for your project: the warmth and comfort of Flotex flocked textile or the extreme resistance of Eternal compact heterogeneous vinyl. The Created by Mac Stopa Flotex and Eternal collections offer different designs.

To order your Mac Stopa floor as a Flotex floor use the colour code from the Flotex designs and add an 'F'. So with 360010F you order design Flower in the colour flannel in Flotex.
To order your floor as an Eternal floor use the colour code from the Eternal designs and add an 'E'. So with 360010E you order design Flower in the colour flannel in Eternal.

Flotex flocked flooring

Flotex is a unique textile flooring that combines the hard wearing & durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet.

Discover the toughness and durability of Flotex which comes as a result of the 80 million nylon 6.6. fibres per m2, while experiencing the quietness and comfort normally only associated with a carpet as a result of the impervious cushioned backing.more information about Flotex flocked flooring

Flotex flocked flooring
Eternal design vinyl

Eternal design vinyl

Eternal is a high quality heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that has been created to work across a wide variety of application areas. The balanced construction offers lowest residual indentation and the PUR Pearl finish brings the best protection against scuff and scratching.

The varied palette of colours and designs offers the possibility to create any desired atmosphere in every space. For every moment of the day Eternal offers the ideal solution: at work, school and in the gym.More information about Eternal design vinyl

More designer floors

Mac Stopa floors Salone del Mobile

The beautiful designs created by Mac Stopa were on display at Interni during the Salone del Mobile design exhibition in Milan in 2022.
The Forbo Flooring design team and Mac Stopa worked together to create a stunning stand design, showcasing both Flotex and vinyl flooring. During the event visitors could experience how Forbo's digital printing techniques form the ideal basis for fancy and unique floor designs such as Mac Stopa's.

Milan Design Week_Interni press room by Mac Stopa
Flotex Created by Starck

More designer floors

Forbo regularly collaborates with renowned designers to create eye-catching digitally printed floor designs. Under the name Created by, unique collections were created with the designers Phillipe Starck, Tibor Reich, Ettore Sottsass and José Medina Galeote.
Take a look at our website and get inspired!
Flotex Created by
Vinyl Created by