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Forbo Novilon Viva is a tough and durable cushion vinyl flooring that is easy to clean, sound absorbing and has comfortable warm underfoot.. A perfect floor to live on for many years thanks to the unique construction and Diamond Seal surface finish!

Novilon Viva offers a contemporary range of realistic designs in wood, concrete, stone and tile. The realistic textures, including a real v grout on several wood designs, add to the authentic nature of the range.


Novilon Viva

    About Novilon

    Novilon: designed for life

    Forbo Novilon represents a range of beautiful and inspiring cushion vinyl floors in various designs, such as wood, concrete, stone and tile.

    Novilon is a comfortable floor, enjoyable to live on as it's sound absorbing and has warmth underfoot. This makes it ideal for children to play on, but also for pets to walk and all people to live on.

    Our Novilon floors are both hard wearing and easy to maintain thanks to features such as Aquagrip, Diamond Seal & Noviclean. Enjoy the comfortable knowledge that you don’t have to worry about stains and scratches or wear for many years to come!

    Additional benefit is that Novilon can be installed loose lay up to 40 m2 and is therefore also easy to remove and potentially reuse.

    This premium branded cushion vinyl flooring is available in sheet of different widths, making it easier to choose the right format for your room.

    Novilon is offered in the ranges Novilon Viva (2,4 mm thick and available in 2,3 and 4 meter) and Novilon Prima (2 mm thick and available in 2 and 4 meter).

    Novilon: the perfect floor to play on!


    Easy, durable, comfortable.

    Our Novilon cushion vinyl floors are durable, comfortable and easy to install and maintain. A perfect floor to live on.

    ● Novilon is easy to install because it can be loose laid up to 40m2, proven through extensive testing and many years of experience. Will not shrink and curl in your home thanks to the intelligent product construction.
    ● Novilon is easy to maintain thanks to the Noviclean top layer, preventing dirt and scuffmarks.
    ● Easy to remove and potentially reuse or recycle when changing rooms or house.

    • Technical performance as good as any project vinyl, including very good recovery of indentation marks.
    • Scratch and wear resistant thanks to Diamond Seal surface protection.
    • Retains its authentic, beautiful appearance for a long time.
    • Very resistant to water, coffee, wine and other liquids.
    • Safer to walk on thanks to our unique safety feature Aquagrip.

    ● This resilient flooring has warm underfoot and 100% antistatic.
    ● Sound absorbing up to 17dB for Novilon Viva and also absorbing much of the in room noise .
    ● Ideal for floor heating.
    ● Broadloom installation, avoiding the nuisance of potential seams and dirt attraction.
    ● The usual constraints associated with adhesives are removed, such as drying times and lingering odours. Comfort from the start.
    ● Novilon offers a careful selection of designs and colours that all have a natural, mat look which will bring warmth and atmosphere to your home.

    Novilon Viva 5602 mid neutral grey


    Novilon & the environment

    Forbo Novilon is the adhesive free vinyl sheet collection for residential use up to 40m 2. As such it reduces the amount of material and energy used for a flooring installation and ensures that the floor can be recovered easily and safely at the end of its service life. This makes it part of the Fast Flooring program from Forbo when it comes to residential floor coverings.

    The Fast flooring concept fits very well within the circular economy developments. It makes it possible to reuse and recycle in the future.

    In the production phase everything is done to follow the 4R principles (Reduce, Renew, Recycle, Reuse). Production waste is minimized and waste that is created is reused in other Forbo products. Novilon is manufactured using 100% electricity from renewable sources.

    Next to this all Novilon floor coverings are phthalate free and have very low indoor air emissions with a TVOC of ≤ 0,02 mg/m 2.

    To read more about our sustainability goals please visit our Environmental pages .

    Circular and Fast flooring

    Image gallery

    Novilon Image gallery

    Novilon presents a range of beautiful and inspiring floor designs in various colours and textures, such as wood, concrete, stone and tile. Get inspired by the examples below.