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modul'up oak

Sarlon Modul'Up Oak loose lay vinyl sheet combines loose lay installation with the natural design of oak planks.


Sarlon Modul'Up Oak

About Sarlon Modul'Up

Sarlon Modul'Up loose lay vinyl sheet

Sarlon Modul’Up is the only 19dB acoustic loose lay vinyl sheet floor covering for high traffic applications in the market. The floor covering can be installed without adhesives and offers as such the benefits that loose lay installation provides:

● Easy installation and removal
● Reduction of time & costs (no glue, installation times reduced)
● The floor is totally recyclable at the end of its life (no glue on the product)
● Thanks to its innovative DSx3 technology (Double Structural Stabilisation System), Sarlon Modul’Up can easily be laid on both new and old surfaces, including asbestos* floors, without any adhesive and without needing to hold down the edges. *Asbestos is a regulated activity; contact your local Forbo office for any enquiries

Besides the benefits of loose lay installation Sarlon Modul'Up offers:
● Excellent dimensional stability
● Excellent acoustic properties with an impact sound reduction of 19dB
● 100% phthalate free production, with low emissions
● A proven quality record for high end acoustic floor coverings
● Overclean XL surface treatment providing easier maintenance and durable aesthetics

Sarlon Modul’up is a perfect and economical solution for a large range of high traffic applications, especially for elderly homes, student accommodation and education facilities.

Sarlon Modul'Up construction


Sarlon Modul'Up brochure

Technical specifications

Sarlon Modul'Up loose lay vinyl sheet technical specifications

Installation & Floorcare

Sarlon cleaning & maintenance