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Entrance flooring systems

Entrance flooring systems

Entrance flooring is a fundamental factor to modern day building design. Not only does a well designed flooring systems prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in, thus prolonging the life of the interior flooring, it also reduces cleaning and maintenance costs and the potential for slip injuries. We can offer an ideal entrance solution for any situation with both the textile (Coral) and rigid (Nuway) Entrance Systems in our portfolio.

Entrance flooring systems
  • Coral Brush 5714


    The first steps in protecting your building. Coral entrance floors can stop up to 95% of walked in dirt or moisture, thus prolonging the life of your floor as well as reducing cleaning costs and the risk of slip injuries. With almost 50 years of experience, Forbo Coral offers the best entrance flooring solution for any situation. Check out our different Coral ranges below.

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    Nuway External

    Nuway External entrance floors

    Nuway External entrance flooring systems will act as the first line of defence against dirt and moisture for your building. Handmade in the UK and with product guarantees up to 15 years, you know that when choosing a Nuway External entrance flooring product, you have a solution that will perform for many years to come.

  • Tufti internal 352
    Nuway Internal

    Nuway Internal entrance floors

    Nuway primary barrier mats are Forbo’s most robust entrance flooring solution, with products suitable for environments that welcome up to 100,000 visitors per day. With entrance systems suitable for heavy load environments, awkwardly shaped entrances, and smaller entrances, we have a solution for every entrance requirement.

About entrance flooring

Making an entrance

Entrance flooring systems have a critical safety role to play. Slips, trips and falls make up a lot of all reported major injuries. By taking sensible decisions over flooring surfaces and installing effective entrance matting, the potential for slipping can be dramatically reduced.

Moreover, a well designed entrance flooring system will prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and thereby prolong the life of your interior flooring and reduce cleaning, repair and overall maintenance costs.

Forbo offers entrance solutions for all types of entrances, both rigid (Nuway) and textile entrance systems (Coral).

Coral entrance flooring

Leave dirt at the door

Leave dirt at the door

We have been the world leader in textile entrance flooring for over 50 years, so there is nothing we don’t know about stopping dirt and moisture coming into your building.

First impressions count. When people enter your building they should like what they see. But you also have the practical pressure of keeping your building floors clean and keeping your visitors safe. Our Coral and Nuway entrance flooring systems do all of this, and more.

Every entrance has its own demand since it depends whether you are in a main street office area or are a primary school. Our entrance flooring collection consists of many different ranges, each of them with their own focus area like dirt scraping or moisture take up.

Besides functionality you can also choose different installation options: sheet, tiles and mats. Last but not least the choice for the environment can help you take the final decision. We have several products with regenerated yarns. Whatever collection you choose, you know you have the best quality with the best functionality.

Nuway entrance flooring in Aviva Stadium

Entrance zones

Choose the right entrance system

Just having a mat behind the door is not enough. People often do not stop to wipe their feet, so a good entrance flooring system has to do its job. An entrance system that takes different zones into account can stop up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture from reaching your building floors.

A functional entrance flooring system is chosen based on the location of the building (determines type of dirt), the amount of footfall (how many people walk on it), the type of people who walk on it (e.g. business people or school children) and the type of entrance in the building (large, small, inside, outside). Your entrance flooring can already start outside and continue all the way to the reception area.

We have defined 3 entrance zones.
For each zone we offer a selection of products that best fit the entrance area.
Zone 1: External primary matting
Zone 2: Internal primary matting
Zone 3: Circulation zone matting

Click on the zones in the image below for more information.

entrance zones

Save money

Save money by using an entrance floor

A Forbo entrance system with a 3-step clean-off-zone will reduce your future maintenance costs by stopping up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture from reaching the other floors in your building.

This reduces your building's floor cleaning costs by up to 65% and extends the life of your floors. The average maintenance cost of commercial flooring is 86% of the total life cycle cost.

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