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Tessera & Flotex Carpet Tiles & Planks

Tessera Carpet Tiles

Tessera's tufted carpet tiles are famed for their exceptional performance and superb styling - even in the most challenging traffic-heavy environments. With a diverse range of constructions, including random lay batchless, loop pile and cut & loop pile, the wide-ranging Tessera collection includes contemporary and classic styles, patterns, plains, and solid colourways that will enrich a variety of public sector and commercial interiors.

Unsure which carpet tile range is ideal for you? Narrow down the choice with our PRODUCT FINDER

  • Tessera Carpet Tiles
  • Tessera Carpet Tiles
  • Tessera Carpet Tiles
  • Tessera Carpet Tiles
  • Tessera Carpet Tiles
  • Tessera Carpet Tiles
  • Tessera Struktur 1 3715 Rost
    Tessera Struktur 1 (NEW)

    Tessera Struktur 1

    Every so often we need to pause, reflect, take a moment to focus on the important things. We need to find time to re-establish our balance and appreciate the value and integrity of a simpler, less cluttered existence. In Tessera Struktur 1, we find a familiar sense of wellbeing and equilibrium.
    The Struktur 1 carpet tile collection has the following attributes:

  • Tessera Perspective 3909 Aura
    Tessera Perspective (NEW)

    Tessera Perspective

    Our patterned, cut & loop pile Perspective carpet tile creates a luxuriously opulent surface texture. The timeless surface visual of the 50 x 50 cm tiles adds warmth and subtle interest to any interior space. The Tessera Perspective collection consists of 8 neutral tones complemented by 6 rich, decadent accent colours. Each colour tone combines two yarn colours, creating a modern, softly striated design.

  • Tessera Create Space 1 Kyanite 1824
    Tessera Create Space 1 (NEW)

    Tessera Create Space 1

    An exceptionally flexible range of 18 commercial colourways, Create Space 1 is suitable for any commercial interior, large or small. Styled for today’s interiors, Create Space 1 lends itself to single colourway installations, feature area designs and bespoke creative schemes.

    Designed for heavy contract installations and constructed using regenerated solution dyed ECONYL® polyamide, Create Space 1 loop pile carpet tiles are not only tough and durable but also respond to globally increasing environmental concerns.

    18 semi-plain loop pile colourways
    *Can be laid monolithic, quarter turn or tessellated
    Manufactured in Europe and suitable for heavy contract use
    100% regenerated ECONYL® polyamide in each colourway
    75% recycled content by weight

  • Tessera Layout 2119 Maraschino
    Tessera Layout & Outline

    Tessera Layout & Outline

    Featuring a contemporary palette of 32 colours with eight co-ordinated stripes, the Layout and Outline ranges offer numerous possibilities for creative inspiration in any flooring scheme.

    The dynamic colour palette of Layout is hugely versatile featuring a comprehensive choice of modern neutrals in combination with diverse and directional brighter shades. Colours can be used independently or in combination to achieve a myriad of interior styles.

    Outline is a subtly textured striped loop pile carpet tile with each colourway perfectly matched to two Layout colours. Combinations of Outline and Layout allow complete freedom of expression creating connections, highlights and transitions enhancing any style of scheme.

  • Tessera Cloudscape 3404 Cumulus Blue
    Tessera Cloudscape

    Tessera Cloudscape

    Tessera Cloudscape offers a tonal progression of colours ranging from very dark to very pale, ideal for a wide range of applications and LRV requirements.

    In today’s crowded urban environment we often risk losing touch with nature. Our only connection being the sky above us. The constantly changing vista of cloud formations and the rich spectrum of light and colour provide a bridge to the outside, helping us to reconnect.

  • Tessera Inline 877 mallard
    Tessera Inline

    Tessera Inline

    Our renewed Tessera Inline collection has a rich differential linear texture and can combine well with Allura Flex Modular LVT tiles. Perfectly suited to commercial offices and other spaces requiring sophistication and quality.

  • Tessera Earthscape Savannah 3260
    Tessera Earthscape

    Tessera Earthscape

    Tessera Earthscape is a richly textured organic patterned loop pile carpet tile for use on its own, or in combination with other carpet tiles. With 12 neutral tones we are representing the natural aesthetics. Each color option is a mix of 4 complementing colorways which combine with the textured construction to create a varying and seemingly infinite surface design.

  • Tessera Arran 1521 Golden Sand
    Tessera Arran

    Tessera Arran

    Arran’s natural, almost ‘artisan’ appearance belies the complexity of its multi-height textured loop pile design and the state of the art manufacturing technology behind it. Using CMC Infinity machinery Forbo’s designers have developed a carpet tile with unashamedly irregular peaks and furrows which deliver an alluringly tactile linear design offering real warmth.

  • Tessera Chroma Submarine 3614
    Tessera Chroma

    Tessera Chroma

    "Chroma is the quality by which we communicate colour. It is how we define a colour's purity, its intensity or saturation. In this way it provides a measure by which we can create a relationship between colours, allowing them to bring balance and harmony to a space."

    This semi-plain textured loop pile carpet tile features 27 sophisticated and trend led colours representing contemporary aesthetics. Each design is a mix of 3 colours, carefully composed to be softer and ‘chalky’ for a pleasing colour balance.

    Beautiful on it's own, yet great to combine with other carpet tiles or Allura Flex vinyl tiles using the same adhesive, without the need for transition strips, additional profiles, or inconvenient build-up of the sub floor.

    ● 750gsm pile weight for opulent texture and underfoot comfort
    ● 100% Aquafil solution dyed polyamide 6 yarn, for durability and colour fastness
    ● Contains 62% recycled content by weight

  • Tessera Outline 3100 plasmatron
    Tessera Layout & Outline Planks

    Tessera Layout & Outline Planks

    Following on from the success of our Tessera Layout and Outline 50x50 carpet tiles, we've extended the range with 100x25 cm planks to create even more possibilities for stunning floor designs.

  • 3200 Tessera Seagrass
    Tessera Seagrass Planks

    Tessera Seagrass

    Where the urban hinterland meets the rural fringes, nature's influence becomes more evident. Lines are softened, rules are relaxed and rigid structures evolve into a new 'Rurban' space.

  • 3309 embroidery Tessera In-touch
    Tessera In-touch Planks

    Tessera In-touch

    Tessera In-touch carpet tile planks offer a beautiful hand-woven/craft aesthetic with rich luxurious texture.

    The colour concept is composed of five 'pairs' giving ten reference in total with each reference offering colour hues that diffuse along the width of the plank.

    This relationship of colour and design ensures the paired colours flow easily into each other when they are installed together, and also work equally as well when used on their own.

  • Tessera Teviot 380
    Tessera Teviot

    Tessera Teviot

    With over 10 million square metres already installed, Teviot is Tessera’s most popular low loop pile carpet tile and without doubt one of the best-selling carpet tiles in the UK.

  • Tessera Nexus 3503
    Tessera Nexus

    Tessera Nexus

    "The right structure creates a catalyst, where ideas can freely form and thoughts come together, joining and making connections; ideas that can then develop further, interacting with each other forming new connections and becoming the nexus in our ever-changing network".

    Tessera Nexus carpet tiles merge a metallic web overlay with a sophisticated striated ground, creating a network of connections.

    • Nexus can be easily combined with Allura Flex vinyl tiles using the same adhesive, without the need for transition strips, additional profiles, or inconvenient build-up of the sub floor
    • Contains 59% recycled content by weight
    • 100% Invista Antron® Lumena solution dyed polyamide 6.6 yarn, for durability and color fastness

  •  Tessera Alignment 218 Luminosity
    Tessera Alignment

    Tessera Alignment

    Multi-height loops give this distinctive floor covering a bold directional theme which is tempererd by the introduction of intersecting random blocks of rich cut pile. The result is a highly effective broadloom appearance and a unique linear style.

  • Tessera Basis Meadow 388
    Tessera Basis

    Tessera Basis

    With over 10 million m2 already installed, Basis is Tessera’s most popular low loop pile carpet tile. Suitable for every type of commercial installation, Tessera Basis can be specified with confidence throughout the building, wherever an attractive and hardwearing modular floor covering is required.

  • Tessera Barcode 317 Dotted Line
    Tessera Barcode

    Tessera Barcode

    Barcode challenges the uniformity and rigidity of conventional linear low level loop pile tiles and, with its confident bands of contrasting colours in varying widths, delivers a more eclectic and exuberant look that is right on trend for today’s commercial environments.

  • 958
    Tessera Mix

    Tessera Mix

    An innovative, batchless, random lay carpet tile, Tessera Mix delivers a seamless installation appearance every time. Its soft geometric shapes cleverly disguise the tile edges and fitting direction and create its classic modern appearance.

  • Tessera Contour 1909 Stoney Creek
    Tessera Contour

    Tessera Contour

    The controlled geometric background of Tessera Contour is heavily influenced by repeated shapes in architecture and urban settings. The structure is relieved and broken by a more softly striated cut pile overlay to reflect the diverse human and natural elements found in these landscapes. The palette is a tonal progression of diffused shades ranging from pale to very dark.

  • Tessera Diffusion
    Tessera Diffusion

    Tessera Diffusion

    Tessera Diffusion reflects an evolution towards softer more organic geometry observed in nature. Inspired by crystalline structures, the fractal shapes fade in and out creating appealing contemporary floor spaces.

    Tessera Diffusion offers broad spectrum of 10 fresh commercial colourways, ranging from very dark to very pale, achieving high LRV.

About Tessera

About Tessera carpet tiles

The open office systems in today’s modern office buildings are designed flexibly to accommodate regular layout changes. A modular floor can be adapted quickly to new requirements, reducing the cost of every reorganisation.

Forbo’s Tessera carpet tiles and the Allura Flex LVT ranges are specially designed to be installed together, supporting quick, easy installations. Perfect over raised access floors, for renovation projects or for any project where installation speed is needed.

● Manufactured in Europe
● Colour coordinated for optimum design flexibility
● Increased installation speed
● Wastage is reduced during installation
● Soiled or damaged tiles can be replaced
● Wear rotation extends flooring lifespan
● Minimal disruption during renovation
● Compatible with access systems

With such levels of flexibility, you’ll find exactly what you need in our carpet tile portfolio whatever the specification, whatever your budget.


AU Stocked

Tessera carpet tiles


Comprehensive choice of carpet tiles for all commercial applications

Carpet tiles are ideal for all types of educational and commercial properties and have various aesthetic and performance benefits depending on the constructions of the tile. The comprehensive options include loop pile, cut and loop pile, random lay batchless, cut pile and electrostatically flocked.

Loop pile(Tessera Cloudscape, Layout & Outline, Inline, Earthscape, Nexus, Chroma, Nexus, Chroma, Arran, Teviot, In-Touch, Seagrass, Barcode, Diffusion, Basis, Create Space 1)
Carpet tiles with a standard loop pile construction are designed to maintain their good looks in the most demanding heavy traffic areas of buildings such as office or school corridors, reception, and general circulation areas.

Textured loop pile tiles offer distinctive in-built texture and contemporary styling coupled with a robust and durable construction.

Random Lay, Batchless (Tessera Mix)
A random-lay tile is cleverly designed so that it may be laid in any direction to produce a totally individual installation reducing installation waste to less than 2%. Different production consignments of ‘batchless’ tiles can be used together in an installation without the usual risk of visible batch variation.
These tiles are ideal for large open plan areas where desks and castor chairs are common.

Cut & loop pile (Tessera Alignment, Contour, Perspective)
Cut and loop pile tiles feature a clever hybrid construction that offers all the robustness of a conventional loop pile product but with the superior aesthetics and more luxurious feel of a cut pile carpet tile. Hard-wearing enough for general circulation areas, but with an added feel of luxury and creative design.

Microtuft (Tessera Struktur 1)
Microtuft loop carpet tile creates a subtle, compact carpet tile which creates a pleasing ambiance and minimalist, timeless interior feel.

Microtuft illustration


Tessera Product Portfolio

Images & Video

Tessera Images & Video

Click on the images below to get an impression of our Tessera Carpet Tile ranges.


Carpet tiles - innovation for sustainability

Process and material innovation are at the heart of our drive to deliver more sustainable products.

How it’s made
● Tessera tiles have at least 57% recycled content
● Instead of throwing away yarn ends, we rewind them and tuft them into our Tessera carpet tiles. We even have carpet tiles made with up to 100% ECONYL® regenerated yarn.
● All tufted Tessera carpet tiles are manufactured using 100% renewable energy (electricity & biogas).

How it performs
● Our carpet tiles are quick and easy to clean
● Our innovative random-lay carpet tiles reduce fitting waste to less than 2%

Green certifications
● Forbo Australia is a proud member of the Green Building Council Australia
● Tessera Cloudscape, Inline, Layout & Outline are GECA certified
● We provide 3rd party verified EPD. An EPD is based on the outcome of the Life Cycle Assessment and can contribute to achieving innovation points in Green Star projects.

Forbo Tessera Arran Carpet Tile - EPD
Forbo Tessera Barcode Carpet Tile - EPD
Forbo Tessera Chroma - EPD
Forbo Tessera Clarity Carpet Tile - EPD
Forbo Tessera Cloudscape Carpet Tile - EPD
Forbo Tessera Contour - EPD
Forbo Tessera Create Space 1 Carpet Tile - EPD
Forbo Tessera Diffusion - EPD
Forbo Tessera Earthscape carpet tile EPD
Forbo Tessera Inline Carpet Tile - EPD
Forbo Tessera Intouch - EPD
Forbo Tessera Layout & Outline Carpet Tile - EPD
Forbo Tessera Mix Carpet Tile - EPD
Forbo Tessera Nexus - EPD
Forbo Tessera Seagrass - EPD
Forbo Tessera Teviot & Basis Carpet Tile - EPD
GECA Certificate - Forbo Tessera Cloudscape, Inline, Layout & Outline carpet tiles

Social accountability
We care for the people that touch our business, from employees to suppliers. Most of our sites in Europe are certified to SA8000®. The SA8000 Standard is one of the world’s preeminent social standards which aims to protect workers along each step of the supply chain.

For more details visit our Create Better Environments webpage

Tessera Layout & Outline Planks

Installation & Floorcare

Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

Our recommended adhesive for Tessera and Flotex carpet tiles/planks is Forbo Fix PS1 pressure sensitive adhesive

We always recommend our carpet tile products are installed by certified installers to ensure a professional finish and lasting floor performance. Full installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions can be downloaded below.


Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. Adhesives & Service products

Carpet tile cleaning