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Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. Forbo Flooring offers a wide portfolio of tufted (Tessera), flocked (Flotex) carpet tiles of 50x50 cm, as well as Flotex and Tessera planks of 100x25 cm with which stunning floor designs can be created.

  • Carpet tiles
  • Carpet tiles
  • Carpet tiles
  • Carpet tiles
  • Carpet tiles
  • Cloudscape 3401 2112 carpet tiles
    Tessera carpet tiles

    Tessera carpet tiles

    Tessera's tufted carpet tiles are famed for their exceptional performance and superb styling - even in the most challenging traffic-heavy environments. The wide-ranging Tessera collection includes contemporary and classic styles, patterns, plains, and solid colourways that will enrich a variety of public sector and commercial interiors.

  • Flotex Cirrus tiles
    Flotex flocked tiles

    Flotex tiles

    Flotex flocked flooring tiles are high-quality textile flooring tiles in sizes of 50x50 cm and/or 50x25 cm. Flotex tiles are easy to combine with other flooring solutions and formats, so you have endless possibilities to create your own modular design. We offer 5 different designs in tile format, varying from sophisticated linear designs to colourful uni tones, as well as unique embossed designs. Explore the collections below.

  • Flotex planks Wood  herringbone 151001_151002_151003
    Flotex flocked planks

    Flotex planks

    Nature's technology combined with sophistication and style Modular flooring is continuing to increase in popularity as tile and plank formats allow the specifier to create stunning floor designs ranging from colourful and complex layouts to minimal, sophisticated aesthetics which use the shape and pile direction of one colour to create the floor pattern.

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About carpet tiles

Carpet tiles and modularity

The open office systems in today’s modern office buildings are designed flexibly to accommodate regular layout changes. A modular floor can be adapted quickly to new requirements, reducing the cost of every reorganisation.

Forbo’s Tessera carpet tiles and the Allura Flex luxury vinyl tile & plank ranges are specially designed to be installed together, supporting quick, easy installations. Perfect over raised access floors, for renovation projects or for any project where installation speed is needed.

■ Manufactured in Europe
■ Colour coordinated for optimum design flexibility
■ Increased installation speed
■ Wastage is reduced during installation
■ Soiled or damaged tiles can be replaced
■ Wear rotation extends flooring lifespan
■ Minimal disruption during renovation
■ Compatible with access systems

With such levels of flexibility, you’ll find exactly what you require in our carpet tile portfolio whatever the specification, whatever your budget.

Tessera Infused_Harmony_Accord_Chroma combined_4510_4610_4710_3613


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If you would like to read more about Tessera & Flotex carpet tiles, please visit the Tessera section in our Digital Portfolio.
Forbo Product Portfolio

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What to use where?

Comprehensive choice of carpet tiles for all commercial applications

Carpet tiles are ideal for all types of educational and commercial properties and have various aesthetic and performance benefits depending on the constructions of the tile. The comprehensive options include loop pile, cut and loop pile, random lay batchless, cut pile and electrostatically flocked.

Loop pile(Tessera Cloudscape, Layout & Outline, Inline, Earthscape, Nexus, Chroma, Nexus, Chroma, Arran, Teviot, In-Touch, Seagrass, Barcode, Diffusion, Basis, Create Space 1)
Carpet tiles with a standard loop pile construction are designed to maintain their good looks in the most demanding heavy traffic areas of buildings such as office or school corridors, reception, and general circulation areas.

Textured loop pile tiles offer distinctive in-built texture and contemporary styling coupled with a robust and durable construction.

Random Lay, Batchless (Tessera Mix)
A random-lay tile is cleverly designed so that it may be laid in any direction to produce a totally individual installation reducing installation waste to less than 2%. Different production consignments of ‘batchless’ tiles can be used together in an installation without the usual risk of visible batch variation.
These tiles are ideal for large open plan areas where desks and castor chairs are common.

Cut & loop pile (Tessera Alignment, Contour, Perspective)
Cut and loop pile tiles feature a clever hybrid construction that offers all the robustness of a conventional loop pile product but with the superior aesthetics and more luxurious feel of a cut pile carpet tile. Hard-wearing enough for general circulation areas, but with an added feel of luxury and creative design.

Electrostatically flocked (Flotex)
Electrostatic flocking is a unique method of manufacture where ‘charged’ nylon fibres are bonded into an adhesive backing to create a very dense and durable product. This makes Flotex a perfect option for very busy locations, such as, schools, leisure/sport facilities and call centres as it can withstand extreme wear and castor chair traffic. Flotex is also an allergy approved textile floor covering.

Tessera cross sections


Tessera carpet tiles

Tessera offers attractive and hardwearing tufted carpet tiles in various pile constructions and textures. Tessera carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments.

The comprehensive range includes contemporary and classic styles, plains and patterns, and colourways to enhance all types of commercial and public sector interiors.

■ Tessera carpet tiles contain at least 57% recycled content by weight
■ Ultrasonic tile cutting process reduces tile waste by 80% compared to traditional press cutting methods
■ Manufactured using 100% renewable energy (electricity & biogas) and our carpet tile production sites achieve ISO1 4001 certification
■ Tessera Cloudscape, Inline, Layout & Outline is GECA certified

Tessera Cloudscape carpet tile


Flotex flocked carpet tiles

Flotex is the only product available in the flooring market that combines the appeal of a textile floor covering with the practical and hygienic advantages of a resilient.

Flotex is able to withstand extreme wear and castor chair traffic making it a perfect option for very busy locations, such as counter areas, kiosks, or centres. View the Flotex range

■ Extremely durable and can withstand extreme wear
■ Cushioned backing provides comfort and acoustic performance (19 dB standard tiles, 22 dB AcousticPlus)
Allergy approved floor covering – captures allergens and fine dust from the air which are easily released when vacuumed, in fact Flotex removes almost DOUBLE the allergens compared to conventional carpet
R12 – P5 slip rating when dry and when wet
■ Flotex tiles & planks contain up to 49% recycled content

Flotex Planks Montage resilient carpet for commercial offices