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Static control & cleanroom flooring

Colorex SD

The Colorex collection is a premium brand of conductive, static dissipative high density dimensionally stable tiles. Colorex SD facilitates safe electrostatic discharge across the entire surface and mass of each tile. Colorex SD is also permanently static dissipative, with its conductive carbon black forming a dense network of little black veins.

  • Colorex SD
  • Colorex SD
  • Colorex SD
  • Colorex SD 150222_Niagara
    Colorex SD

    Colorex SD

    Colorex SD is a static dissipative homogeneous floor covering in tile format. The technology ensures permanent electrostatic discharge (ESD) properties throughout the life of the product, regardless of the humidity level of the area. Because of the dense of network of conductive veins, static charges flow easily through the floor to earth.

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    Colorex SD signal

    Colorex SD signal

    Colorex SD Signal enables safe electrostatic discharge through the whole thickness of the tile. The conductive mass throughout the tile is formed by a dense network of tiny carbon black veins. Colorex SD Signal comes in 3 primary colours for identification zones.

About Colorex SD

Colorex SD static dissipative tiles

Colorex SD enables safe electrostatic discharge through the whole thickness of the tile via the black conductive veins.

Permanently static dissipative

Permanently static dissipative floor connection between tiles through conductive adhesive and connected to earth through a copper strip

Application areas:
New build laboratories, clean rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, production sites, server rooms, data centres and operating theatres.

Colorex product construction

Colorex glued construction

Colorex glued construction

The Colorex collection can be used in many different application areas, because of the different systems and the different levels of conductivity that are offered.

One of the options is to glue Colorex during the installation:
1. directly adhering it to a subfloor
2. bonding it to a raised access floor panel.

When conductive or dissipative properties are required, the connection between the tiles is assured by the conductive adhesive between the tiles and by the copper strip to the earthing point. If Colorex is installed using this process, the static charges are drained to earth via the earthing point.

The Colorex system that can be glued is available in 2 different tile products with ESD properties:
■ Colorex SD – static dissipative tiles of 61,5 x 61,5 cm
■ [Colorex EC – electrostatic conductive tiles of 61,5 x 61,5 cm

Colorex glued construction conductive flooring


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Installation & floorcare

Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

Colorex SD has several installation options:

1. Colorex glued to the floor
2. Colorex on top of a raised floor panel
3. Colorex as loose lay tile (note: this is only available on request as SD plus)

We have several installation documents available for download:

Forbo Colorex SD/EC Installation guide
Forbo Colorex Plus Installation Guidance
Colorex Cleaning & Maintenance

You can also view our YouTube guides:

Colorex - Heat Welding
Colorex - Covings and Corners
Colorex - Restoration and Repair

Forbo also offer a full range of tools, installation aids and Eurocol installation products. To visit our full Installation and Floorcare section, please click here

fully repairable conductive cleanroom flooring


Creating better environments

We constantly strive to produce sustainable flooring systems that create better environments everywhere.

At the same time, we help take care of the natural environment through our commitment to sustainable development, responsible raw material procurement and manufacturing processes. For example, our Colorex collection contains 15% post-industrial recycled content, is manufactured using 100% green electricity and is REACH compliant.

How it's made
■ Of all the electricity we buy, 100% comes from renewable sources. This means all our vinyl production sites, including our Colorex plant, are part of an effective environmental management system and achieve ISO 14001 certification
■ Colorex contains 15% post-industrial recycled content

How it performs
■ The low plasticizer content in Colorex ensures low emissions and out gassing.
■ The surface of Colorex can be fully repaired extending the useful life of the product.

Colorex - Cleanroom conductive flooring


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If you would like to read more about our ESD & Cleanroom flooring ranges, please visit the ESD & Cleanroom section of our Digital Portfolio.
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