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Using the latest production technology in an advanced purpose-built manufacturing plant, Sphera Essence homogeneous vinyl flooring offers interest and style to homogeneous vinyl floor designs across a broad range of applications including health, education and public buildings.

The dirt hiding visual of Sphera Essence is developed to lift the classic yet well-known homogeneous look by improving design sharpness. Now a more defined unique visual that refers to a granite-stone look with depth and contrast. The colour range of 18 items exists of neutral and natural tones supported by fresh accent colours.

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Sphera Essence

    Technical & Environmental

    Sphera homogeneous vinyl flooring Technical specification

    Installation & Floorcare

    Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

    Forbo Sphera homogeneous vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its highly durable PUR finish. Embossing after the PUR has been applied to the surface ensures a consistent surface finish thickness across the entire surface excellent durability and low life cycle costs.

    Download the: Sphera cleaning & maintenance instructions
    Download the: Sphera installation Guidance note
    Watch our Sphera cleaning video

    For further information visit our Installation & floorcare page

    Sphera Inner Corner


     2019/20 Portfolio

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