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Sphera homogeneous vinyl floor coverings add character and style to floors across numerous applications. Sphera Energetic has the thrilling sensation of crossing design boundaries, making homogeneous vinyl look different. Energetic offers an intricate palette of semi plain and larger particle-mix colours. Transparent granules provide for depth and dirt hiding properties.

Sphera Energetic is playful and designed to combine with corresponding visuals with vivid highlights. The palette contains 41 solid colours and 11 matching colours with vivid accent chips. We recommend ordering an A4 sample of the material to truly see the full design effect
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Sphera Energetic

Technical & Environmental

Sphera homogeneous vinyl flooring Technical specification

Installation & Floorcare

Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance

Forbo Sphera homogeneous vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its highly durable PUR finish. Embossing after the PUR has been applied to the surface ensures a consistent surface finish thickness across the entire surface excellent durability and low life cycle costs.

Download the: Sphera cleaning & maintenance instructions
Download the: Sphera installation Guidance note
Watch our Sphera cleaning video

For further information visit our Installation & floorcare page

Sphera Inner Corner


 2019/20 Portfolio




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