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Circularity and beauty are united in Marmoleum Cocoa. The contemporary design, refined aesthetics and modern selection of colours make it a timeless floor that fits everywhere. It combines the liveliness of cocoa husks with the calmness of mineral tones.

By adding Cocoa shells to the traditional Marmoleum ingredients we have created an exciting surface texture that is both natural looking and contemporary in feel.

Watch our video to learn more about Cocoa!

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Marmoleum Cocoa


    Installation & floor care

    Installation & floor care

    Marmoleum Sheet Installation
    F41 adhesive technical specifications

    Marmoleum Cleaning and Maintenance
    Marmoleum Cleaning using Monel
    Monel 818 floor cleaner brochure
    For more information, visit our Linoleum Installation & floor care webpage

    While Marmoleum with Topshield pro is designed to keep its appearance, it’s important to follow some simple guidelines that will help keep the beauty of your floor for longer.

    Protect what supports you, every day
    Proper entrance matting is essential to keeping dirt at the door and your floors protected. Stopping all dirt at the door reduces cleaning costs and keeps interior floors looking good and of course, healthy.

    Let furniture move smoothly and safely
    Using the right furniture leg protection for tables and chairs will safeguard your floor at all times. Applying protection to the base of your furniture is common sense and will help keep the new appearance of your floor for longer. Many protect their floors at home and the same principle applies in the commercial world.

    Floor care
    When you take care of your floor and clean it when necessary, it will stay beautiful for longer without the need for polish or sealer. Good and proper floor care will save time and money.

    linoleum installation

    About Cocoa

    A natural innovation

    The Dutch region ‘De Zaanstreek’ - the region where our Marmoleum factory is located - is an area where a lot of cocoa is being produced and processed. This gave us the inspiration for our Cocoa floor covering: a combination of our sustainable Marmoleum flooring mixed with cocoa husks.

    Marmoleum Cocoa embraces our ethos of sustainable design and truly is a unique addition to our linoleum flooring. The tough cocoa husks are the rest product of cocoa production. We collect them and grind them finely and spread them onto the Marmoleum. The Cocoa husks itself have facets of different colors and give the floor a unique granular look & feel.

    Marmoleum Cocoa floors are developed and manufactured to be recycled and reused while preventing and sequestering carbon emissions.

    Read more about our beautiful and environmentally friendly Cocoa floors.

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    Images & Video

    Marmoleum Cocoa images & video

    Get inspired by the cocoa shells enhanced linoleum flooring with it's new and exciting surface texture that is both natural looking and contemporary in feel.

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    A natural revolution

    Marmoleum Cocoa is climate positive and ready for circular use. Reducing your carbon footprint and increasing the use of post-consumer recycled content, can be used over and over again.

    Marmoleum Cocoa is made out of natural and renewable raw materials. Of this, is combined recycled content from end-of-life, post-installation, cross-industry and closed-loop waste streams.

    Of the recycled content, 33% is recycled pre- and/or post-consumer flooring waste. The balance between pre- and post-consumer waste varies due to the availability of installation waste and old flooring obtained through our Back-to-the-Floor program. To ensure high-quality flooring, our recycled content is fully tested for health and safety standards before we reuse it in our new floors.

    The production process for Marmoleum Cocoa flooring results in less pollution and every square metre saved from incineration after its lifetime saves emissions to the equivalent of 1.8 kg of CO2.

    Marmoleum Cocoa - circular ready floor


    Marmoleum Cocoa sample book