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Using the latest production technology in an advanced purpose-built manufacturing plant, Sphera Essence homogeneous vinyl flooring offers interest and style to homogeneous vinyl floor designs across a broad range of applications including health, education and public buildings.

The dirt hiding visual of Sphera Essence is developed to lift the classic yet well-known homogeneous look by improving design sharpness. Now a more defined unique visual that refers to a granite-stone look with depth and contrast. The colour range of 18 items exists of neutral and natural tones, supported by fresh accent colours.

■ Uniquely embossed surface for optimal performance
■ Low emitting and 100% phthalate-free
■ Best Practice PVC and Green Tag certified
■ Produced in a zero waste environment

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Sphera Essence


    Technical specifications

    You can download the following documents here:
    Forbo Sphera homogeneous vinyl Technical Specification

    Fire and slip reports:
    Sphera AS 4585:2013 Slip Report
    Sphera Floors Fire report
    Sphera Walls Fire report

    Sphera Greentag certificate
    Sphera VOC certificate
    Sphera best practice PVC certificate
    Sphera Environmental product declaration

    Forbo has a wide variety of promotional and technical documentation available for our Sphera ranges. All documents can be found in our Download Page

    Sphera homogeneous vinyl flooring Technical specification

    Installation & Floor care

    Pre-formed homogeneous vinyl flooring corner


    Find out more about Forbo's homogeneous vinyl flooring